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Philip Bailhache Independence/Agenda

In an article written (yesterday 30 May) in Jersey's only "news"paper, the Jersey Evening Post, it is claimed that Senator Philip Bailhache wants to "inform" churchgoers what the implications are of the Visitation from Bishop John Gladwin, or that should be Senator Bailhache's version of what the implications are.

Reproduced below is the article from the Jersey Evening Post and below that is our opinion of what is really taking place here.

Anglicans invited to meeting to discuss crisis in the diocese.

All Anglicans in Jersey are being invited to a meeting next week to discuss a dispute that threatens the Island’s centuries-old link with the Diocese of Winchester.

The meeting on Tuesday has been organised by Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, who is a member of the congregation at Grouville Parish Church.

The former Bailiff has been critical of the Bishop of Winchester, the Right Rev Tim Dakin, since the Bishop removed the powers of the Dean of Jersey in March, following a complaint of sexual misconduct made by a vulnerable young adult against a churchwarden in 2008.

The Dean, the Very Rev Bob Key, has since been reinstated but his seven-week “suspension” has sparked a chain of events that includes a “visitation” by a former Bishop, John Gladwin, that will look at the whole relationship between the island and the Diocese.

Bishop Gladwin is due to visit the Island on Monday 17 June.

Sir Philip said: “The purpose of Tuesday’s meeting is to inform members of the Church of England in Jersey what is happening in relation to the dispute between the Bishop and the Church in Jersey.

“Many church members are not clear what the Visitation is and what it means for the Island. I want to explain what has happened over the last few months as objectively as possible and also an expert speaker will detail what the Visitation will entail in terms of Ecclesiastical law and the terms of reference set out by the Bishop.

“It is not intended to be confrontational but just an opportunity to understand what the implications are. We need to be prepared because I think there is a possibility we could be set on a course where the aspirations of the Bishop are irreconcilable with the wishes of the Church in Jersey.

“This might not be the case but we have little idea of what the Bishop wants – and that remains at the heart of this problem.”

The meeting will take place at 7.30pm at Grouville Parish Hall.(END)

Philip Bailhache Has an Agenda (VFC opinion)

The Senator's agenda is the complete separation of Jersey from the UK. His agenda has been repeatedly exposed, not least, HERE and is not denied by him. He has failed to progress this agenda at national level but he is now seeking to pursue it at Church level and he sees the current issues regarding the role of the Dean as a political opportunity. 

The victim (HG) and even the Dean himself are pawns of no consequence from the Bailhache perspective. His media statement is laden with subtext but is also transparent to those with an eye on the bigger picture. 

He is seeking to turn the current issues into a "rift" between the Church in Jersey and the Church of England. He will attend a meeting packed with his supporters, at Grouville Parish Hall which is a "stronghold" for the Senator, and when he senses the mood is right, will produce from his back pocket (or elsewhere) a draft plan for the establishment of a separate and independent Jersey Church.   Not yet his full objective of an independent Jersey but from his perspective a "foot in the door" from which other parts of his agenda can be developed.  He thinks that we are all too stupid to know what he is up to, and perhaps even Bob Key thinks it is all about his interests and not about what it is really about which is the pursuit of independence by stages and by stealth.

Readers will be aware that the former Police Chief Graham Power QPM, who was illegally suspended while (because?) the Police Force, under his command, was investigating decades of institutional paedophilia/Child Abuse in State run "care" homes wrote a 62,000 word document as an interim defence case against his illegal suspension. Readers will also be aware that this document was leaked to BBC Jersey who have suppressed it despite reporting on the prosecution case against Mr. Power as reported HERE and elsewhere.

Here is a significant extract from that media (BBC) suppressed document.

"Such views are not confined to the older elements of the honorary service. They can be found, albeit in a more developed form, in the senior levels of government and the legal establishment where some notable figures favour an eventual severance of links with the U.K. and would see the ready acceptance of U.K. working practices as running counter to this agenda. I recall that in 2007 I assisted a small working group which included, among others, the Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache and the Attorney General William Bailhache. The purpose of the group was to prepare a draft contingency plan for complete independence. I submitted papers to the group on the implications for law enforcement, and used some contacts from my previous role to offer suggestions as to who outside of the island, could assist in developing such a plan. I provided contact details of key figures in the Scottish Government and Administration including the Scottish National Party. I recall that some of the advice and contacts I provided were in an email I sent, probably in July 2007. This and other experiences reinforced my understanding that there was a tide flowing against closer association with the U.K, and a strong local agenda to develop working models and solutions within the island."(END)

Jersey is sleepwalking in to a feudal fiefdom dressed up in Senator Bailhache's "concern" for the Island's church and churchgoers.


