Thursday, 23 June 2011

Jersey's Anthem.

On the Matthew Price show this morning (BBC Radio Jersey) Matthew was encouraging listeners to get in contact with the show to offer their suggestions of what should be "The Jersey Anthem."

Accordingly I sent in an e-mail (below) with my suggestion, but for some reason, Matthew chose not to read it out or play the song that I had suggested.

I have sent Matthew a further e-mail accepting there could be a perfectly legitimate reason as to why the song or e-mail were not aired and asked him for the reason(s) so as they could be considered for publication on here as a right of reply..........he's not replied yet but hopefully will.

This is just a short posting that, in my opinion, shouldn't even be necessary. But I believe our Children deserve a voice and the subject of Child Abuse should be tackled head on.

If the BBC, or any mainstream media, aren't going to do it, then what chance have our children got?

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I believe the Jersey Anthem should be the song recorded by Martina McBride "Concrete Angel."
It tells the story of a young girl who was Abused for years while others either turned a blind eye or covered it up. The young girl finished up in a grave at the age of, I believe, 10 years old.

If this was the Jersey Anthem it would/could remind those who have, or might, turn a blind eye or cover up Child Abuse that they too could be responsible for killing a child and could encourage them to do the right thing by our children.



  1. I picked up your post on twitter, tried to listen to the anthem for some reason it is not available in this country....... the UK.......

  2. When you say "Anthem" do you mean the video I've posted? "Concrete Angel."

  3. I picked it up on twitter the video anthem will not play in uk so i searched you tube for song and found it. Good choice for Jersey Anthem

  4. Sorry I got carried away with Anthem...... won't open in the UK....

  5. This latest posting goes with yours VFC. Our local media and child protection is non existent

    BDO 13


  6. Won't open in the U.S.A. either.

  7. The song is called Concrete Angel, sung by Martina McBride. If you can't open the one on the Blog there will be others on Youtube. I would encourage you to try and get a listen to it, even if BBC Radio Jersey don't want their listeners to hear it!

  8. please open the link - to show the difference between the BBC UK and the bbc in Jersey.... A tory MP accuses Cameron of bullying........ If they can show the truth on the mainland why not on Jersey.....

  9. "If they can show the truth on the mainland why not on Jersey....."

    Good question, why are the Jersey media so obedient to our government? (Law offices) (the real government over here)

  10. Time some protest was made by Jersey Residents to Chris Patten..... the new Director General.... perhaps if you put a complain in writing to him you may get more than a standard generated reply...... not sure you could open that link, if not it related to a Tory MP in Parliament who is trying to bring about the use of wild animals in circus illegal... On Monday DimDave (Cameron) tried to talk him out of it and offered him a carrot.... by last night Cameron's dept made a telephone call saying Dim Dave would take a Dim View if he continued in his Quest... needless to say this is one Tory MP not for changing and the report in Parliament ended up on the Political news on the BBC TV News..... what a difference..... keep fighting....I continue to watch and read from the UK...

  11. I went to the BBC page you left and read it. Here's the LINK

    We just don't have any "journalists" over here that will rock the establishment boat. We have a couple of politicians that will but our media don't like them!

  12. It may interest your readers to know that I'm going to write an article on the political economy of the traditional media in Jersey.

    To that end, I've emailed Jon Gripton of BBC Jersey and asked him if I can interview him.

    He hasn't replied yet - but I'm sure he will.

    Watch this space.


  13. I asked Jon Gripton for an interview on camera once but he wanted it scripted. That is to say he wanted all the questions given to him before the interview. I told him I want to interview him about doing away with the "talkback" programme as it was and the phone-in.

    I told him that I intended putting it to him that he was silencing dissenting voices and was doing this for the establishment.

    Strangely enough he refused the interview!

  14. Not sure if you saw the recent news item when Cameron was told off in no uncertain terms by a surgeon.... hilarious..... just a pity the States of Jersey do not have the same transparency.... but carry on guys.... your doing an excellent job.... you Will WIN one day.... more to the point the abuse survivors of Jersey will get the Justice they deserve along with Stuart.... it may take time... but hey how far down that road have you gone already.... who would of thought a couple of years ago the Voice et al would of brought transparency onto the island.

  15. Dear all,

    If you go to the Jersey Propoganda site you will see the video, kind regards Julie


    The Emperor’s New Clothes
    And “Justice” in Jersey.

    Should anyone feel like witnessing another step towards the embarrassing end of the Jersey oligarchy – you may want to come to the Royal Court this Friday afternoon. The session begins at 2.30 – and once the routine contract business is over, we should get around to this matter.

    I have given the full and correct notice that I want to exercise my right to make a fresh – urgent - judicial review application to have the decisions of the Attorney General quashed.

    I am doing so – because since I last tried – last Friday – there have been two new – devastating – evidential disclosures, that destroy the lawfulness and credibility of the prosecution against me.

    Those are:

    1: The admission by prosecuting Advocate Stephen Baker that – contrary to previous assertions – he has not, in fact, actually read the evidence I have sought disclosure of – even though he has previously said in court he has read it and deemed it not disclosable because it was “not relevant”.

    2: The confession by the Home Affairs Minister in the States, that Mick Gradwell was unlawfully leaking internal police information to a known child-abuse denier journalist, David Rose. Gradwell was the lead cop for much of the unlawful policing conducted against me – and thus conflicted – given he was motivated to obstruct the child abuse investigation.

