Wednesday, 19 March 2014

BBC Carries on Misleading the public.


That was the headline on the BBC's website in July 2008. The article went on to quote the then Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry, Lenny Harper, who said;

"The indications are that if the results come back the same way as they have now, it is obvious there won't be a homicide inquiry."(emphasis added)

Mr. Harper is also quoted, in the same BBC article, as saying;

"But at the end of the day there just might not be the evidence to mount a homicide inquiry."(Emphasis added)

Former Senator, and Health Minister, Stuart Syvret, is quoted, in the very same article, as saying 

"it was important to remember the abuse that occurred at the home, even if there was no murder inquiry."(emphasis added)

The full BBC article can be read HERE.

So it should be safe to say, going by the BBC's own website, that the BBC knows full well no murder inquiry was ever launched in 2008 or any other time.

This Posting comes on the back of the last posting where, early indications show, that local Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) will not enjoy the same access to the Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry as the State Media. In the previous posting there were a number of links demonstrating why local Blogs are the most trusted, and accurate, news source on the Island when it comes to the Child Abuse cover-up, and it is the State Media who has buried documents, misled the public, and stand accused, in some circles, as being complicit in the cover-up.

The previous posting, including its links, should be read to put this posting into perspective and can be read HERE.

Hopefully readers will have read the previous posting and know that the Chair of the Committee of Inquiry, Francis Oldham QC, was on the Island last Thursday 23 March 2014 to appeal for witnesses to come forward and give evidence to the Inquiry. She was interviewed by State TV while Bloggers were not even told of her presence on the Island thus denied an interview.

I watched the local BBC's article, and interview with Ms. Oldham QC, and quickly realised that the broadcast, or its content, was completely misleading.

The BBC told its viewer(s);  

"It was the launch of a murder investigation at the site (HDLG) back in 2008 that thrust Jersey's care system into the international spotlight."

After hearing/watching this I e-mailed former SIO Lenny Harper, copied in was managing editor of BBC Jersey, Jon Gripton, and a number of national journalists.

I wrote;

"Mr. Harper.

As I'm sure you are aware an appeal for witnesses was launched yesterday by the Child Abuse COI Chairman Frances Oldham QC.

The local State Media was broadcasting its usual propaganda and not least the discredited, and disgraced BBC. (managing editor copied in)

On last night's (Thurs 13th March 2014) local 6:30 "news" programme we were told;

"But it was the launch of a murder investigation in 2008 that thrust Jersey's care system into the international spotlight." 

I am blacklisted by the BBC, that is to say that any e-mails/tweets/Facebook comments I submit are ignored because (according to Jon Gripton) I published, on my Blog, a photo of him he didn't like.

As you were the Senior Investigating Officer in 2008 and know (as does the BBC) there NEVER was a murder investigation launched, and you have repeated that fact many, many times, you might want to consider asking Mr. Gripton to correct the "mistake" with an apology by broadcasting the "truth" on tonight's "news" programme?

Like I said, I am blacklisted by the BBC, so it is not possible for me to ask him.


To which Mr. Harper promptly replied;

Good morning VFC.  Please forgive the brief nature of this response, as I am heading out for the day.
I am a little surprised that the BBC should repeat this bit of nonsense again, as I am clearly on record many, many, times, stating and re-stating that there was NO murder investigation.  Although we had evidence that children died there, or at least their remains were there, we could never find evidence that a child was actually killed there.  There are numerous open source references to this, and to myself repeating this over and over again, not least on the BBC news web site.  Perhaps the most obvious is the article on the BBC website of Thursday 31st July 2008, under the heading "Jersey Murder Inquiry Unlikely."  Here again I give a clear indication that there is insufficient evidence to launch a murder investigation not least because of the conflicting evidence from experts about the age of the bones.  It raises, once again, questions about the integrity of the BBC in Jersey.
Lenny Harper.(END)

A number of e-mail exchanges took place and I then wrote back to Mr. Harper the following day saying;

"Mr. Harper.

After watching the local BBC "news" last night where there was no attempt  made to inform the viewers of the truth I shall be submitting a complaint to the BBC Trust (for what it's worth)!

It might be that Mr. Gripton has had the professionalism/common courtesy to reply to your e-mail, if so, could you let me know and I will hold fire on my complaint? If not I will submit my complaint this morning."(END)

Mr. Harper wrote back telling me he hadn't had a reply from Mr. Gripton. Five days later and Mr. Gripton has still not had the common courtesy to acknowledge any of our e-mails, nor correct the misleading information broadcast on State TV. Both myself, and former SIO Harper have now submitted a complaint to the BBC Trust.