  1. Senator Bailhache is convening the meeting at Grouville because that is where he's got his flock of blindfolded followers. With something of such magnitude he should have had the courage to call a public meeting at the Town Hall as the outcome of this is going to have ramifications for the whole island and not just the church.

  2. In reality it wouldn't make the slightest difference if Jersey went independent from the UK because the UK is failing in its obligation to ensure good governance and the rule of law in this crown dependency by turning a blind eye to the judicial corruption and the cocver up of the child abuse which has seen members of the establishment protected by the corrupt system and avoid prosecution.

    1. Anon, it would make the most profound difference as common law would be swept off the face of the island in preference of statutory law which there is no remedy for in Jersey. Whatever they wanted to convict anyone of, they would, mark my words they would have to build another prison if they pursue independence.

  3. Bob Hill's latest Blog Posting is well worth a read and can be read HERE

  4. I can't see how the meeting is going to be objective when it is Senator Bailhache conducting it in the absence of a representative from the Diocese of Winchester. Is anybody invited who has an opposing view to PB or is it just going to be HIS view that's allowed to be discussed?

  5. Philip Bailhache wrote (JEP article above).

    "we could be set on a course where the aspirations of the Bishop are irreconcilable with the wishes of the Church in Jersey"

    Who made Senator Bailhache the spokesperson for the church? Furthermore, after being in contact with former Deputy Hill, it appears he has been inundated with phone-calls and e-mails from church goers who are disgusted with the actions of Senator Bailhache, the Dean and others. These people are too scared to speak out for fear of repercussions.

    Is Senator Bailhache, and his cohorts, going to be able to "take charge" and be the spokesperson for the church because people fear him? Did Senator Bailhache ballot the churchgoers before stating "aspirations of the Bishop are irreconcilable with the wishes of the Church in Jersey?" How many people is Senator Bailhache speaking for? And again, what gives him the right to speak for the people of the church?

  6. In my opinion, Phil Bailhache's conduct over this matter, is quite alarming! More more worryingly, he appears to have lied about what a member of the public say they saw him reading on an airflight, quite why I do not know, however, how can anyone believe anything he now says, especially when Bailhache himself quite rightly says honesty is required for trust.

    I do not trust him!.

    1. Nor do I! Despite never meeting the man, I actually find him scary! Who on earth does he think he is?

    2. Could Senator Bailhache's stance on TRUTHFULLNESS come back to haunt him with the airplane incident in mind?

  7. Why can't you get behind the Dean for a change?
    Why all the anti-religious posts because an attack on the Dean is an attack on his followers and Sir Philip Bailhache is doing what he was elected to do. Sort out this mess which was all started by an over reaction by the Bishop who had no business poking his nose into Jersey affairs.

    1. This was the question I asked earlier, so perhaps you can answer, just who "elected" Philip Bailhache to be the spokesperson for the church and churchgoers?

      The reason I can't get behind the Dean is because my default position is to support victims/survivors of abuse and not those (like the Dean) who fail them.

    2. What is wrong with him being the spokesperson or is this just a personal problem with Sir Philip again?

    3. It’s a simple question, how did Philip Bailhache become “elected” to be the spokesperson for the church and churchgoers?

    4. I think he appointed himself and that,people are sacred to oppose him because of his connections.

    5. This tallies with the information I’ve (and others) been getting. People in the church are too fearful to oppose Senator Bailhache and risk his wrath. A growing number of people are starting to see this for what it is and that’s a hijacking, by Senator Bailhache, of a safeguarding issue to pursue his political agenda of independence from the UK.

    6. Anonymous 1735: get back under your bridge.

      One other thought, Mr Voice. When the Commission of Inquiry gets under way, what are the good Christian people going to say when it comes out that they were happy to let a clergyman molest young girls between about 1960 and 1985? Not only that - they gave him a rector's position.

