Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chief Police Officer Mike Bowron, The JEP, and Facts.

Chief Police Officer, Mike Bowron, has issued a stinging attack on a Jersey politician, and anti Child Abuse campaigner, Trevor Pitman in a letter published in the island's only "news"paper The Jersey Evening Post.

Chief Officer Bowron's letter centre's around questions/statements allegedly made by Deputy Pitman in the island's parliament concerning complaints made against Chief Officer Bowron and whether the he is under investigation by an outside Police Force. We reproduce the letter (below) and further reproduce the questions/statements made in the island's parliament that the letter appears to be addressing.

Readers will see that the questions attributed to Deputy Pitman were in fact asked by fellow politician and anti Child Abuse/corruption campaigner Deputy Mike Higgins and NOT Deputy Pitman.

Regular readers will not be surprised at the shoddy journalism and total disregard to the facts when it comes to the Jersey Evening Post who infamously accused Bloggers of publishing "allegations without substance" and then turned down an invitation (from Bloggers) for a live head to head, on State Radio, to substantiate their claims. But for the Chief Police Officer to pay such little attention to facts, and believe what he reads in the JEP, is more concerning. To openly attack (the wrong) an opposition politician in the island's only "news"paper is equally concerning/disturbing and brings into question the motives of the Chief Officer bearing in mind he was/is THE CHOSEN ONE.

Police chief: 'No complaint against me'
From Mike Bowman, chief officer, States of Jersey Police.

"I WAS most surprised and somewhat aggrieved to read your report on States question time in Wednesday's JEP, where Deputy Trevor Pitman referred to 'a complaint against the chief of police and asked the minister if he was aware of an external report compiled by an outside police force about that complaint.

Let me make it absolutely clear that there is no such complaint and I am not being investigated by an outside force.

I note with interest that Deputy Pitman will be asking the same question again 'in a few weeks and he hoped that by then the minister would have read the report'. Let me reiterate that no such report exists.

Perhaps Deputy Pitman will check his facts for future before he impugns my, or anyone else's integrity within the safety of the States Chamber."(END)

Here are the "Facts" for you Chief Officer Bowron which are NOT what you read in the disgraced Jersey Evening Post.

Will Chief Officer Bowron and/or the JEP be apologising to Deputy Pitman? Will the apolog(ies)y be given the same prominence in the "news"paper as the offending/offensive article? (A Leveson recommendation). Has the Chief Officer learnt not to believe what he reads in the JEP? Has he learnt that if he wants credible information and facts he will be better placed coming to the Blogs? (Jersey's only independent media).

We must also keep in mind that the questions asked by DEPUTY MIKE HIGGINS raise some very important issues and should not be overshadowed by the Chief Officer's/JEP's incompetence. Rico Sorda will be addressing these questions on his Blog tonight.

VFC would like to credit, and thank TJW for making the recording possible.


  1. Thanks for this VFC.

    Obviously all close followers of local politics know that the JEP has long attempted to misrepresent and even donw-right lie about politicians who dare to stand up to their bullying and fight for truth and equality.

    If there was another paper in the island the JEP would disappear within a couple of years so low are its standards.

    Whether it is ever so accidentally publishing completely fake letters attacking the likes of Shona and myself; invented statements/actions; or even happily publishing malicious wholly false statements about our income the JEP knows no depths that it will not sink to.

    Let us remember they are currently seeking to gain from a clearly no ECHR compliant court case where they were allowed one of their owning company director's mates to sit as a jurat. Nothing more really needs to be said.

    As for Mike Bowron I guess we will see if he the slightest amount of honour and/or TF by demanding the JEP print an apology that one doesn't need a microscope to read.

    1. Trevor.

      As the most senior ranking Police Officer, on the island, one would hope (expect) that Chief Officer Bowron does have a sense of fairness, justice and not to mention a little humility. Hopefully he will pen a letter to the JEP apologising for ignoring the facts and his attack on you.........We shall see.

      Getting the JEP to admit to their shoddy journalism is another question. It's what THEY DO.

      One suspects you'll never be forgiven for that report.

    2. Has Trevor made a complaint to Bowron or the JEP has he even asked them for an apology?

  2. During the 20 seconds where Trevor does speak he doesn't even mention Mike Bowron which begs the question how could the JEP have got it so wrong or did they know exactly what they were doing?

    1. Well, if you want to paint a certain picture 'facts' don't even enter into it. Just conisider a recent Toby Chang report.

    2. I believe Toby Chang is a "journalist" at the Jersey Evening Post? If so I wouldn't have read it as I've not bought the paper, for moral and ethical reasons, since 2005.

      Like a growing number of people I get my news from trusted sources. (So should Chief Officer Bowron!) #Blogs

    3. I met Toby a few years ago, and he seemed like a nice guy who really wanted a career in the media. I suspect he's become one of those people who toe the line and do what they're told to keep their dream job. Possibly a bit of an ethics sell-out, possibly not, I never got as far as finding out his political views.

  3. Has anyone bought a copy of the JEP today who can tell us if there is an apology from Mike Bowron or Chris Bright?

  4. Well the answer to your question Anonymous is yes, I have to but one for a very good reason, but no, there is absolutely nothing by way of an apology or correction from either party.

    How totally abysmal, but not unexpected really.

    Thanks to TJW for the recording. You really do play an invaluable part in all this.

  5. Rico has now published his Blog highlighting the question from Deputy Mike Higgins HERE

  6. has anyone thought that the JEP may have also got wind of the possible investigation into Bowron but would never dare to report it, and now, by conning Bowron into publicly denying the allegations. If later it turns out to be true, the JEP will claim the glory.

    1. You credit the JEP with foresight. They have shown themselves to be possibly the most incompetent "news"paper that still manages to stay in circulation.

  7. If you listen to the recording of Deputy Higgins' question you'll find he doesn't mention an outside police force and Deputy Trevor Pitman doesn't mention the chief police officer. Amazing how the JEP could have come up with the story that it did then.

  8. If I recall correctly, I think ILM once said something along the lines that you cannot believe everything the JEP prints, so perhaps Bowron should have touched base with ILM before making a total fool of himself.

    Furthermore, I believe ILM tells Deputy Higgins that he could have asked him the question privately, I guess the problem with that is at a later date he may forget what he tells him.

  9. VFC.

    Deputy Higgins has recently put several questions (without answers) to the AG & ILM, regarding The States Of Jersey Police Force.

    Any chance of Deputy Higgins talking on here?

    1. Spoke with Deputy Higgins in town yesterday and it appears he is swamped in paperwork concerning allegations of corruption and possible criminality involving senior officers at the States of Jersey Police and others. He is currently considering tabling a vote of no confidence against Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand.

      I'll ask if Deputy Higgins would consider submitting a "Guest Posting" outlining some of this stuff he is working on.

  10. When the JERSEY Evening Post under the heading of it's 'Jersey through and through' columnist , Helier Clement says two days ago..
    'It’s Liberation Day on Wednesday – a day on which the diminishing number of us who were born before or during the German Occupation continue to give thanks for the Liberation 68 years ago'.

    When it is Liberation Day today Thursday 9th May as it has been for a couple of years now (:0) this shows the depths to which the South Wessex Trumpeter has now descended.

  11. http://ricosorda.blogspot.com/2013/05/jersey-2014-and-beyond-retirement-of.html

    The Pending retirement of Chris Bright and Rob Shipley of the Jersey Evening Post


  12. Our one chance to get off our knees is finally upon us....Let us take it PROUD PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN