Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Letter from former DCO Lenny Harper.

On Saturday the 18th of December 2010 Jersey’s only “news”paper, the Jersey Evening Post published, what many of us believe to be, another propaganda exercise and an attempt to re-write history. It came in the form of an interview with the out-going Acting Chief Police Officer David Warcup.

Mr. Warcup appeared to come across in that interview as though he was a victim, which to say the least was very distasteful and yet another slap in the face for the victims and survivors of Child Abuse.

In response to the published interview, which was also published by  Rico Sorda with Mr. Warcup - former Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police and Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle Lenny Harper wrote a letter to the Jersey Evening Post. It remains to be seen as to whether it will be published, or not, so we have decided to publish it on here in full, un-edited or un-redacted.

Dear Sir,

So David Warcup maintains he had to give out the now discredited misinformation at the infamous press conference to “protect prosecutions.” He becomes the latest police officer to fail to recognise that untruths and misinformation actually damage the chance of justice. He also persists in ignoring the clear fact that none of those prosecutions in any shape or form featured children’s bones or teeth. When one thinks of the massive publicity and speculation surrounding some notorious trials it is difficult to imagine how anything in Warcup’s world could ever get to trial. He did not seem too concerned when the trial of the British drugs dealer widely reported as being on the Sunday Times rich list went ahead with all sorts of lurid reporting including the publicity over the extraordinary armed security.

When what he said at that press conference is examined then his claims are even more bizarre. He states it was necessary to tell the world that there were no cellars – only three feet voids. We all know this was untrue. Not only was Robert Hall of Panorama filmed in the cellar and seen by the world, Jersey’s own Bob Hill blew that untruth out of the water recently. So why does Mr Warcup still insist it was necessary to brand the victims of the abuse in those “voids” as liars?

Then of course we had his claim that there was only one possible human bone and that was hundreds of years old. He forgot all about the statement of the UK pathologist and his evidence of the “fleshed and fresh” juvenile human bones being burnt and buried. Where did that statement go?

He also had to say of course, that I whipped up the media about the shackles which he said were no such thing. He conveniently ignored the fact that it was builders who identified them as shackles five years before I found them and they told Diane Simon and other reporters that we would find shackles. All this of course, despite Diane Simon’s JEP report being still accessible in which she clearly states that I had refused to confirm the existence of shackles despite her asking me about them. Come to think of it, Mr Warcup could have clarified this exact point with Diane when she interviewed him.

Now, what else was it that he had to say at the press conference to protect future prosecutions? Oh yes. My team and I had no policy to cater for victims. Well, the statements of the Jersey Abuse survivors seem to contradict that and indeed point the finger at his lack of care for them.

And finally of course, his claim that the tooth fairy does exist, further enlarged upon by his great supporter the Home Affairs Minister who said the teeth all fell out the same spot and went through the same hole in the floor. Of course they did!

Mr Warcup says he believes he left a legacy. He did indeed, but it is not one the victims will thank him for. He whines about the unjustified criticism of him in blogs which tell the truths the accredited media are afraid or unwilling to print. He should have thought of that before he spouted that load of nonsense in that press conference two years ago.

Lenny Harper

Ayrshire, Scotland.

We must also remember that Mick Gradwell and David Warcup showed the world's media, (while "Operation Rectangle" was a live investigation) items found at Haute de la Garenne ("shackles") which were potential evidence. When we read what the then Attorney General, and now Deputy Balliff William Bailache had to say when deciding not to prosecute a number of cases, then one has to ask just what were they thinking?

"In three of the cases, the complainants are intrinsically not credible for different reasons, one of them being that the complainant described assaults taking place in a cellar, in the bath and with the use of the shackles described in the media reports, the statement being made for the first time after the media reports had been published."

So far from "protecting prosecutions" being a reason for Warcup and Gradwell holding their infamous Press Conference, it might be argued that the only "protection" that was given was to the perpetrators!. Lenny Harper had refused to confirm the existence of shackles, David Warcup and Mick Gradwell not only mentioned them but showed them to the whole world!..............during a live investigation!!!!!!!

Submitted by Team Voice.


  1. Thank you Lenny and VFC for keeping the record straight and let us hope that gradwell and warcup never darken our shores again.

  2. Thank you Lenny for covering all my areas of incredulity in full!

    Never has a cover-up had so many socking great holes in it! It beggars belief that anyone apart from those who had a vested interest in believing it could have swallowed any of it.

