Saturday, 6 September 2014

Deputy Nick Le Cornu Responds To Offensive Tweet.

The online community, and now possibly the whole of Jersey, are talking about a tweet sent out by Deputy Nick Le Cornu which has been reported as a personal attack on fellow Deputy Kristina Moore.

The tweet has caused outrage from across the political divide and by a vast number of the general public. The State Media has gone into overdrive in reporting this story from its perspective and we now offer the story from the perspective of Deputy Le Cornu himself.

Deputy Nick Le Cornu, in an in-depth, and exclusive, interview with VFC, explains, why he, like a growing number of politicians, and the general public, does not trust the local State Media and wanted to give this interview exclusively to VFC in order that his words/motives/intentions would not be distorted.

We offer the interview unedited and invite readers/viewers to draw their own conclusion(s) after watching the interview.


  1. Mr Le Cornu made a irresponsible comment , SHE in capital letters is an emphasis of a certain sex , I think apologizing for his tweet would benefit him in the long run .I would still support him because I believe he does have the best intentions for the general public. He's human and in my opinion we all do make mistakes at some stage of our lives.

    1. I think Nick let his disgust for her ultra conservative politics cloud his good sense, but actually Nick DID offer an apology to Kristina and even to her wider family
      He should have withdrawn the remark which was foolish and is so at odds with his feminist credentials.

      Having said that, the ill advised one liner does contain both truth and humour. The "convenience" of the timing is the elephant in the room and let's face it nearly all women DO least occasionally ...fake it ....except for my partner of course LOL

      As for Nick. A man of of more experience and consideration would have ....errr ....withdrawn more quickly to avoid this all this embarrassment and inconvenience.

      Better still to have practised "safe text" in the first place.

  2. A good interview and he wasn't given an easy ride which to be frank I was expecting. The bloke has now publicly apologised to Deputy Moore for any harm caused so let's move on and discuss the real political issues effecting the Island.

  3. It was not aimed at her , then 5 mins later , its strange she comes back 5 weeks before an election, your a slimy git le cornu, enjoy being a states member for the next 5 weeks

  4. I think i understand what he is trying to get across. i.e regards to the accusation of deputy moore faking her interest in representing the public as per Mr le cornu's stance and belief on personality politics etc

    Nick Le Cornu surely didn't mean the tweet to be meaning about her faking cancer would be absurd for the public to come to that conclusion.

    It's still a silly tweet though - was bound to be used against him from the people who dislike his ideas on reform and social justice

  5. What a lot of utter nonsense, here is a first class lesson of not accepting responsibility for your own actions.

    1. I agree and think he should not fight the election. Debating just how long salary should. be paid in the event of a serious illness is valid but this was not the way to do it

  6. Doesn't anybody else find it just a little bit suspicious Deputy Moore has made a recovery just in time for an election? I know I do but we are not allowed to be seen as uncaring. I have every sympathy for Kristina knowing what a horrific disease cancer is but the timing of her recovery is the elephant in the room. I am pleased to see NLC has the humility to offer an apology because all said and done there are other more acceptable ways of raising the question other than twitter.

  7. Nick, it's about time you start to understand that what YOU consider humour and wit and irony is NOT humorous and witty AT ALL ! Contributing the entire controversy to the right in the island is absolute nonsense. You were wrong and it would have been great (though the damage has been irrevocably done, I'm afraid) if you had apologised FULL STOP and admitted that you had been a real buffoon and forgot to stand still at the connotation of your words. You are NOT a stupid man, don't pretend to be one now. I'm afraid this video dug your hole even deeper.

  8. Political comment, acerbic, ironic, whatever you want to call it, still sexist and still insulting.

  9. This was certainly a thoughtless tweet, whichever way you spin it, but this is nothing compared to the DELIBERATE assault that Ministers make on the living conditions of the ordinary Jersey folk, day in day out, with impunity.

    Mr Le Cornu is a silly boy (can I say that, without being called sexist), but we know from his record that he is one of the few who stands up for the interests of the disaffected, the poor and vulnerable.

  10. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

  11. Jersey blogger rico sorda has his wife targeted and victimised yet no one says anything including the Jersey media as far as I'm aware and yet they jump all over this Le Cornu bloke. What a strange place you frequent.

  12. VFC,

    One thing is for sure, your blog is going to get a lot of traffic from Jersey's political right in the next few days.

    So, hello, new readers.

    Whilst you are here take a look at other posts such as

    Nick Le Cornu is certainly in the wrong. But, have a look around this blog, read a few posts. You never know, you might enjoy it.