      Is that what SPB is desperately trying to forestall? And is it because the worst abuse hotspots (HdlG, Grouville orphanage, Teighmore) were all within sight of his house?

  8. Philip Bailhache has got no place advising anyone on safeguarding issues after allowing convicted paedophile Roger Holland to remain as an honory police officer and if I'm not mistaken I think he was on the board of governors at Victoria College when the cover up of paedopilia was going on.

    1. That is very old news.
      Paedophiles are very good actors and Sir Philip is not to blame for that.

    2. Very old news? Not to the victims of Holland and their family it’s not. Philip Bailhache was given the opportunity to remove Holland from his position when he was made aware of Holland’s paedophilic behaviour. Philip Bailhache DID NOT remove Holland who then went on to abuse again. As far as I am concerned Philip Bailhache IS to blame .

    3. Do you know that family think that?
      I cannot recall ever seeing any comment from them.
      But it is old news, Sir Philip does not support paedophiles, he is a family man and Holland was a predator like Savile and all the other sickos out there.
      It is so hurtful for Sir Philip to be labelled like this but no matter what people say, you simply do not like him.

    4. “Do you know that family think that?”

      That just doesn’t warrant an answer.

      “Sir” Philip was told about Holland and refused to act just as the BBC refused to act with Savile, who also went on to abuse.

    5. Yeah but these paedophiles are experts in grooming children and conning adults.
      Roger Holland was a mistake but not deliberate. I agree he was scum of the earth but I cannot blame Sir Philip for his behaviour as he was an actor.
      I think they should do more against child pornography after the murder of April and you should start concentrating on more modern cases on here. Old news it is, but more up to date news is much more shocking.
      Check this case out and a warning to readers, one description of a child video this sick man watched is spoken about. Actually why not do a post on it?

  9. It is a matter of record that Sir Phillip Bailhache working as the AG, admitted making a mistake over the Roger Holland affair. Holland had previous form. What is probably forgotten is that as the AG, he tried to put the blame on to someone else, the then Constable Bob Le Brocq.

    Le Brocq was arrested and locked up for the day at police headquarters and then released pending charges, over the Holland affair.

    In a question asked by Mr Le Brocq at St Helier number three district's election meeting, Ted Vibert gave the most interesting appraisal and talk, followed by Deputy Mike Higgins.

    How does this tally with an answer given by Senator Bailhache speaking at a different election hustings, and asked about lying.

    Phillip Bailhache told the meeting.

    “ truthfulness is fundamental, without truthfulness you cannot have trust, I have spent all my working life, working in an environment where truthfulness is fundamental “ and if people are not truth full they suffer the consequences “

    When will Senator Bailhache be standing down, and suffering the consequences ? The facts speak for themselves.


  10. Brothers William and Philip's most infamous saying are: "So be it" and "He will grow out of it".

    And in that order of them saying those infamous quotes.

    1. Yes I believe that the “so be it” was said to the former Police Chief, Graham Power QPM, when he reportedly refused to being coerced into dropping an investigation into alleged planning corruption and days later Mr. Power was illegally suspended from duty. William Bailhache said it?

      “He will grow out of it” was reportedly said byPhilip Bailhache making reference to Roger Holland’s Paedophilia?

  11. ive just read that judgement and cried with anger, PLEASE GOD , STOP THIS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD!

  12. I agree, that Godson and Crowley judgement is truly shocking.
    These people are a serious danger to children and it's time we demanded more action.

    1. Exactly! I just don't get why it was unreported.

    2. I agree, were where the blogs on this one and it's massive?
      Get away from old news and start showing you are a Voice for Children say for 2013?

  13. When excusing himself about the Holland case, Sir Philip said "In the early 90's, not much was known about child abuse."
    Child abuse was discovered in the 1960's by doctors discussing those cases where the parent reports an injury caused by X and yet this seemed to be inconsistent with the injury. It began to break the myth that adults tell the truth and children lie. Over the 30 years, the study of child abuse has been widespread. Hundreds of experts have been trained, thousands of academic papers have been written and so on. For a lawyer to "not know" makes you question the ability of the lawyer concerned. I would say that he did know about it and he has poor judgement. And even if he didn't know about it, he should have sought advise. Any good advise would have said 'no way' in no uncertain terms.

