Friday, 31 October 2014

Royal Court Challenge. Re-election St Helier Number 1?



Challenge in Royal Court to St Helier District No.1 Election

Deputy Nick Le Cornu and Gino Risoli, candidates in the election for Deputy in St Helier No.1 held on 15th October 2014, are presenting an application to the Royal Court at 10am Friday 31st October to have the election in that District declared void and a new election called, based on high levels of electoral irregularities and manipulations.

A press conference will be held outside the States Building, Royal Square at 11am by both applicants.

Nick Le Cornu said “Jersey’s first General Election has been marred by irregularities in elections across the island and most recently in the Senatorial recount which “found” new votes. New matters are emerging on a daily basis from elections across the island.”

“To the very end I am fulfilling my mandate as Deputy to challenge the way things have been done in the past. That is what I stood for when I was elected in the March by-election. I am morally obliged to take that commitment seriously.”

“I asked the Chief Minister twice during question time and the Chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee if election observers would be invited to Jersey’s first General Election and received anodyne answers. The present mess is the consequence.”

“PPC and the Parishes have been found wanting.  Complacency and indifference abound. The absence of rigor and professionalism is matched by a refusal to implement best practice and standards applicable elsewhere. There even appears to be ignorance of the detailed handbooks produced by the Electoral Commission in the UK for the forthcoming May 2015 General Election.”

“During the count in St Helier 3/4 some 261 pre poll votes were not added in before the result of the election was announced. This discovery necessitated a restatement of the numbers.”

“I have evidence of Portuguese people registered to vote being turned away from pre-polling on spurious grounds that their names could not be found. No effort was made to check persons by their address in the street roll of electors”.

“Large numbers of Poles discovered that they were not registered to vote following an extensive voter registration campaign by the supporters of a Polish Senatorial candidate. Forms known to have been delivered to the Town Hall simply had not been processed, denying the right to vote on election day.”

“In the Deputies ballot box of District No.1 there appeared a blank ballot for Deputy in District No.2 St Helier. I suspect this irregularity occurred from a error at pre-polling resulting in the ballot being directed to the wrong polling station. This should be investigated”

“We have to look beyond one little error in one District. There were a preponderance of irregularities and the devil is in the detail. These raise doubts about the integrity of the election as a whole. These things cannot be dismissed as “an accident” when looked at together.”

“Of particular concern to us is that Scott Wickenden was allowed to stand as a candidate and end up being elected a Deputy in District No.1, when his nomination form was defective by virtue of not having 9 seconders, all capable of voting for him in that election. It is inconceivable that the checking process by the Parish of St Helier failed to spot this most fundamental of errors, that one of his seconders was registered in District No.2. Checking is supposed to occur before the nomination meeting, on the night and double checked subsequently. This is gross negligence by Scott Wickenden and on the part of the Constable and Parish of St Helier.”

“The onus is entirely on the candidate to present a valid nomination form at the Nomination Meeting. The absence of 9 seconders on the nomination form invalided the candidate and his election. The candidate only has himself to blame if he cannot understand the fundamental requirements of the election law. These are spelled out in the instructions attached to every nomination paper obtained from a Parish hall.”

“Election disputes are inherent to elections. Challenging an election, its conduct or its results, should however not be perceived as a reflection of weakness, but proof of the strength, vitality and openness of the political system. The right to vote would be merely abstract if the right to sue to enforce it was not guaranteed in law.”

“This is a political issue that must be challenged for the sake of the integrity of the electoral process in Jersey.”

“On the 9th November will be the 25th anniversary of the collapse of states who had other electoral standards than ours. Twenty five years after the non-elected Socialist governments disappeared we cannot get our elections honest.”

“Were this Russia or Ukraine these anomalies would be presented as a “crisis of democracy.”


  1. I saw it on CTV earlier and its got bad losers written all over it.
    Its hardly as if the numbers were close, neither even came 4th.
    They could do with humbly accepting defeat for a change because the Public won't like it.

    1. The election law is there for a reason and wasn't complied with by Scott Wickenden either by mistake or otherwise. All other candidates played by the rules and should feel cheated if the election isn't run again. Are you saying it is OK to flaunt the election laws?

    2. Not at all, but it does sound like a very minor issue and I do wonder why the lady who came 4th isn't involved.

    3. The election law was broken by one of the candidates. Is that fair to those candidates who didn't break the law and who didn't get elected?

  2. A serious and mature debate needs to be had here and personality politics should be set to one side. I might not agree with the politics of these men but if the electoral law has been broken by a winning candidate then he must be disqualified from the election otherwise what is the point of the law existing? The law is the law and if the other five candidates in the district abided by it and the one candidate who didn't gets elected then it makes a mockery of the law.

    1. The law is an ass which the Judiciary of this island ride upon so very well !

    2. The law makes a mockery of itself, it need no fool to point the finger...

  3. The Parish Hall will probably get a bit of a fine if that and the result will stand.

  4. It is strange to many people, that St. Brelades parish hall was locked up during the counting later in the evening. The internet and Jersey's amazing quality blogs have shown what a mess the Judiciary and Administration of this island has become. Would anyone be surprised if those desperate to cling on to power fiddled the ballot boxes to keep those in power firmly seated.

    Interesting or guilt that Philip Ozouf has mentioned outside observers, after the election of course and after being elected and a member the States for years.

    Le Cornu is correct to pull them up with his questions and even court, the states are obviously missing the backbone or integrity to run an election to best international standard, or even change to a modern democratic system.

    One's brother must carry on 800 years of tradition and be the first citizen to get the respect he deserves you know, all part of the plan.

  5. What I find so amusing in Jersey (well frustrating actually, but amusing because of the establishment hubris and blatant discrimination) is that 'procedure is procedure' only when it applies to the Establishment. Let's suppose Nick Le Cornu retained his seat and Scott Wickenden came in at 4th place and therefore was unelected- then (hypothetically)Scott notices Nick's nominations are not in accordance with the Elections Law. The Establishment would jump at it, nasty articles about Nick would spread over the JEP and internet, the BBC would be towing the Establishment line as they always do and no doubt Nick would be officially disqualified within a matter of hours. No need for a Court case and by now we would probably have had the by-election. However, because the law breaking mistake was made by an Establishment member, there is dilly dally, delay and enough time for the media and the chattering classes to dismiss this as a minor mistake that doesn't really count. Ok, so I can't prove that this is how it would have panned out, but having observed the Jersey way for years and years, it's obvious, the norm. It has always been this way and always will. For an example we only have to look at how the Establishment reacted to the data protection dilemas of Stuart Syvret and Sean Power. Sean breaks the DP law and nothing happens. Stuart breaks it but actually hasn't broken it- the matter was a matter of public interest and there fore doesnt qualify under the law- and yet, the court of the day ruled that out. Jersey justice- couldn't make it up.

  6. I would say that the number of valid nominations has turned out to not matter in the end. The intention of the law was obviously to weed out timewasters, but seeing as he was voted into power, that surely has to count for more than an innocent error made before the voting took place.

    Nick and Gino are really piling embarrassment on top of embarrassment with this. If they really can't see what fools they are making of themselves, perhaps it's a good thing that they aren't in the States Chamber.

    1. Why do I get the feeling that you @19:24 are one of those who would be howling for a re-run had it been Nick who had broken the Election Law and then got elected.

      Far more worrying than Scott Wickenden's incompetence are the assertions in the press release:

      "“I have evidence of Portuguese people registered to vote being turned away from pre-polling on spurious grounds that their names could not be found. No effort was made to check persons by their address in the street roll of electors”.

      Large numbers of Poles discovered that they were not registered to vote following an extensive voter registration campaign by the supporters of a Polish Senatorial candidate. Forms known to have been delivered to the Town Hall simply had not been processed, denying the right to vote on election day.

      ....We have to look beyond one little error in one District. There were a preponderance of irregularities and the devil is in the detail. These raise doubts about the integrity of the election as a whole. These things cannot be dismissed as “an accident” when looked at together.”

      One would not have thought that electoral fraud would be a real concern in 2014 Jersey ........... But they one would not expect Jersey legislature to allow blatant gerrymandering or the Jersey authorities to appoint a pro paedophile Jurat and let him sit for years ......... or allow and hide bestial abuse of children up even to the most recent of times. -BUT THEY DID.

      *No offence to those who genuinely are partially of German decent due to "horizontal collaboration"

  7. I hear your claims to help abuse victims whilst not being qualified or registered to do so has been raised with the Authorities this week.
    Its about time you and Sorda were properly investigated and charged if possible for pretending to be people you are not.

