Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Referendum Broadcast on Behalf of the "YISS" Campaign.

If you believe the Carrot Industry will survive without the Constables in the States, as an automatic right, and that single mothers will not have to foot the £1m Constable bill, then VOTE "NO" on the 15th October.

Lord Reginald Hamilton Tooting-Rawley-Jones III. FRSA. MBE, VC. NVQ Level 3 spells out the case for voting YISS (no) in the referendum.


  1. Was that actually Senator Gorst himself?

    1. Póló, Perhaps it was Andrew Lewis being worked from behind (like a puppet), it hard to tell the difference (he, he, he).

    2. LOL, nice hat you've got there Monty :)

    3. "The Gombeen Man"

      Behind a web of bottles, bales,
      Tobacco, sugar, coffin nails,
      The gombeen like a spider sits,
      Surfeited; and, for all his wits,
      As meagre as the tally-board,
      On which his usuries are scored.

    4. It seems the smoking wreckage of the Reform Jersey party this morning, ran into the establishment juggernaut last night…

      Montford Tadier managed to hold onto his seat by a margin of 130 votes against new-comer Natalie Duffy. And the worm (that turned), Geoff Southern only managed to retain his seat by a margin of 98 votes against his rival Bernie Manning, not exactly a landslide victory for Southern who just scraped back in again on an unimpressive 566 votes (guess the electorate of St Helier No. 2 must have a soft spot for this particular left-wing worm).

      Andrew Lewis was elected into St. Helier District No. 3 & 4 by 1126 votes! Words fail me on this one…

      It seems people are more than happy to vote again for Senator Sir Philip Bailhache (poll topping at 13,770 votes) and Senator Philip Ozouf (10,062 votes), as well as all the other establishment figures of Gorst, Maclean, Routier and Farnham.

      The only real surprise of the night was the election of Zoe Cameron (10,412 votes). Good Luck Zoe!

      Many here will not be sorry to see Sean Power go; although equally, I feel sure many will be genuinely sorry to see Sarah Ferguson go, the States of Jersey will be the poorer its loss of Senator Sarah Ferguson.

    5. This evening's Channel ITV news showed a clip from Monty's YouTube parody, of course they carefully selected the part where Monty jokingly said that the loss of the Constables in the states would mean Jersey would "immediately become communist overnight", the use of this clip to very subtly enforcement in the minds of the watching electorate linking Deputy Tadier with communism.

      Poor Deputy Duhamel was demonised by the Jersey Evening Post and Channel ITV news over the past year; his election defeat almost certainly being attributed to the persistence of Channel ITV news and the JEP! It now looks like poor Monty will be next in line for the local captured media's persistent subliminal put downs and subtle demonising to turn the subconscious minds of the people against him - so very BBC, in the very best tradition of Herr Goebbels.

      A constant subliminal drip-feed of very subtle put-downs, innuendos and negative connotations spaced just far apart so as to be unnoticeable to the casual observer...

      A little too conspiracy theory, over the coming weeks and months just take note every time Channel ITV News and the JEP mention Deputy Tadier, and keep these words in mind... you'll see!

    6. Did you notice how Channel ITV News only mentioned that Monty's movie was on YouTube, they didn't dare say the video was hosted on Voice for Children!

    7. If I were Monty, I wouldn't sweat it.

      I'd just play that clip of former CTV reporter Gillian Martindale, continuously asking him "was it wine or was it tea?" in a new low for Jersey journalism. A super aggressive, beverage-fixated piece of oligarchy reporting that Woodward and Bernstein would have been proud of.

  2. Laugh out loud! The Constables-three-legged-stool (turd of stability), are you sure its not a milking stool?

    Surely, the milking stool (finance industry) supported by those three carrots, the Constables, Oligarchy and Judiciary would collapse if the Constables were removed from their "automatic" (said in the best Jersey-way vernacular - "owe-tow-matic"!) right to sit in the States Chamber...

    With the collapse of the milking stool, we would have anarchy in the island; reds getting out of bed, hippies on the streets and rotten carrots everywhere!

    And what would happen to our dear silver-plated tin mace, would we have to give it back?

    1. The finance industry is run by the City of London Corporation (it always has been), the tourism industry is now a non-entity, and the so-called agriculture industry is mainly out of local hands being bought out by large U.K. owned companies which cater to U.K. supermarket chains (and the dairy farmers only survive because the people of this island are forced to accept a government imposed milk monopoly!).