  13. Nick Le Cornu is only saying what everyone else is thinking and will get my vote because of it.

  14. VFC. Thanks for hogging most of the traffic this evening! But a good interview which demonstrates once again how superior the quality blogs are over the DAMs - the Discredited 'Accredited' Media. I think Deputy Le Cornu could have, with hindsight, condensed his defence to say 'Look. I apologise for what was an ill-considered Tweet. I had a serious point I wished to make but the manner and language by which I chose to try and do so has completely failed to get this across. Ironic or not the terms used were misguided and I consequently apologise for any distress caused'. Hopefully he will make use of the Personal Statement available in the States next week to make this apology and explanation clear. Finally, it is good that you did not give the Deputy an easy ride or adopt the partisan attitude the State Media pursue. Respect.

  15. Stuart Syvret was booted out of the States for being out of the island for what, 6 months, a year? Yet Mrs Moore has been absent for much longer. The reasons are terrible and I've every sympathy for what she's been through, but there ought to be a review of such matters - just how long can a Jersey politician continue to be paid by the people to represent their patch when they're unfortunately not up to the task? I can't imagine real employers being forced to pay someone for being out of work for 18 months and it's not fair on the public purse, is it? Let's have a reasonable public discussion.

  16. VFC. A new post on the banning of yourself and Bob Hill from the Committee of Inquiry.

  17. Thanks for having you to put things straight (VFC). Deputy Le Cornu is good at heart, and no doubt will learn from this writing without thinking, mistake. He is extremely left, which is unique for a lawyer, and good for the good working class people of Jersey.
    Let us hope he survives. And as the establishment says: move on and learn by the mistake.

  18. Best now if Nick withdraws from the next election. Also donate his States Member earnings to Cancer Research. Then maybe have a hope for a future election. But standing in the next election a damaging waste of time.

  19. I had breast cancer surgery followed with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I was off sick 3 weeks after the operation an 6 weeks while in Southampton due to radiotherapy. I worked through my chemotherapy just missing the afternoons when chemo was administered. Every body react differently but feel 12 months is maybe over the top. I do not like the "faking it like all good girls do"

    1. Survival of the FIT-in-EST7 September 2014 at 08:06

      Moore will inevitably get the sympathy vote having had breast cancer, but as Nick rather clumsily points out the timing is indeed "convenient". According to the interview she has drawn best part of 18 months salary whilst absent.
      It's not even as if she needs the money as her "fat-lawyer-cat" husband probably brings home over £500k
      She is a media animal -all smiles and condescension -but her voting record shows utter contempt for less well off people and abuse survivors.
      Surely the decent thing to do would have been to step down. St Peter would no doubt have elected another Neo-con button pusher, though possibly not as extreme and Bailhache-obedient as her.
      So in with the in-crowd. Moore of the same come 2015 ?

  20. Nick would get my vote if I lived in No.1 St. Helier because, in the main, he is a good person who stands up for underdogs in Jersey while the vast majority of self interested right wingers don't.

  21. "SHE is back and so conveniently in time, faking it like all good girls do"

    One thing VFC didn't really manage to fully drag out of the solictor type sophistry used by Mr Le Cornu was exactly what was he accusing Dep Moore of faking? In his two previous tweets to the offending one he refered to the "Prince of Darkness" and I'm pretty sure he is referring to Philip Ozouf there. No-one with their heads screwed on, hearing such language, would expect that he means that Ozouf is actually Satan, so his general style of writing seems fairly clear. I don't read this tweet as sexism at all. He is correct that Jersey does not easily seem to "get" irony and the rather low level of English comprehension around leads too many to interpret everything in a slavishly literal way.

    However, this tweet does not seem to actually have qualities of irony in it. It could be taken to suggest several things 1) Dep. Moore was faking her illness, which Mr le Cornu has denied he was suggesting 2) Dep. Moore has faked her claim to be recovered enough in order to defend her seat against a new (female) Reform Jersey candidate, although she says her oncologist had cleared her to re-stand 3) Dep. Moore was faking by dragging her incapacity out longer than necessary because spin doctors had advised her that she would get maximum public "ahh" factor by bravely struggling back shortly before the elections rather than 5 months before.

    Unless Mr le Cornu has any evidence to show whether any of these are even remotely true, he should just assume that she has indeed bravely struggled back to her job as soon as she could. He will be familiar with the laws of libel, as a qualified solictor (has he ever actually practiced law though?) and all three suggestions I have delineated seem libellous, though not equally so.

    I am afraid it all comes down to exactly what was in Mr le Cornu's head when he tweeted it, and that can be difficult to find out. He has shot himself, the left and Reform Jersey badly in the foot because of his odd ways with words.

  22. 'Nasty Nick' proclaims the Jersey Evening Post on it's Saturday edition how about mondays edition proclaiming the 'Nasty Parishioners of St Perter'

    Who in their right mind was approaching the Deputy of St Peter with their problems and constituency work? The Deputy had breast cancer, was very sick and unable to attend states sittings. You would have thought that the Connetablé and his officers would have stepped in and helped.

    VFC, thank you for the interview. Deputy Le Cornu is a prised idiot. Mouth before brain.