  14. This blog is just posting a political agenda against Sir Philip Bailhache because why else do you ignore so many worse cases than the Holland affair?

    1. There are probably thousands of cases of paedophilia/abuse on this island should I have to report on all of them? The Philip Bailhache sketch is current, and as has been mentioned, has huge ramifications for the island, as a whole, if he is able to realise his dream of independence from the UK.

      The fact that he is attempting to lecture anybody on safeguarding issues is one big sick joke after the Victoria College and Roger Holland affairs. He is reported as saying "he (Roger Holland) will grow out of it." Politically, Senator Bailhache is still in the dark ages along with his views on paedophilia.............."He will grow out of it"..................#priceless

  15. Who but the completely blinkered would want to listen to Senator Philip Bailhache talk about 'truthfulness'?

    Here is man who, never mind the well-documented Holland scandal and Jervis-Dykes affair (resulting in the clearly unfit John Le Breton quite incredibly becoming a jurat) has been caught bang-to-rights by members of the public with documents relating to the appalling HG case.

    Yet instead of 'maning up' he attempts to bluster his way out with words like 'mailicious', 'fictitious' to brand them and me liars. He is quite frankly a bad joke.

    He should be removed immediately before his playing Foreign Minister reduces Jersey to a laughing stock.

    1. I rest my case.

    2. Jersey is a laughing stock....Where are the sworn affidavit's from the two witnesses on the plane? That is what will get rid of Bailhache, priest of Baal.

    3. No affidavit's Trevor, and you might as well keep your mouth shut. You cannot demand the resignation of anyone without proof, an affidavit is the King of legal and lawful documents, all you have to date is mere hearsay. Time for the people of Jersey to harden the F**k Up and stand by their word, their honour, and their integrity.

      What's the betting that no affidavit appears in this case?

    4. Affidavits won't make any difference at all just ask Stuart Syvret - Lenny Harper - or Graham Power. All have written affidavits and where has it got them?

  16. Philip Bailhache is attempting to do just what was originally predicted by many; he only wants to run Jersey without having to concern himself with oversight. He has no regard for CoE authority, and no regard for rights of any abuse victims. It seems especially annoying to him when he is challenged by the rules of democracy. He does not react well to reminders that his position as King Philip is not yet fully accepted and recognized by all.

    1. As mentioned in this main posting; Philip Bailhache, and his brother, have been making plans for Jersey's separation from the UK since as early as 2007 if not earlier. You are correct, this has nothing to do with the church, or abuse, it has everything to do with making those in power unaccountable. Not that the UK holds any of them to account now!

  17. "The Finance Curse" is a free PDF download (89 pages) and can be downloaded (1.9MB) from this blog posting. (

    Thanks VFC

  18. Why bother with comments going on about 'old news'? This is so obviously the internet creep and convicted criminal behind James Le Gallais, Sue Young, Hilary of St. Brelads and a thousand others. When people try to defend Bailhache's legal and intellectual failures like this you have to ask where they are coming from in their own interests? It is a glaring fact of the sicko twitter accounts and a couple of blogs run by this man that he is obsessive about trying to trash any police, politicians, blogs or other people who care about justice and the victims.

    1. VFC

      VFC, Well done, as usual.

      I do prefer your usual toll-free policy, but I suppose that it's important (occasionally) to see if there is a valid position of factual disagreement to be made. Hasn't happened yet, though. When criticizing the current Bailhache power play, the trolls appear to be as challenged as ever to come up with anything logical, relevant or based on evidence. It is not the oligarchy who have no credible opposition. It is bloggers like yourselves who are without coherent well-evdenced rebuttals by opponents. The facts keep lining up on your side as you base your reporting on truth, since they don't bother with honesty. Your critics are not even close to providing a challenge.


  19. where can I find reference to the Crowley judgement??

    1. This is the LINK from above and is as much as I know.

    2. Go to and look under New Judgements. There are two for Godson and Crowley, dated 15 April 2013 and 15 May 2013.

      Both of them make awful, awful reading. Really unpleasant.

      Only the most recent few judgements appear on the site. In case they get replaced in future by more recent judgements, the permanent links for these two are:

      That site is updated about one a week or maybe once a fortnight. It is a very useful resource in general.

      Jersey Law uses the strange phrase "unreported judgements". I don't know what it means because these two are in fact reported on this site. Perhaps a legal eagle can tell us what "unreported judgements" actually means?