    2. I suppose we are forced to accept a milk monopoly in this island because parish constables with dairy farming interests and connections have historically lobbied to make this so. By building a state-owned (Quango) milk processing plant and cunningly legislating a monopoly in law to impose an artificial single supply to the market purely to keep the land-owning class of dairy farmers plugged into a lucrative captured market.

    3. It is beyond belief that in the 21st century, milk cannot be bought or sold in the islands supermarkets other than from the monopoly of the land-owning class of Jersey farmers!

      Let us look at the names of those persons which make up the first Jersey Milk Marketing Board 'quango' formed in 1953:

      CYRIL LE VESCONTE, Les Ormes, Sion ;
      WILLIAM G. PERCHARD, La Chasse, Queruée, St. Martin ;
      HENRY PERRÉE, La Forêt, St. Mary ;
      PERCY J. LE MASURIER, La Gabourellerie, St. Ouen ;
      CHARLES P. BILLOT, Junr., Holmdale, Ville Brée, St. Martin ;
      JOHN ERNEST GAUDIN, Les Tours, St. Clement ;
      STUART V. PALLOT, La Becquetterie, St. Clement ;
      JOHN PERCHARD, Mayfield, Trinity ;
      ALFRED RENOUF LE BRUN, Dielament House, Trinity ;
      THOMAS RAYMOND DE GRUCHY, Surville, St. Martin ;
      ROY GALLICHAN MOURANT, Bagot Manor Farm, St. Saviour ;
      THOMAS FRANCIS LE RUEZ, Homestead, St. Peter ;


    4. For less than the price of a 1 litre carton of standard Jersey milk (£1:13) you can get 2.3 litres of British whole milk (£1:00) at many of the supermarkets!

      Its scandalous that in this day and age we are made to pay almost double the amount for milk in our shops and supermarkets because of a state legislated monopoly which was enacted to force islanders to buy solely from a clique of land-owning dairy farmers!

      Maybe years ago this legislation protected a source of food which could not be easily imported, but these days when food is imported by the supermarkets almost on a daily basis this no longer holds true.

      Who cares if milk comes from a pure bread Jersey cow with a pedigree which can be traced back to dinosaur? Expensive milk from and expensive monopoly is wrong!

      Milk is milk, and because of a state imposed monopoly the price is double in Jersey!

    5. There is one brave Jersey organic dairy farmer who produces and sells his own milk products (Classic Herd Dairy), who has managed to break away from the state imposed monopoly and the clique that runs the Milk Marketing Board.

      Better to support a local dairy farmer who does not fix milk prices like the JMMB!

      Buy your milk from an organic Jersey dairy which is not part of a state price-fixed monopoly

  3. A good effort by Monty
    Some of the humour must have gone over my head though.

    The "YISS" campaign does seem to be massively better funded than the campaign for representative democracy

    Such a shame and a wasted opportunity.

    A vote for "YISS" is a vote for rule by the same backward incompetents who got us into this mess


    Tax free corporations with the tab picked up by middle Jersey

    Jersey's orphanages used as brothels for sex tourists and the great & good for decades

    "Girls 'sedated and raped' at home"

  4. All under the watchful eye of the Constables:


    "....A leading member of Jersey's political establishment was confirmed by police yesterday as among those named as an abuser.
    Wilfred Krichefski, a senator in Jersey's Government and chairman of several committees on the British Channel island, was said to have regularly visited Haut de la Garenne to abuse boys until his death in 1974.
    Living members of the island's establishment, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have also been identified as suspects.
    One former resident has claimed he was repeatedly raped at the children's home by Krichefski in 1962 and 1963.
    The man, now in his late 50s and living in the West Midlands of England, said that every month, he and another boy would be taken into a back room at the home and abused by two men.
    The former resident said he would be woken by a care worker with the words: 'There is someone here to see you'.
    The only person he told about the abuse was a psychiatrist who told him that he would be placed in a mental hospital if he repeated the allegations.
    The activities of more than 40 suspects are being monitored by police as detectives confirmed they had received complaints of abuse that allegedly took place only months ago.
    A police spokesman said: 'There was an offence committed late last year which is being dealt with. It is not related to offences committed' at Haut de la Garenne.
    Investigations into claims of abuse started in 2003, when a former resident of Haut de la Garenne, which closed in 1986, was convicted of blackmailing a care worker by threatening to expose him as a pedophile.
    The investigation has been widened to include the Greenfields Secure Unit and the Sea Cadet force that used Haut de la Garenne. More than 200 alleged victims and witnesses have contacted police about abuse from the 1960s to 1986. [and into the 2000s']
    After a meeting of hotel and travel bosses in the capital, St Helier, Jersey-born Philip Ozouf said: Nothing has changed, zero - it's a caring, compassionate and secure island.
    ...... The island was: 'being portrayed in a sensationalistic way ... there is no evidence of anything for now', Mr Ozouf said."

    1. Anon at 14:24, Read this:

      (if you cant be bothered to read through it all, paste Wilfred Krichefski into your 'find' facility to go to the relevant part)

  5. CARROTS! Classic stuff. Who is this? It's much more believable than some of the tripe the yes campaign are spouting!

  6. The three legged stool is not stable at all
    and those that sit upon it are up for a fall

    Vote no to the constables sitting in the States
    fit only for parish-refuse, branchage and rates

    Parish elections run by well connected clique's
    dinner party politics of affluent parochial hicks

    All should be elected island-wide on one day
    to stop parish gerrymandering the Jersey-way

    While we are about it, the judiciary as well
    kick out all that is feudal, and send it to hell

    True democracy in a government that is open and free
    but only if you go out and vote "NO" will this ever be...

  7. Hear hear! That is the REAL reason they want the Constables in the States, because they vote the right way! I say No! no! no!

  8. Very funny, if only carrots were not such a serious current issue. http://jerseytoday.blogspot.com/2014/10/is-there-any-morefundamental-question.html
    Bring on the hippies!

    1. Hear hear Mark!

      Have you grown that pony tail back yet?

  9. Uncontested Constable Pallot, today on radio, said enough to well and truly shoot himself in the foot, when he said: him and some other constables work at least 100 hour per week.

    The good answer to that was quickly fired back: you cannot be doing both jobs well if working that many hours, so give one up....

    Constable, or States Member, should have been the referendum question?!

  10. It's Super Constable Pallett , how does he do it 100 hours a week, plus all that training to swim around the Island in August
    Does anyone know if our local hero completed his epic swim whilst juggling scrutiny and dealing with the unruly mob on his doorstep down in St Aubin
    The last I heard he was setting off on this swim on radio Jersey news bulletin, it was a Sunday morning in August their was no more updates seems it got pulled from the news
    Very strange

  11. Have just listened to the BBC election hour on playback , Steve Pallett , James Rondel, Christine Vibert, Mike Dunn , I do hope Christine stands in the next election . What a great orator calm collected and informed , unlike Pallett Angry and aggressive .
    In the interview it was revieled that Pallet has a relative that is a standing constable , let's have some guesses

  12. Have the Voice any idea which journalist breached the Care Inquiry's rules ?

  13. This is a frivolous and unworthy slight on the States of Jersey eCarrot project.As many of you know I struggled to get the more conservative members to vote for this in the States, but through persistence and the obvious wisdom of my stance I prevailed.
    Now all States members can have an eCarrot delivered electronically into their bank accounts monthly.This is the Jerseyway working at its very best and I am proud to have been instrumental in its timely and efficient delivery.
    Thumper Zoff

    1. Point of order Constable Thumper Zoff! Section 1,543, paragraph 666 of the carrot Jersey law 1896 (as amended and thoroughly recommended) clearly states that you cant go around waving your e-carrots in the States Chamber unless you have washed them all thoroughly and you are wearing a silly wig and a bright red gown trimmed with vermin!

  14. JEP, Thurs 16/10/14, page 9, worth a read. For what is said and what is not said.

  15. Valiant effort on the radio this morning Neil, although you will need to find your voice for public speaking.

    The BBC showed its utter contempt by playing 'The Monkees' Daydream Believer after your appearance on the radio.

    1. To speak out well Neil you will require "Temperance" to find the "Charmides" (the Shining Fish) described by Plato...

      Charm - From Old French charme, from Latin carmen (“song”), from Proto-Indo-European *kan- (“to sing”); ultimately from Sanskrit ‘kan‘ which means to shine (see - candra चन्द्र- glittering, shining).

      Ide - A freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae, found across northern Europe and Asia, Leuciscus idus. ><ּּʘ>

      The inscription at Delphi, "Know thyself" shows the way...