    I hear from some quarters that there are calls for a set of Gallows to be erected in the royal square so he can be executed before tuesdays states sitting.

  23. Acerbic wit, irony - not at all. The offence was sick minded sexual innuendo.

    Well done the committee of Reform Jersey

  24. Use to work with Le Cornu and can confirm he is a prat. He is a poisoned apple which in my opinion needs taking out of the political system. He needs a job where he cannot be seen or heard. Well done Sam for making a swift decision and hopefully Nasty Nick will be leaving the system shortly.

  25. I am fortunate to know Kristina, she has been through all her treatment and has been given the all clear at this stage - she wishes to continue to serve her parishioners she would not have continued if her doctor had said no you are not fit enough. It is nothing to do with political timing but the stage at wish she is in her recovery. Nick Le Cornu you should be ashamed of yourself, Kristina has worked hard for her parishioners and the states and I would hate to see you be put in the situation she was. She has been very honest about her condition all the way through and trust me she would not lie about this especially as she has a young family who make her full recovery her priority.

    1. We all know Kristina. She's the lady off the telly who bravely did the vital job of holding power to account; as indeed she has done since becoming a states member.

      She is a veritable superwoman to have so tirelessly "served her parishioners"
      for the 12 odd months WHEN SHE HAS NOT BEEN THERE.

      All decent people wish her well but on past form she is hardly going to resign her position if or when she has a relapse, as is the way with cancer,.and is too unwell for 6, 12 or even 24 months.

      I am pleased that Kristina is now apparently better but she should have shown her parishioners more respect and stood aside. Then her recovery would have looked less convenient.
      What sort of parishioner is going to load their problems on a woman who is too sick to go to work? -as she has been for the last 12 months.

      Nick Le Cornu does have a point, even though he made a balls-up of getting it across in a politically correct way.

  26. I haven't seen the tweet, not a 'tweeter', but I agree with the comment about the misinterpretation by the media, why are items put to print without assertaining FACT beforehand!...

  27. Obama and Cameron have just landed at Jersey Airport to sort this mess out. The Chief Minister has been informed and called a special meeting. CNN, NBC, SKY TV have all applied for accreditation so they can report on the breaking developments of nasty nick and his tweet. Women, as we speak, are being interned, given orange jumpsuits and asked the million dollar question - DO YOU FAKE ORGASMS!!!!!


  28. I'm sure we can all seem to be 'prats' to other people some of the time, given the inevitable differences amongst us in tastes and opinions.
    Whenever I stop to chat to Nick in town he's a reasonable chap, and he's been dedicated to advancing social causes and working with tirelessly on behalf of his constituents, trying to improve the lot of the less advantaged of society.
    He has apologised and explained himself as best he can, so please cut the guy some slack, and be grateful for his good work.
    Most grown adults realise that we're all different and we forgive other people their foibles and mistakes, try to overlook our differences and celebrate the common ground we share. Focus on the good points people have, and life is much easier.
    I'm sure Nick will be explaining himself, door to door, to all his potential re-electors, and we'll see which way they will vote soon enough. Anyone who brings this up in the hustings will be revealing themselves to be small minded and antagonistic, cheap point scoring, and unworthy of a vote. I'm not too sure this reflect well on the party, either, a bit too quick to distance themselves rather than try to calm the waters. What a shame the Jersey parties never work out well!
    Let's move on please, nothing to see here. Either of the 'faking it' or the 'like good girls do' parts of the tweet on their own wouldn't have been picked up upon, it's the combination of the two that went down badly, and I hope Nick will think twice in future before making public comments that could cause outrage amongst those so keen to take offence and capitalise upon it.
    Let's please give him a chance to redeem himself. Like we'd all hope for, if it were us. If we stand by and let The Establishment do their usual skullduggery and use the State media to hound him out of office, we've lost a good man.

  29. I detest these witch hunts, people jumping on the bandwagon of hate...

  30. Does anyone else find it rather suspicious how the story was all over the State Media all at the same time on a Saturday morning when there was almost no other news reported that morning? On Channel TV Online there were no other stories on their website that morning, just a rushed inclusion of the story with no 'click for more' or any comments facility provided. Seems like somebody deliberately made the effort to comply with a request to make Nick look as bad as possible on a weekend when no other stories went online.

  31. "Jersey blogger rico sorda has his wife targeted and victimised yet no one says anything including the Jersey media as far as I'm aware and yet they jump all over this Le Cornu bloke. What a strange place you frequent."

    I dont want to hijack the thread and talk about my families situation but you are right. A lunatic tried to destroy my family. Cyber attacked my wife who was terribly sick, it could have had a disastrous affect on our unborn child, the story is told on my blog

    Yet a lot of people said nothing.

    This story ticks all the boxes. Yes, Le Cornu was stupid and his tweet was just plain wrong but who are we to say that the electorate in his district give two hoots about what he tweeted. What he should have said was would Kristina Moore resign her seat if she was re-elected and taken ill again. He just got it so wrong.