    Those of us who lived in Haut De La Garenne in the sixties were all too familiar with the cellars. Us older ones would sneak in there when we had time on our hands and were bored although it was strictly forbidden by the staff.It was dark and dingy and quite smelly down there but we did it because we could and it was sweeter because it was against the rules. I was over 5 ft tall then and my head was nowhere near the ceiling!

    The teeth! Well there is no doubt in my mind that they came from dead children whose deaths were never reported for what ever reason. As Carrie so rightly stated in Tragalgar Square this summer: "There was no b****y tooth fairy in Haut De La Garenne." As for them falling through the floorboards all at the same time. What utter poppycock!

    As for the shackles. I for one can well believe that. When I visited HDLG in 2003 to show somebody my exclusive finishing school there were workmen there turning it into a Youth Hostel. I got talking to them amd told them I had been a former inmate. One of them brought over some items to show me and I remember a notice board and a small wooden hinged board with two holes which I now think could have been a small pair of stocks. As this was well before Operation Rectangle I did not understand the significance of this find which puzzled the workman. I mentioned this to the HAT team but I have no idea if this item still exists apart from in my memory. I have kept quiet about this until now so I don't know if you are aware of this. There may have been many more things found by the workmen that have mysteriously disappeared. I wonder why???

    Best wishes and thank you for never giving up


  3. HoW the hell can Warcup Gradwell Ian Le Marquand and their ilk sleep at night? The same qustion goes the the writers of the JEP.

  4. Well Mr Lenny Harper, Sir,

    "nothing so fine as truth, simply written."

    Thank you, and Voice For Children, for this simple and damning text with rather helpful links.

    "The truth is often hidden, like a shadow in darkness."

    All that is required to see it, is A LITTLE LIGHT to shine through.

  5. Oh dear! Lenny's "letters" are getting more and more incredible.

    If he had been SO passionate about justice he would not have deserted the investigation and done a proper job in the first place.

    What a farce.

  6. Thank you Mr Harper. I hope that you and Mr Power sue the States of Jersey for rubbishing your good names. A happy new year to you.

  7. David Warcup didn't even arrest the tooth fairy before he legged it.

  8. Perhaps Weirdcop was the tooth fairy?

  9. Look, If Harper and Power think they are being defamed let them sue or just go away!

  10. Thanks for publishing Lennys Letter VFC

    This is not going away that is for sure. There must be a committee of enquiry into the decades long Abuse that took place in the Jersey Care Homes.

    Proud Survivor is right this really is a shocking Child Abuse Cover UP. They don't even try that hard, but because they own the Media they think its all under control.

    We must all keep up the good work


  11. Well put Lenny. You show up Warcup as the dark and clumsy copper that he is. In the end, history will show you right and he as the cover up cop.

    Thank you for your continued support on the right side. Your input, together with Power, Syvret, Hill and the bloggers means this story is not getting swept away.

  12. Lenny/VFC - for those of us who have no doubts of the rights and wrongs of the whole sorry saga, thank you for your continued input, which I am sure would not have been the case if you wanted the 'easy life' and a relatively contented retirement. These sentiments apply to Mr Power also.

    I have no hope at all that the Jersey Establishment Press will publish your letter, much as the JCLA felt that their statement would not see the light of day through that 'media'outlet.

    And they all think this is going away?? No way -no way.

  13. Thank you Lenny for writing that letter, and for not walking away from this cover up. xx

  14. Well don VFC if this does not rock the boat nothing will. Since when do hi ranking in charge policemen give out untruths (lies) to further justice, published in local newspapers with the idea of impressing who exactly

    This is why the JEP and other accredited media will have no problem jumping up and down with glee and publishing Mr Harpers letter at the first possible opportunity in pursuit of balance and letting the public decide.

    Should they decide not to publish, what are they afraid of?


  15. What a straightforward and clear letter from Mr Harper.

    One has to ask the question, if the JEP do not publish this important response (after allowing Mr Warcup his say)it will indeed confirm to the public of the island, that they are Jerseys establishments mouthpiece and further more, do not deserve the support of the island community.


  16. Great to see the rag has printed Lennys letter
    They had no choice

  17. The Rag published Lenny's letter. That's the power of blogs!

  18. The JEP published Lenny's letter? Well I'm quite sure the B.Riantz of 29 Belmont road will, under a new name, will be penning a letter discrediting the letter ready for tomorrow's edition.

    It is such a shame the the JEP didn't have the decency to publish the Press Statement from the JCLA

  19. Would they have published the letter if it wasn't for the blogs???

  20. VFC

    The JEP would never publish the JCLA letter, how could they after spending the last two years attacking abuse survivors?