  16. What does Chris Grayling know? Anyway it's all old news and nobody is interested any more http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/10/19/trolls-two-years-prison_n_6009926.html

    P.S. Does anybody know where his wife works?

    Steve Lewis - James Le Gallais - Sue Young - Julie Hanning - James Pearce.

  17. VFC.
    Fair play to you, getting on radio today, but don't you feel a bit disillusioned? What with the yes vote winning with less than 30% of the total electorate, the same old, same old 7 establishment senators in, and only three of the several reform party candidates just scraping in. With no chance of change in at least the next 4 to 8 years, maybe its time to sit back and resign ourselves to going along with the undisputable truth of the out of our control Government which we deserve!?

  18. On a different tangent but I would be interested to know if Lord Reginald Hamilton Tooting-Rawley-Jones III. FRSA. MBE, VC. NVQ Level 3 will be RSVP'ing YISS or NON to the 'big bash' on Thursday?

  19. Neil, what makes you think that this sceptred isle of Jersey is any different from the rest of "Great Britain"?

    Under CORRUPT COUNCIL- Beechwood Children’s Home whistleblower (see Operation Daybreak 2011) unlawfully imprisoned and held without trial in high security Peterborough prison for '71 days' with no evidence!

    Abuise victim remanded - no evidence presented

    Melanie Shaw Paedophile "Whistle Blower" Unlawfully Imprisoned!

    Peterborough Telegraph fails to report the full facts!

    1. The UK Column - Article: July 11th 2014

      Melanie Shaw - A key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children’s Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UK Column starting…”pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow…” Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday 9th July 2014 the UK Column has been trying to locate the witness ever since.

      Nottinghamshire Child Abuse Witness Taken By Police, Now Missing

      Do the following quotes sound familiar in the Jersey context of 'modus operandi'?

      "On Monday Nottm court Beechwood children’s home abuse. No prosecutions for 100 victims. County Council denying liability."

      "No answer yet on how many files destroyed by Notts County Council involving child abuse.. Notts County Council offering £9000 to child abuse victims but admitting no liability."

  20. The Commonwealth Is The British Empire

    Contrary to rumour, the British Empire never went away. Commonwealth nations never, in reality, obtained independence from Britain. Instead, they simply went through a process of devolution; home rule instead of direct rule. Puppet presidents and prime ministers to replace Viceroys and Governors.

    In any case, the British Empire was never really about Britain, and has certainly never been about the British people. It was, and remains, a corporate financial “empire”; an international trading empire based on the looting of nations and the trafficking of drugs. For a while, that corporate infrastructure was effectively nationalised, and took on the appearance of being a British political empire, rather than a corporate financial one.

    After the second world war, however, “empire” became unfashionable. It was time to move to the next phase of the globalist agenda, so the empire shrunk into the shadows. The colonies were restructured and the embryonic institutions of World Government were formed.

    Today it has raised its ugly head above the parapet once again with renewed vigour, and once again, we stare into the jaws of a now truly global, corporate, communitarian monster.

  21. Thought readers of Voice for Children should know that HG has her own Blog page:

    HG An autistic abuse survivor destroyed by the Church of England

  22. theneedleblog

    Victim To Sue Over Human Rights Breach And The Case For Jersey’s Inclusion In Inquiry.

    Campaigners also want Jersey, a Crown dependency, to be part of the investigation. The Channel Island has been the subject of many allegations over children in care at the Haut de la Garenne home, and in 2008 it emerged that at least five children were illegally placed in care in Jersey by Birmingham social services. “Given that children were trafficked from the Midlands to Jersey for sex abuse, you would think it was a bit odd to omit Jersey from the inquiry,” Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming said yesterday.

    Dr Liz Davies, a campaigner on child abuse, agreed. “Nicholas Rabet, former deputy superintendent of Islington’s home at Grosvenor Avenue, was charged in Thailand in 2006 with abusing 30 local boys, and we know that he had links with Jersey,” she said. “I have seen evidence from a child who was sent to Jersey in the summer holidays from the Grosvenor Avenue home. I have also spoken to survivors from Jersey who went to an Islington children’s home for a holiday. In Jersey they were abused on yachts, in the big mansions there and in the opera house. The opera house is where British celebrities came. They mentioned Jimmy Savile and Wilfrid Brambell. It would be absurd not to include Jersey.”

  23. 'All art is propaganda': An great video montage from talented local artist Kim Jordan