    1. They don't care about you or your wife or child because you are a blogger and have been painted by the JEPeado etc as a fantasist and a non-person who can be ignored.

      The children and abuse victims you campaign for can also be politely ignored because they trust that nice lady off the telly.

      She is "accredited" you know.

  32. while Kristina should only ever have been paid as anyone else in states employment is for sickness (e.g first month full pay then 1/2 pay for couple months followed by no pay but keep your sick money from social or whatever the agreement is between the states and their employers) there is absolutely no excuse for what Le Cornu said. Maybe if he had or worded it better then there wouldn't be all this come back now on him but the fact is he didn't and by trying to act stupid he will only continue to anger people more as we all know this not to be the case. You have certainly lost my vote!

  33. VFC

    Full marks for the interview. You have shown that the Jersey bloggers are not afraid to follow the truth even where it hurts.

    Nick's performance was pathetic, full of equivocation and political posturing and failing to deal with the issue despite your constant proddings. I was fit to be tied after watching it.

    I agree entirely with Damocles above and full marks to Sam. Reform Jersey may founder but it cannot afford to have this around its neck either.

  34. I listened to his radio interview this morning and he is seriously messed up.

  35. 25/09/2013 Deputy KM'S last states sitting.

  36. Nick Le Cornu made an unfortunate error of judgement with his tweet - of that there is no doubt. I agree that there could be several ways of interpreting this as well. However, should we be so judgemental when we are all guilty of making a faux pas from time to time, so let us move on now please.

    Furthermore, as a SHE I am not at all bothered by either 'sexist' comment on his tweet. It is just a shame that it was directed at a lady who had been very ill.

  37. The parishioners in St Brelade voted Deputy Power back in after stealing an email and losing his ministerial position.

  38. “Ladies who lunch for charity but vote with the Dark Lord.”

    Sorry your comment was a little close to the mark because of the “horizontal” sketch. If you wish to resubmit it (without the horizontal sketch) then it can be published.

  39. A democracy is only as strong and balanced as it's media. They are the "king makers" of our age.

    Kristina Moore worked as a reporter and political correspondent for Channel Television for a decade or so.

    I wonder, did she ever report on this story:

    "Wilfred Krichefski, a senator in Jersey's Government and chairman of several committees on the British Channel island [including those in control of the police], was said to have regularly visited Haut de la Garenne to abuse boys until his death in 1974.

    Living members of the island's establishment, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have also been identified as suspects.

    One former resident has claimed he was repeatedly raped at the children's home by Krichefski in 1962 and 1963.

    The man, now in his late 50s and living in the West Midlands of England, said that every month, he and another boy would be taken into a back room at the home and abused by two men.

    The former resident said he would be woken by a care worker with the words: "There is someone here to see you".

    The only person he told about the abuse was a [states?] psychiatrist who told him that he would be placed in a mental hospital if he repeated the allegations."


    As it happens, Senator Wilfred Krichefsky (OBE) was CTV's first managing director.
    This was before her time but I'm sure she was in position at the time of CTV's trashing of the child abuse investigation which won an award even tough it turned out to be based on lies and misrepresentations.

    So let's face it, Kristina's job was "faking it"
    ......and nothing as harmless or as healthy as orgasms

    Then she slipped seamlessly from the establishment's PR media into a safe establishment seat having married into the rather lucrative Dickinson Gleeson law firm.
    Way to go, girl. Now that's what I call business integration !

    In the states has she ever voted against cover up or secrecy?
    Has she ever voted against Bailhache?

    Kristina's cancer may thankfully be in remission but the the cancer at the heart of this island is raging under the surface .......and SHE looks set to remain a part of that cancer unless the nudge from god has changed her outlook or motivation.

  40. Well done VFC, perhaps you could give our local TV stations some lessons in how to conduct an interview – i.e. ask challenging questions and allow the interviewee to give a full response without interrupting.

    I think there is a valid point here (although tangential to the one Deputy Le Cornu claims he was making), but he delivered it in such a toxic fashion it is completely lost.

    The valid point is that Deputy Moore probably ought to have stood-down following her diagnosis. The treatment for breast cancer is terribly debilitating, and her oncologist must surely have explained to her the long, hard road ahead. Perhaps she considered this and had specific reasons for not standing down, but I don’t think she has fulfilled her obligations to the island and her parishioners. Deputy Le Cornu could have made this point, in a reasonable and compassionate fashion, at any time during her absence. Is there any record of him having done so?

    He attempts to justify his comments by claiming that this wasn’t a personal attack, but instead is part of the left-right struggle. That is absolute crap. Just because an individual is on the opposite side of the political divide does not make personal attacks on them political.