  21. From: Carrie
    To: Diane Simon
    Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 3:35 PM
    Subject: Abuse investigation

    Diane, further to our telephone conversation I attach a blog posting below which, among other links contains my statement on behalf of JCLA made on 23rd December.

    I know that you probably won't be happy about receiving the statement this way but many of the abuse survivors do not trust the local media and in particular the JEP, they have done very little to comfort the abuse survivors and have instead used every opportunity to trash the entire investigation.

    The survivors want nothing less than a full and open public enquiry into this whole sorry mess as was announced by the council of Ministers in the States on 31st March 2008. Lessons cannot be learned until such time as our Government face up to the truth!!




    Presented to the States on 31st March 2008
    by the Council of Ministers



    The Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers have made it clear since the announcement of the police investigation into historic child abuse that all required resources will be made available to enable the investigation and any subsequent criminal proceedings to be completed effectively. At this time this must be the top priority for the Island.

    It is nevertheless almost inevitable that, at the conclusion of the current criminal process, there will still be a very large number of unanswered questions about the way in which children have been cared for in Jersey in previous decades.

    The Council of Ministers believes that the only way to ensure that there is total transparency in relation to this issue is for a full public inquiry to be held in due course, and the Council is hopeful that all members of the States will share this view. The most effective way to undertake any such inquiry is through a Committee of Inquiry established under the States of Jersey Law 2005.

    The Council of Ministers has approved the attached draft proposition relating to this issue (see Appendix) in order to illustrate the nature and extent of the Inquiry that is envisaged. The purpose of this Report is to place the matter in the public domain. The Council does not, however, consider it would be appropriate to lodge this proposition ‘au Greffe’ until the criminal process has been completed. This would firstly be inappropriate because lodging and debating this proposition now could risk compromising the ongoing criminal process. Secondly, until that process is complete, it remains unclear exactly what questions will remain unanswered at the end of the process, and this proposition may need to be amended. It could be some time before it is possible to lodge and debate this, but the Council nevertheless believes that this should be done as soon as it becomes possible.

    Council of Ministers

  22. Keep on going. The truth is out and fighting for breath. Great letter from Mr Harper straight to the point and laced with humor. The Jep should be in the dock with the abusers.

  23. I wrote,

    What a straightforward and clear letter from Mr Harper.

    To find that a respondent says that it has been published, not all of us are in Jersey, and I do not see it on the Internet under the letter sections of the JEP. The latest letter is dated the 30th December.

    Is the JEP afraid that the truth let out of Jersey is to much for the democratic world to bare?

    This again may impact on EU authorities with whom Jersey is doing business with, not showing Jerseys dirty washing or this censorship ?

    Maybee I am wrong and looking in the incorrect section.

    I cannot find Mr Harpers response ! on the internet, except here.


  24. 12th November 2008 - JEP report
    There were no murders
    By Diane Simon

    • Items considered as possibly shackles, but not named as such by Mr Harper, are just rusty pieces of metal.

  25. Anonymous pasted "12th November 2008 - JEP report
    There were no murders
    By Diane Simon

    • Items considered as possibly shackles, but not named as such by Mr Harper, are just rusty pieces of metal."

    If witnesses said they were shackled then I believe them! After all these years you would expect the metal to be rusty whether they were designed as shackles or bedsprings improvised as shackles. The fact remains that I saw a small wooden foot restraint with my own eyes and I believe that several long canes were also found by the workmen. Perhaps these items were used at regular fairs at HDLG. The stocks were for jokey wet sponge throwing and the canes were for "hook a duck"?

    I agree Diane. There probably were no actual murders at HDLG but it is a sure thing that children died in there from suicide and as a consequence of abuse and their deaths have been concealed.


  26. Lorna - I posted that comment, because it appeared to conflict with what Lenny had stated (re: the shackles):-

    'despite her asking me about them. Come to think of it, Mr Warcup could have clarified this exact point with Diane when she interviewed him.'

  27. Proving that murder took place at Haute de la Garenne will probably never happen. But there is no escaping the "fact" that human (juvinile) remains, body parts were at the very least disposed of up there. Not only disposed of but deliberatley concealed.

    Will we ever find out the true extent of the atrocities that occured at that place, and just who is responsible for them?

  28. All I can say in a state of anger and despair is that that Filthy, Filthy Rag have excelled themselves with tonight's article and editorial comment tonight, in particular the final paragraph.

    To add insult to injury we have as the main headline - OBE for former Chief Minister - famous for the famous line 'shafting Jersey internationally'.

    What a wonderful Island we live in.
    And still some people don't give a damn.