    Those are two – new – wholly devastating pieces of evidence – that undermine the entire ‘lawfulness’ of the prosecution against me.

    I am, therefore – going back to court – and requiring – again – that the illegal oppressions of me be halted.

    I very strongly suspect that the court will not entertain this entirely reasonable – urgent – application – or, even if it is heard – it will be by a conflicted judge.

    But – such failures of justice are – of themselves – very important steps on the path towards a lawful society.

    It is worth doing – just to see what passes for the administration of “justice” in Jersey – humiliate itself – that bit further.


  17. VFC

    If you or Stuart were interviewing him about a local flower show, it might be a much higher priority for BBC Jersey in-depth coverage. His approach to politics indicates that a closer look is not allowed.

  18. Jersey Still Needs Justice24 June 2011 at 09:13

    The public have been invited to wish the Lt.Gvnr farewell in the Royal Square on Thurs 30th June after a special States sitting.

    Dare I suggest it would be a good time to stage another protest in the name of Justice and good governance? Whistles, drums, chants, what-have-you - and an opportunity to hand out paper copies of Lenny's affidavit - or just print one good web address twenty to a page, and tear them off one by one for handing out? In the absence of good local journalism The People need to be informed and be helped to see past the oli propaganda machine.

  19. On a slightly different, but related and positive note good things do come from bad.

    Lenny Harper has been attempting to gain access to his own statement to the Wiltshire Constabulary. Mr. Harper has been refused this copy............Until now!

    Thanks to BDO/Alto, whoever leaked it to them and David Rose, Wiltshire have done a complete U TURN and are sending Mr. Harper his statement.

    Will ANY of the mainstream media be hassling Mr. Harper for sight of this statement? Will this statement ever make it into the public domain, alongside that of Graham Power's in order to give some balance to what Ian Le Marquand (via the MSM) has fed us?

    If it does make it into the public domain, will it be via the mainstream media or Bloggers?

    In the meantime Mr. Harper should really thank BDO and co. because they managed to get him his Wilts statement, something he was unable to do by himself.


    Jersey “Justice”
    And the Appeal Process.

    I said in a comment above that I would go to court today to make a fresh quashing application based upon the two startling evidential revelations of recent days.

    Having done some further reading, I’ve decided it suits the cause better, that I use the new evidence as one of the grounds of appealing the recent judgment of Christopher Pitchers.

    You know?

    The judgment in which he said, I couldn’t judicially review the lawfulness of the decisions of the Attorney General – because I could challenge such matters during the criminal appeal – but that I couldn’t challenge the lawfulness of the decisions of the Attorney General – because those matters weren’t of relevance to the criminal appeal.

    So I won’t be in court this afternoon.

    But don’t worry – I’ll give plenty of notice of the appeal hearing.


  21. :-) Stuart.

    Could almost have been about HDLG ?

    Can anyone provide a link or reference to this:
    Between about 1 & 2 months ago I heard a poem during a music show on Radio 3 probably 10pm to midnight
    It seemed to be about a depressing building with "history" and included lines such as:

    "like a child unfolds a box"

    "exposing every filthy corner"

    and ended with
    "hope these memories are not your own"

    Expertly written and read (male voice)

  22. "Thanks to BDO/Alto, whoever leaked it to them and David Rose, Wiltshire have done a complete U TURN and are sending Mr. Harper his statement."

    Don't doubt for a minute the role your citizen media played in moving Wiltshire forward. This is excellent news.

  23. A timely reminder as to how our media DO MAKE IT UP

  24. Stuart.

    You wrote.

    "To that end, I've emailed Jon Gripton of BBC Jersey and asked him if I can interview him."

    Have you had a reply? Matthew Price still hasn't replied to my e-mail explaining why he never read out my e-mail or played my suggested "Anthem."


    Lenny Harper will be on BBC RADIO JERSEY just after 7 tomorrow morning


  26. Rico.

    Looks like the Bloggers have shamed BBC into reporting some "news" then?

  27. Wow!! So that's the box ticked for BBC Jersey now then. They can now say they have "interviewed" Lenny Harper and mentioned it on their news.

    When in reality he was given a couple of minutes air-time, was hardly asked a question, people were left thinking "what the hell was the point?" and then he was cut off in true BBC Jersey style.

    Sterling work chaps!

  28. The BBC shouldn't of bothered.

  29. "The BBC shouldn't of bothered."

    They DIDN'T!

  30. I just listened to the replay. Roger Barra doesn't support Harper at all, you could tell the way he was patronising him with his comments of 'only your opinion' and 'how do you know that'. He sounded like Paxman.

  31. Indeed. The telling thing was that Mr. Harper had justice for the Abuse Survivors at the forefront of his mind and it appeared that good old Roger didn’t want him to talk about the abuse/Abused and he (Mr. Harper) was cut off.

    Jersey’s mainstream media want to stay “on message” and that is to get people talking about this enquiry and that enquiry and not address the Abuse that was allowed to flourish in Jersey’s State run institutions FOR DECADES.

    As explained by former Police Chief GRAHAM POWER QPM

  32. Hi VFC.

    But up the Audio of Mr Lenny Harper Being interviewed by our Local BBC Radio, form this morning.

    You can Lisen to this HERE