  41. Excellent work VFC, as both BBC radio and Bailiwick Express have advertised your site today, your readership should have increased. It did occur that the local blogs are so interestingly good because the main professional Jersey media are so bad, another reason the blogs are so good is all the hard unpaid work bloggers put in. VFC, Rico Sorda, Bob Hill, Stuarts, and a handful of others that have set the truth, and well researched bar so high.

    It is out of touch of the local so called professional media. Their own fault for patronising the public, printing one sided spin, and selling their own well paid souls to politicians.

  42. The Jersey establishment couldn't have made-up Nick Le Cornu if they had tried. With his comical 'Student-Grant' Marxist-Leninist dogma, he makes the perfect left-wing bogeyman. "If you don't vote for us, look at the alternative!!!" He is an obstacle to political reform, not a catalyst.

  43. Hi VFC

    Just to let you and your readers know that the audios that were removed by Youtube are now back online.


  44. One minute you're the cock of the walk the next a feather duster.

  45. Get a grip Rico, this man is a nobody and its getting boring.
    Well done to Nick Le Cornu tonight for his interview on CTV, his whole interview online is a good one.

  46. The channel online interview was a waste of time because everything NLC said in that interview has already been said in the interview with VFC. The channel online reporter had no original questions of her own which is a tribute to VFC's very fair and balanced interview.

  47. Its a complete disaster.
    The interview on here has been used against him elsewhere.
    The BBC interview this morning was shocking and come on Nick, faking orgasms?
    The CTV interview was killed off by Kristina Moore's planned response straight afterwards and the JEP says online it will run another story tomorrow.
    Nick should have stayed in bed this weekend.

  48. Some of you guys don't get it. Le Cornu not only hasn't taken responsibility for his actions, but fails to see something critical here. This isn't JUST about the fact Deputy Moore had cancer and is looking like she has survived what must be one of the scariest experiences ever, but also that Le Cornu, elected to try and represent equality and fairness, is in fact sexist. Referring to women as being good at faking things (eg. sexual references). LE CORNU IS A DISGUTING INDIVIDUAL.

  49. Dunno about a disgusting individual but definately careless with words and he can only blame himself for making this fiasco escalate far worse than what it was on Friday night.
    Reform Jersey had to take drastic action for damage limitation and after today they definately made the right move because Nick is not suitable for politics.

  50. As Mr Le Cornu would ask of others, " Are you now going to do the right thing and stand down"?
    I think he is in for a shock if he thinks doors won't be slammed in his face when going from door to door. He's going to have to hope I am not in!

  51. Nick Le Cornu has definitely shot himself in the foot with a tweet in poor taste (Deputy Moore's description, btw) but a valid debate has started.

    Is there a difference in the long term sick policy for States employees as opposed to States members? It is a valid question. If States members wish to receive pension contributions during their period of office (something I personally agree with) then other benefits (such as the long term sick policy) need to be taken into account. The unfortunate case of Deputy Moore has highlighted a potential disparity in this area and I hope that she might want to look into this if re-elected. Under the current arrangements, it seems possible for a States deputy to be elected this autumn and immediately be signed off long-term sick for the whole of their period of office. If they were a States employee, I expect the States Employment Board would be seeking a return to work with 12-18 months, otherwise the employee might be 'managed out'. Are there any readers who have experienced the States Employment Board's attitude to employees who are long term sick, who could help us compare?

    I am all for more 'professionalism' in the States Assembly (double the salary to attract competent people, and see if they halve the number of expensive cock ups) but ALL terms and conditions need to be taken into account. Those who view electing a politician like employing a senior manager should realise that it cuts both ways.

    On a second point, readers may note that blogger Rico Sorda has received vile racist abuse in the comments section on his blog twice in the last week. One of the local abusers has seen fit to use the N word against Mr Sorda on two occasions. Where's the outcry from the mainstream media on that one? Why don't they ask Rico how he feels about that? Or the threats made to his wife?

  52. Disappointing to see so many supporters of Nick's behaviour just because they agree with his policies. The worst sort of partisan "faux outrage" over free speech and how he's been misunderstood, deliberately as some sort of right wing plot. At this stage, having seen the video, heard the radio interview and read the blogs I think NLC needs to be less concerned about being an elected representative and work a little bit harder at joining the human race first.

    1. It would seem that Stuart, at least in the past, has agreed with you. I wonder what his view of Nick is now ?

    2. NLC is getting a kicking for the language and tone of his tweet, and for picking on someone who was described as very seriously ill. I'm more interested in knowing why someone who was very seriously ill didn't resign the seat to ensure St Peters was properly represented. I suspect this question will get lost in the rush to give NLC and political parties a right good kicking.

  53. While questioning the long term sick payment policy of a States member, as a self emplyed person they have to pay social security contributions like every other self employed person whether a plumber or consultant.