The question has to be asked as to why the BBC would want to knowingly broadcast such misleading information? Why (wrongly) mention anything about murder inquiries when the Committee of Inquiry is appealing for witnesses of abuse? Just what is the BBC'S agenda, and why, after its misleading, and non reporting of Haute de la Garenne issues including the Jimmy Savile scandal is the BBC trusted, by anybody, let alone the COI, over and above the trusted Bloggers?

We encourage anyone/everyone wishing to submit evidence to the Committee of Inquiry to make contact through its website HERE.

Below is an edited version of the misleading information broadcast by the BBC on 13 March 2014 and below that is the full version.



  1. A valuable starting point for those newer to Jersey's State Media complicity in this cover-up, or to those wondering how entrenched "state-sponsored paedophilia" was substantially covered up again even after the forensic findings of Operation Rectangle.

    This is also a relevant reminder of the deliberate distortions, and of Jon Gripton's arrogant dismissal of the polite and evidenced corrections by independent journalists and by the former lead police investigator involved.

    BBC could not show itself in a worse light than it does in Jersey.


  2. Gripton =s Entwistle!?

  3. "I am blacklisted by the BBC, that is to say that any e-mails/tweets/Facebook comments I submit are ignored because (according to Jon Gripton) I published, on my Blog, a photo of him he didn't like. "

    That wasn't the video of him hiding behind the baloons in St. Helier, was it?

    1. No it was a photo I put up of him with a zip across his mouth. Out of respect I haven't published it since.

  4. Good challenge on basic facts VFC.

    Was BBC Jersey being lax or does it still have an agenda?

    And while we are on the subject: Where are the scraps of cut and burned juvenile bone now?
    And all those teeth, some with roots still attached?

    Has that evidence now been destroyed?
    I always understood that destroying evidence was a crime.

    1. "Was BBC Jersey being lax or does it still have an agenda?"

      The BBC clearly has an agenda and it is to keep the public ignorant of the facts concerning Jersey's dirty secrets. HERE is a wealth of information the BBC has kept its audience ignorant of.

      For an inventory of the juvenile remains unearthed at Haut de la Garenne click HERE although viewer discretion is advised due to some graphic detail. Whatever happened to all that evidence is anybody's guess. It's a good question and one that isn't being asked by the State Media.

      Destroying evidence a crime? Not in Jersey it's not, I believe this particular pastime is termed as "a procedural error."

  5. This was never a murder enquiry in the first place for multiple reasons including no named missing person.

    1. That’s right, there never was a murder inquiry so why did the BBC say there was?

      Although we haven’t, as yet, learnt the names of missing persons that’s not to say that all children who were sent to Haut de la Garenne have been ACCOUNTED FOR

  6. Shame on Clare Burgundy, sorry, Burton. If she claims to be a "Real Journalist", just reading whatever is put on the autocue doesn't cut it.

    Don't real Journalists have to check facts are facts first?

    I know the rules don't apply if she is just a BBC presenter. This allows the talking heads to "present" the States spin as scripted & approved by the Jersey Paedo Protectors Society.

    1. To undertand how "news" is circulated by the anchors you should watch THIS They simply repeat a script they are given with no fact checking.

  7. VFC.

    Well done....

    Because of your above posting BBC Jersey have just apologised live on air!!

    1. Yes but it has been the determination from myself and former SIO Lenny Harper who have had to escalate our complaint up the BBC trust ladder to achieve this minor victory. Hope to publish a Blog tomorrow on this subject.

    2. Gripton sits on your challenge for a week or so only to cave in immediately on you/Harper escalating it to a complaint?
      @Gripless !

      BBC UK has belatedly realised that it's rogue Jersey franchise has already dragged it into a Savile sequel.
      The only thing which can save it is a complete change of management, removal of the dead and rotten wood and a groundbreaking expose of what Team Gripton has failed to report.

      It ain't going away and it's gonna hurt !

  8. As Said:

    Gripton =s Entwistle!?

  9. Just watched BBC Jersey late TV news on Thurs 20 March 2014 with Edward Sault.

    They aired a correction, acknowledging that no murder inquiry ever took place, correcting their piece from last week.

    Keep up the good work, you trusted and accurate bloggers.

  10. Now that you & Lenny Harper have extracted this begrudging correction from the Accredited Journalists at BBC Jersey News, I hope you will be contacting the COI's press office once again, to stress the fact that Bloggers need to be given status the same (or higher!) than your erstwhile colleagues,