    1. That is so funny @19:35 "...charged if possible for pretending to be people you are not"

      Do tell .......Are you pretending to be Sue Sharrock Young or Hilary Sharrock Brelades or etc. etc?
      Or are you only distantly related to that individual but sharing that same strand of nazi DNA closely linked to slow wits and a poor grasp of reality.

      Would you like to attend an ID parade?

      Do please get help for your sad problem

    2. May I recommend the comment 19:35 to national and international readers? It is a typical example of the tactic of intimidation, lies, suppression and harassment engaged in by the Jersey establishment and its paid trolls. What is even more noteworthy is the sheer intellectual and ethical bankruptcy it demonstrates.

      The comment threatens good, community-spirited, ethical and caring members of society - Rico Sorda and Voice for Children - for standing by and coming to the support of other members of our society who are vulnerable, who have been failed by the authorities, and who need support.

      The very idea that caring members society cannot support other members of society who have been disadvantaged is obviously beneath contempt, but sadly so representative of the 'mafia' that runs Jersey.

      What, precisely, have Mr Sorda and Voice for Children ever claimed to be, that they are not?

      I have been following their campaigning work from the very beginnings of their efforts, as I have followed similar bloggers and campaigners because I have a deep personal interest in the child-protection failings of the Jersey system. I have followed both these fine, community-spirited campaigners for year, and I have never seen any claim, by either, to be anything other than concerned members of society and investigative citizens media journalists.

      The suggestion that these two good people, who have done so much in support of abuse survivors where the Jersey authorities have failed, should be "investigated and charged" is an example of the corporate insanity that has come to grip the Jersey establishment.

      The claim is so deranged and intimidatory, it speaks for itself as an example of how 'power' is used and abused in Jersey.

      And ultimately, let's face facts, it is the Jersey "Authorities" who have failed, neglected, abused and mislead the Jersey child-abuse victims. It is the Jersey "Authorities" who have pretended, and still pretend, to be something they are not. The authorities of Jersey pretended to be a functioning, lawful polity, with effective checks &balances, and pretended to be a system that vulnerable children could rely upon. The legal term is "legitimate expectation".

      Jersey's public authorities have failed, and continue to fail, every "legitimate expectation" of effective, lawful and safe governance.

      Thank God for good people like Rico Sorda and Voice for Children, good people who have stepped into the breach where Jersey's public authorities have so conspicuously failed.

  8. I find it ironic that your immediate response to complaints about your claims online are by attacks on an individual.
    Fact, neither of you are qualified, registered or recognised by any professional bodies to help or assist victims of child abuse. We know so because we have been investigating you.
    This makes you suspicious, dangerous and concerning by people who are properly qualified. If attacking Howarth is your only response then complaints against the pair of you are justified. Professional people do not write silly posts about trolls and if it means warning vulnerable women like Mr Neil who obviously is known the wiser about your lack of experience and qualifications then it is up to the COI to now do so. If you translate it all as a threat to your virtual world then tough because you are fakes.

    1. "Fact, neither of you are qualified, registered or recognised by any professional bodies to help or assist victims of child abuse."

      When have we said that we are? Furthermore it was the "qualified, registered and recognised bodies" who were abusing these children and robbing them of a childhood and it was/is the Jersey authorities who covered it up.

      You are right, we are none of these people.

  9. It would be better for all if you place a notice on your blogs confirming that you are not qualified or registered to help abuse victims together with a link to a body that is.

    1. It would be better for all if you through your weight behind the Abuse Victims/survivors and those who are attempting to get them some kind of justice and closure rather than attempting to attack those who are.

    2. People who pretend to be qualified should be attacked.

    3. Who is pretending to be qualified and why would you want to attack people rather than throw your weight behind the Victims/Survivors of abuse?

    4. "People who pretend to be qualified should be attacked"
      Gosh. Troll-boy is quite breathtaking in his "anal persistence" (see:- Freud : psychosexual development/retardation)

      "It would be better for all if you place a notice on your blogs confirming that you are not qualified or registered to help abuse victims together with a link to a body that is."
      I think Team Voice, VFC etc describe themselves as "citizens journalists" and campaigners NOT as trauma/abuse counsellors so surely there is no need for the for the disclaimer you are squealing about.