    What your readers may not appreciate is that unlike the self employed in Jersey, they can and do put this social security expense down as a " cost " on their tax forms and can claim it against their tax liability. Why should they make laws that affect the rest of us, and yet sidestep it themselves.

    They should pay social like every other person, why should they be exempted ? Especially the left wing politicians, actually make that all of them. One law for everyone.

    1. For the record, the above comment is not true.

      We pay 6% social security like everybody else.

      Well, like everybody else unless you're earning over £150k...

  54. The sexism accusation is overblown, given that girls CAN fake it, whereas the lads can't - and it's been the subject of many jokes over the years by mainstream comedians. I'm glad that most of the ladies I know wouldn't bat an eyelid over that part of it.I tend to avoid the minority of ladies who would take offence!

    The rest of it was misjudged though. Whether you like it or not, being perceived to be attacking a cancer victim is so politically incorrect (and made worse if it's a beloved former TV presenter, and then made even worse again with that debatable sexism) is so bad that SURELY an intelligent man knows better than to make out that his brand of humour is above the level of everyone else's ability to understand it? That's a bit like going into a rowdy bar full of soccer hooligans wearing a rugby shirt and proceeding to tell them why their game is rubbish and rugby is so much better. It's not going to end well, is it?

    Nick, you'll need to explain yourself better than you have. You haven't come over as convincing.There's an arrogance of the kind that puts islanders off engaging with politics. You'll need to admit that you realise that your point wasn't made as well as you would have liked, aplogise again, and then, ONLY THEN, with less priority, make any other attempts to stand up for yourself.

  55. There is no getting away from it, Nick Le Cornu has blown his chances in the States because people will all disassociate themselves away from him, like Reform Jersey has done already.
    The penny will have to drop sooner or later.

  56. Never underestimate to potential for an opposition politician to self immolate in front of the whole electorate in the weeks immediately preceding an election.

    I and my family have voted for non establishment candidates from the get go but where, in real terms, have they helped those they so often claim to represent?

    Nick Le Cornu clearly doesn't realise quite how damaging his comments have been to his chances of getting re-elected. This weekend has been a political car crash for him.

    I and my family would like to vote for a Reform Jersey Candidate in our district of St. Helier No 1 but we don't want the opposition vote split if he decides to stand again.

    If NLC is so keen to take his firebrand form of politics to the electorate maybe he'll consider standing in one of the rural Parishes, like say St. Mary, so he can test his irony there.

    His days as a representative of the liberal, working class people of St. Helier are over. We don't want somebody in office who mocks a cancer victim to represent us or make frankly weird comments about fake orgasms. We want intelligent, decent, caring and hardworking states members who will look out for us.

    I hope Reform Jersey have the balls to replace him with the kind of person we need.

  57. He we go

    So according to "Graham73" the citizen journalists need to be "qualified in journalism, registered to a code of practice and recognised by an ombudsman". Apart from this being rubbish and demonstrably untrue as far as producing fair and balanced journalism (not just in Jersey but worldwide), I suspect that even if the bloggers met these requirements, Graham73 would just shift the goalposts and find some other way to try to preserve his job :)

  58. After watching the local news and being told what was written in the JEP tonight it appears that Deputy Le Cornu is still the big story out there. A number of people have commented that this is now becoming a witch hunt against him even though he has apologised here on the interview, State Radio, and Channel Television (he apparently refuses to engage with the JEP) Some are asking how many more times does he have to apologise before the State Media will get off his back?

    Deputy Moore has claimed that during her absence from the States she has been doing constituency work. Well shouldn't there be a witch hunt against her constituent(s) who look to have made her work for them during such a terrible illness? What Deputy Le Cornu tweeted was clearly offensive but at least he didn't expect her to work for him during her illness.

    So if it's witch hunts the State Media is in to then lets know who Deputy Moore's heartless constituent(s) is/are.

  59. Graham73's pet gerbil8 September 2014 at 22:13

    What shows the Le Cornu hysteria for what it is? A quick peek on to the bogus Facebook politics Jerssey forum run by "James le Gallasi" who just happens to be the abuser of Mrs Sorda. Not just this but the truly hysterical addition that almost all of the "people£ on the newly brought back from the Avatar cemetry Le Gallais' forum are also inventions of our Jon. Now there is a story for Channel and the JEP to run with. Maybe even put a few questions to the AG on why he hasn't been prosecuted?