    3. There is at least a dozen more similar cases on there and they are recent like over the past 3 years.
      These are by far one of the sickest though.

  20. Those Child Porn cases are horrific and the reporting on them was very light.
    How can any sane person look at such material in the first place and I see they both have previous for this kind of thing.
    So much for the being 'cured' then.

    1. "Child porn" it isn't. "child sex abuse images" is a more accurate description.

      At least these two got to see the inside of a courtroom there are many more who don't, including, as mentioned by former Senior Investigating Officer of the Child Abuse Inquiry, Lenny Harper, there are at least four "priority suspects" still employed by the States and are in a position where they can still "ply their trade."

  21. We all know about Bailhache and the media see state media

  22. Ref the discussion starting above at 31 May 2013 17:40 "That is very old news. Paedophiles are very good actors and Sir Philip is not to blame for that."
    & “Do you know that family think that?”

    Perhaps I can be of assistance with:

    The father of one of the abuse victims told BBC News:
    "My personal opinion is that Bailhache should have resigned years ago.
    The man made a fundamental mistake that led to a child being abused and he has no right to be in the job."

    So that is what ONE of the families think, but Holland admitted assaults on EIGHT girls over a 19-year period.

    I don't know, but I imagine that what the other 7 families think may not publishable.
    One should also note that many career paedophiles notch up SEVERAL HUNDRED victims and usually only the tip of the iceberg is discovered.

    Yes it is old news but still very relevant

    "Sir Philip does not support paedophiles"
    Really ?
    "Senator Stuart Syvret was asked a number of times to be quiet after he used his father of the house [Christmas] speech to discuss alleged cases of child abuse"
    "...... Bailiff Phillip Baillache adjourned the assembly and cut off Senator Syvret's microphone"
    Baillache & the imfamous liberation day speech
    Former bailiff Baillache stands by speech

    + more .................

    2013 Bailhache was one of only 4 States Members who recently did not support the proposition establishing the Committee of Inquiry into the Historic Child Abuse.

    Is anyone able to spot a pattern here ?
    How does this pattern seemingly escape those reducing numbers emerging from, or wishing to crawl up the 'exhaust' off this errrrr ...... "family man"

    Such bad luck that these things follow him round like a bad smell

    Anonymous is not necessarily a troll ....... but wilfully blind with a small brain no sense of smell ! LOL

    The electorate were blind in 2011 but this was the JEP's doing -bigging Bailhache up as Jersey's infallible superhero and not allowing any meaningful criticism of him- that's dysfunctional democracy in an owned island.

    'Option B' for the 1000 year Bellyache !
    The government you deserve -enjoy.

    Oh, did I mention the Sharp Report - The one Sir Philip still insists was not covered up.

    But Sir Philip has always considered himself too important to resign so abuse victims and their families can whistle.
    In fact you can all go whistle.

  23. Tonight News- CTV Gary Burgess asks Phil Bailhache if he has asked the Dean about his fears, Bailhache is momentarily lost for words, then has to admit he has not asked him followed by a bit of double dutch.

    Gary Burgess states CTV/(or him - cannot remember) did ask the Dean, he said the UK was not looking to run the Jersey Churches, so why is Bailhache going all negative for no real reason??

    I must say Bailhache came across as stupid for not asking the Dean, so much for checking the facts. Is he trying to scare everyone from assisting too much with the imminent inquiry I wonder, a bit like coaching the witness.

  24. CM Gorst came into the House, late this afternoon, to answer questions without notice.

    He had obviously spent hours, while traveling....

    Rehearsing his questions without answers!?

  25. What do you know VFC about this latest police corruption argument in the assembly where Ian Le Marquand is refusing to hold an investigation or even answer questions on alleged police corruption, which Deputy Higgins claims is evidenced?

    Is this the same old protectionism, that allowed child abuse, Victoria college child abuse, Roger Holland, Graham Power and HG episodes ?

    When will the idiots ever learn, Ian Le Marquand is supposed to be a judge for christ's sake the next big scandal appearing all over the internet and affecting Jersey's already tarnished reputation.

    Surly If the evidence is there, it cannot be ignored, and an outside investigation will either clear the police officers or put them inside but the truth is what matters.