  29. Jill.

    As you know, I don't buy the JEP on moral grounds. I would recommend you do the same if reading what's in it fills you with anger.

    I rarely even go to their website now, but when I do I just have to laugh at the dribble they churn out and try to pass it off as independent, objective journalism.

    The JEP are becoming more of a joke, and more of a comic than anything that resembles a "news"paper........"toilet" paper would be more apt.

  30. Do a FOI request and find out who the nominees were for Frank Wa*ker. They have to tell you, by law.

  31. "Will we ever find out the true extent of the atrocities that occured at that place, and just who is responsible for them?"

    Yes we certainly will. Keep strong, keep the faith.

  32. D Simon interviews Stephen Regal and Deputy Roy Le Herissier, in tonights rag:

    Le Herissier doesnot believe that the issues relating to HDLG, Power's suspension Napier's unconclusive report etc. can be put to bed without a public enquiry, and Regal believes that a professional and credible investigation needs to be carried out to provide justice for all.

    Surprised they printed this.

  33. Can anyone find "The Hansard" April 2008, when Wendy Kinnard assuring States Members that the fragment found at Haut de la Garenne WAS the partial remains of a child.

    She then handed over responsibility for the historical child abuse investigation to Deputy Andrew Lewis.

    She then resigns, and dissapears. Says it all really.

  34. Did the rag publish the JCLA statement? Can anyone post on here what the rag is saying? This is a serious situation, do these people not realise that this is the worse time of year for suicide rates and with it being new years eve, a lot of survivors will be on their own tonight reading that trash. The survivors have been shafted yet again and the rag have just put the last nail in their own bloody coffin. YOU MAKE ME SICK

  35. I would contend that the (redacted) Wiltshire Report is also questionable.


    In the Wiltshire Report (redacted) by Brian Moore QPM, I note in section 2.149 that he states - 'which were all found in what he [Mr Harper] was calling the 'cellar area'

    As we know, it was a cellar area, so why did Mr Moore, draft his statement in such a biased manner? I think that statement helps one in assessing his relative impartiality as an investigator.


    Did Mr Moore eventually interview Wendy Kinnard(yes/no?)!

    Therefore, our conclusions bear the caveat that we reserve the right to amend our views and conclusions in light of any relevant evidence which Wendy Kinnard is able to provide when she is eventually interviewed.

  36. Hey VFC,

    U sow kool. U do in a gr8 job.

    Thanx m8.

    Good luck 2011.


  37. A VERY JERSEY cover up. Bailhache, Le Marquand and Weirdcop top the bill.

  38. "Zoompad said...

    Do a FOI request and find out who the nominees were for Frank Walker."

    That would be interesting to find out.

  39. The world may or may not ever know who was responsible for the still suspicious milk teeth and bone evidence originally buried in the cellars, but there is no question about who buried the evidence a second time. Warcup, the Bailache Bros, ILM, the JEP, and a host of similarly slimy creatures who got in bed with Jersey's torturers and pedophiles.

  40. Dear VFC
    I see by today's news that once again child abusers are to receive extremely light sentences it is an utter disgrace what the courts have done to people who suffer child abuse and especially those who have suffered under these two abusers this beggars belief that jersey courts are basically justifying child abuse in jersey by the extremely light sentences which they will serve only 5 to 6 months in jerseys top hotel and then most probably go on to have lunch with some of our esteemed states members who should hang their heads in shame there is no doubt in my mind that the extremely light sentences are consequence of what they might know when you look at it 18 convictions between the two of them it beggars belief that they get less than a year each I am so utterly disgusted by this. This is why people take the law into their own hands.

  41. It makes you wonder how the chief Officer in charge of our childrens education is feeling today when he finds out that two people who are alleged to be less violent towards children that he was.

    Get jailed!

  42. anon

    they will not serve 20weeks

  43. Martin.

    I was present at the Jordan Trial on a number of occassions and was there today for the sentencing. I hope tomorrow to publish a Blog about it where I will be dealing with, among other stuff, your concerns about the sentence.

  44. 29th december 2010
    Those of us who lived in Haut De La Garenne in the sixties were all too familiar with the cellars. Us older ones would sneak in there when we had time on our hands and were bored although it was strictly forbidden by the staff.It was dark and dingy and quite smelly down there but we did it because we could and it was sweeter because it was against the rules. I was over 5 ft tall then and my head was nowhere near the ceiling!

    This is so puzzling. The floor slopes,therefore the height varies.This whole cellar void thing is so confusing.the question that needs answering is...Has the floor or ceiling level been altered since the nineteen sixties.I was there in the early sixties and new nothing about this area.