  60. Oh dear, after 20 years of trying and then finally succeeding to get elected, it looks like Nasty Nick's time in the States Chamber will be a brief but memorable one. Unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Nick claims to be left wing but in truth there is no left and right in politics in Jersey, this is one of the most socialist states in the world. Those people who moan about the Jersey right wing establishment and that they live on lowly benefits in a small flat with no garden and only enough money to buy 200 cigarettes and a litre or two of vodka a week, why don't they vote with their feet and go and live in a Nairobi slum. No cigarettes, no vodka, no food, no toilet, a pretty good chance of getting murdered. It is the right wing establishment in Jersey that allows these extreme left wing socialist policies to be followed (by the right wing establishment!). To claim to be left wing in Jersey is a nonsense because the whole system is left wing from top to bottom. That is why party politics in Jersey is a nonsense. So Nick, just admit it, you thought it was a clever comment but after watching a baffled crowd listen to your speeches during the Senatorial elections, trying to say it was an acidic political comment won't wash with the voting minority who mostly don't have a clue where you are coming from. I bet you had a LOL moment when you thought of the tweet but perhaps you would have been better to keep it to yourself. Most people couldn't name a dozen States members but at the moment I bet Nick is one of the ones people could name. No such thing as bad publicity, hmmm, ask Nasty Nick after the October election.

    1. Whoever you are who wrote this, you sound nasty and full of yourself.

  61. @ Anonymous8 September 2014 17:52
    So you're saying that if she's well enough to stand for election again, then she's well enough to be questioned about the very fortunate timing of her recovery? But victims of any trauma gain immunity to any criticism!

    Anyway, why don't we just wait and see what the parishioners of St.Peter decide on election day?

    1. What Anonymous8 September 2014 17:52 actually said was:

      "NLC is getting a kicking for the language and tone of his tweet, and for picking on someone who was described as very seriously ill. I'm more interested in knowing why someone who was very seriously ill didn't resign the seat to ensure St Peters was properly represented. I suspect this question will get lost in the rush to give NLC and political parties a right good kicking."

      Seems a reasonable statement of reasonable opinions which they may expand upon if they wish.

      The commenter did not mention what you call "the very fortunate timing of her recovery". They asked why she did not resign to ensure St Peters was properly represented.

      It would also be fair to observe that Ms Moore, AKA Mrs Dickinson, benefited from full pay for 12 to 18 months full pay during a time when she was doing no work or considerably reduced work. If only every cancer or illness sufferer was so fortunate. This would be a considerable amount of money to many of the people she represents but would be little more than pin money to her household.

      Kristina Moore claims to have been doing constituency work during this time. This may well be true to some extent but as a constituent I certainly would not approach such a sick lady to load my problems on her. Would you?
      Mirage representation IMO.

      It is upsetting that she is suffering from cancer and no doubt devastating for her family and this bothers all caring people.
      Personally I am NOT bothered about her absence from the chamber for 12 months or so because Kristina appears little more than a button pushing robot for Jersey's ruling right wing
      (or was it LEFT WING ????!!!!!! according to commenter 00:26 who points out/bemoans that incapacitated commoners in Jersey are not euthanized)

      Due to the other sheer number of other button pushing right wing robots in the chamber it frankly makes very little difference whether Kristina is there or not.

      As for "just wait and see what the parishioners of St.Peter decide on election day" ....... I predict Moore of the same.
      Well this-is-jersey, as the JEP's website used to say.

  62. A year out for breast cancer is an exceptionally long time. All I can say is that the unfortunate Deputy must have had the 6 month chemotherapy treatment with complications . Deputy Le Cornu is a pompous prat.

  63. From Deputy Kristina Moore who declined an interview for this Blog.

    "I would however be grateful if a key fact could be corrected, in his interview the Deputy suggested that I have been absent for 18months. I was diagnosed on the 31st October 2013, on that day I actually attended a private scrutiny meeting with Social Security, so under my calculations I have been absent from the Assembly for ten months. As I have already said I dealt with some constituency work, followed States sittings and the scrutiny panel work."

    1. Could you also tell us, please Deputy Moore. Did you continue to draw your full salary throughout your non-attendance of the States? I do not share your right-wing politics but this is the only issue for me. Deputy Le Cornu's comments were foolish and ill-considered in my opinion and merited an apology which I am glad he has now given. I honestly would not vote for either of you but do feel the media coverage of the story have become a witch hunt. Thank you

  64. On the State Radio this morning they said that Sam Mezec had caused some controversy himself on Twitter, making a comment to former politician Perchard along the lines of what Perchard had said to Stuart Syvret.
    Is there anything online about this? @sammezec has been removed apparently.
    Maybe Nick should follow suit and retire from tweeting too :)

    1. Perchard a politician? Never. He was just a foul-mouthed moron and a sexist one at that. His comments to Syvret were disgraceful. His attempts to undermine the abuse inquiry sickening.

  65. To hear the St peter deputy tried to lodge a complaint about Sam mezec and his factual comment was childish and has now lost my support.

  66. @21:40 "To hear the St peter deputy tried to lodge a complaint about Sam mezec and his factual comment was childish and has now lost my support."

    Missed that; what did Sam Mezec say?

    Why did complaint surprise you? It seems that her job was faking the news at Cover-up-TV for a decade or so.

    Not surprised that she does not have the guts to be interviewed by independent media.

