Saturday, 1 March 2014

Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of Reform Jersey.

Although this Blog has pretty much remained neutral during the current St Helier Districts Number one and two by-election and indeed remains so. We were approached by member of Reform Jersey, Deputy Montfort Tadier, and asked to film a Party Political Broadcast in support of two of its members, and Candidates, Sam Mezec and Nick Le Cornu, to which we agreed.

In the interest of neutrality we will be happy to film similar broadcasts from other candidates should they wish to make contact.

Pre-Poll Voting is still available at St Paul's Centre where you can cast your vote on Monday 3rd of March between 9:am and 2:pm.

Polling Day is on Wednesday 5th of March 2014 where you can cast your vote at St Helier Town Hall for District Number one and at Springfield for District Number 2. Both Polling Stations will be open from 8:am until 8:pm.


  1. Thanks for giving me the opportunity of posting. I hope that people will be encouraged to turnout to vote, irrespective of whom they vote for.

  2. It is delightful to see such positive campaigning almost like a breath of fresh air. No negative points or attacks on other candidates just how it should be.

    1. Such a shame that it did not extend to other social media (facebook, twitter) where personal attacks and snide remarks seem to be rule rather than the exception.

  3. Excellent stuff and the very best of luck to the two candidates Montfort is endorsing. As the previous commenter says, all positive and straight to the point.

  4. I look forward to Reform Jersey gaining popularity with younger and minority voters with the outcomes of;
    - engaging these social groups to participate in Jersey politics-
    - giving them a meaningful voice and a solid political platform-
    - encouaging them to engage in policy formation-
    - shifting these groups from passive apathy to active participation.

    Reform in Jersey is so necessary. One doubts the road will be easy but it's high time Jersey's political, structural and social policy arrangements operated under universally expected 21st C norms and not the particular arrangements that have benefitted the elite until now.
    Good luck Reform Jersey. May the group flourish.

  5. Well done Deputy. And good luck to both Candidates. It is nice to see the beginnings of some thoughtful and progressive organisation emerging. I will watch with interest to see how it develops!

  6. Sam made a great account of himself on state radio this morning and showed why he is the only one of the candidates worth a vote.

  7. I am centre right politically, but after the shambles over the last couple of years by Jersey's elite right wing Council of Ministers, trying to develop office blocks, flying first class all over the world, not answering sensible questions in the States and expecting taxpayers to fund their lavish jollies and self interests which bring little or no benefit to islanders then without doubt the electing of both Meznec and Le Cornu would add balance to a hard right wing Government that treats the public purse as its own slush fund.

    I do not agree with some of their policies but as I was once educated by a respected politician, no representative will ever copy a blue print of your own views on subjects that matter to you personally. If they get close to 80% then you are doing well. If nothing else these two would try and hold the so called elite to account and have the energy and passion to do so.

  8. Hi VFC.

    Lovey John Nettles knows it all, Listen to him HERE

    Has he's Daughter been breaking the Data Protection Law telling him everything there is to know, so he can make these Judgments?