  67. What was it, that Stuart used to call her, (and probably still would)? " An Ollie Dolly". Remember?

    1. "Olly Dolly" now let's see...

      Stuart's comment off

      "Christina Moore is widely known – in mocking terms – as “Mrs Ozouf” – so rabidly did she begin social climbing with him and his gang the instant she took up the CTV job."

      “Mrs Ozouf” now that has the irony perhaps lacking in NLC's unfortunate remarks.
      However it seems that "Olly Dolly" was not one of Stuart's creations but was coined by his commenters:

      off the same blog

      "Res Nullius12/09/2008 at 8:34 pm
      It would seem that a few new words and phrases are taking form on your blog Stuart and are certainly amusing me.

      Olly – a member of the oligarchs

      Olly Dolly – [including] a non ministerial Olly cheerleader

      Olly Folly – yet another embarrasing cock up by an Olly or a collection of Olly’s

      I suppose and Olly Dolly Folly is self explanatory ........."


      "Olly Folly spotter 12/09/2008 at 7:56 pm
      Amusing foul-up on Channel Report the other night, a VT report seized up and we were left with a frozen frame of dear Frank on screen for a second or two.

      Cuts back to the sweethearts on the couch (including dear Christine who sat with Frank and some CTV representatives at the Uphoff funeral, and had her pic in the glossy JEP freebie mag the other day stood next to a certain Mr Ozouf – she’s an Olly Dolly it seems) and they apologised “for that problem”.

      A still shot of Frank, followed by 'sorry about that problem'
      Made us laugh."

  68. BBC Radio 4, Today Programme journalist and TV anchorman Patrick Muirhead is a former Colleague of Kristina Moore

    Extracted from what Patrick Muirhead wrote in The Times (April 2008) regarding Kristina Moore, CTV and child abuse:

    "They have a saying on the island of Jersey: “If you don’t like it, there’s always a boat in the morning.” Four years ago I gladly took those directions ........

    After seven years as a BBC Radio 4 newsreader, I was briefly the anchorman of the nightly local ITV news in the Channel Islands, an experience etched in my memory as dismal, embarrassing and shaming. I was shackled from pursuing any punchy journalism in a laughably amateurish TV outfit for fear of upsetting the station’s friends, ............

    The implicit message in the morning boat maxim is that Jersey islanders do not entertain criticism or complaint. And that is how we arrive at the unsurprising revelation that institutional child abuse was covered up for all those years.

    Now, as the sinister layers of the island’s secrets are unpeeling, and the awkward questions I wished were mine are being asked, I wonder how differently the lives of those at Haut de la Garenne might have been if the MEDIA had done its job.

    In an island of 90,000 souls, one is only removed from another by the smallest step of separation. The island’s Chief Minister, Frank Walker, had a cameraman son at the TV channel where I worked; a senior politician’s mistress was a TV reporter on the island. My co-host’s home [KRISTINA MOORE] became a popular salon for politicians and decision-makers. In such an atmosphere of closeness, any meaningful challenge becomes impossible. “You rub people up the wrong way,” she said, primly dismissing my methods.

    ........It is the aggressive defensiveness of Jersey people that may undo any attempt to reconcile the past wrongdoing at Haut de la Garenne. The unwillingness to invite outsiders to probe or criticise is almost insurmountable.

    Jersey is entrenched in a concealment culture dating from its wartime Nazi collaboration, reinforced by its shadowy banking industry and confirmed by its new notoriety as a cradle for rampant paedophilia. In such a whisper world, the only audible sound is the gentle rustle of nests being feathered. There are simply too many there with too much to lose.

    If Jersey stands any chance of rebuilding the public’s shattered affection ......., there must be expiation, demonstrable remorse and a change in the island’s executive.

    Perhaps more importantly there should be change in the media that failed to hold the powers to account. Because when the voices of the vulnerable are not heard by authority, the influence of an attentive media is perhaps their last hope. The frightened children incarcerated at Haut de la Garenne must have dreamt that they too could board that boat in the morning."

    This was one of several articles which Patrick Muirhead wrote about his experiences with CTV in Jersey and is right on the money.
    The whole of that particular article is available at:

  69. Realistically NLC seems to be one step ahead!?

  70. VFC A new post on the 'Twitter-Gate' incident:

    1. This is an excellent snapshot of how our Establishment behaves, betrays the island but gets away with it. Thank God for the honest bloggers.


    "JIMMY Savile paid the Jersey government £50,000 to stay out of a child sex inquiry after being linked to historic abuse at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home, it is claimed. The Sun on Sunday learned of the allegation from the ongoing Independent Jersey Care Inquiry."

    The rest of the story is behind a paywall. Can anyone paste the rest of it here? I note that it is just an allegation at this point. Unbelievably shocking if true. Surely not?

  72. Beware. This could be a strawman claim - easily debunked if untrue - to make bloggers etc look gullible if they accept it too easily.