      We can however provide a link to a body that is "qualified":

      Qualified and competent counselling and therapy does not come cheap, so here is a little fund raising video from their home page:

      Do be sure to contribute if your concern really is genuine and not feigned :-)
      enoughabuseuk provide free and online support and reporting.

      If your concern is feigned and you would rather snipe and NOT contribute, there is another link which I wonder if you should read:

      Or do you just do "harmless" trolling in support of the establishment?

      A free to use, online internet service for the reporting of concerns and management of child abuse cases.
      Users (children & carers) have direct access to child abuse professionals who work to limit the impact of abuse.
      A way forward for people who have been failed (and likely failed again) "Child abuse must not be a life sentence for the abused."
      All organisations are vulnerable to infiltration by clever paedophiles and their collaborators. Grass roots organisations are likely to be better than some high profile national organisations which tend to be headed by Establishment friendly "place men" (think of the list of organisations who Jimmy Savile fundraised for, or was granted special access !)
      Due to her own family experience of grooming and sexual abuse, Marilyn Hawes (Founder of the "Enough Abuse" organisation) has become an expert in child abuse and treatment/rehabilitation.
      Marilyn Hawes (like VFC) is also a child safety/justice campaigner ,and after a decade of struggle has finally got the C of E (that bastion of abuse and denial) to start making the right noises and move in the right direction:

      Jersey's "national Church" is still balls deep in denial and hand wringing platitudes -while desperately silencing and re-traumatising victims. Ensuring non-investigation and expensive but useless "ourchap" reports:

    6. Anonymous@ 12:45
      "Ensuring non-investigation and expensive but useless ourchap reports"

      Sadly we taxpayers are being screwed for an [eyewateringly] expensive but useless [don't]"Care Inquiry"

      That would be the CoI where no "properly qualified", "registered" victim support / counsellors were paid for but instead a victim unable to go on could find themself "comforted" by one of the posse of spin expensive doctors permanently in attendance !
      How inappropriate is that a way for a CoI to behave ?

      Think about it ! Victim support provided by a "professional" whose main qualification and JOB FUNCTION is sieve the information and to spin and promote the storyline that her paymasters want, and to suppress and undermine any other narrative.

      The oh-so-concerned-commenter might want to direct us to where they have kicked up a similar stink REF "properly qualified & registered" victim support by spin doctor.

      Though not /bigot

      Come to think of it; WHY would a CoI genuinely tasked with finding the truth even need a an entourage of spin doctors?

  10. A comment has been submitted referring to somebody as a Nazi. If you would take out that particular reference it could be published.

  11. Judging by some of the "anonymous" comments here, our friend James/ Jon/ Sue/ Julie/ Lawrence is clearly getting very nervous.

    Even the BBC have cottoned on to him and have started banning some of his fake avatars on Facebook.

  12. Changing the subject a bit. This is the UK's second QC to be taken off their COI. It makes you wonder if Jersey's second QC for their COI would have lasted this long if she had had the scrutiny of the UKs political, public, and media, watchdogs?

    1. Doubtful.
      The QC in Jersey has been excellent so far.

    2. Quality Control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a product or performed service adheres to a set of quality and performance criteria

      Yes @20:54, Team Bailhache, the paedophile rings and the cover up party would think she is bending over backwards to please them.

      Her failure will rightly haunt whatever is left of her career and her days on this earth.

  13. Quite.

    I always wondered if the unfortunate stroke suffered by the first chosen QC chairperson was caused by the realisation that she had accepted a poison chalice and would be required to play ball with Jersey's hubris ridden hicks.
    A game that would leave her unemployable if she did the right thing, or would heave her reputation in tatters if she bent to the will of the backward feudalists.

    1. With all due respect, the lady actually passed away after her stroke and was also very genuine and passionate about achieving justice for all. It is not fair to pass assumptions about a deceased person.

    2. Good people give "Kama" a helping hand3 November 2014 at 09:37

      Thank you Anon 07:33
      First off my tagline "Kama awaits" is directed at the performance of the present CoI. The flip side could be "only the good die young" which sadly resonates with more truth in the world of the living.

      I was actually unaware that unfortunate (stress related???) stroke had resulted in QC Sally Bradley's death. Did this happen some months afterwards?

      I too had heard good things about her but this was hearsay as I did not know of Sally Bradley until her appointment to the first CoI. I always felt her replacement was very much a second choice that fewer people enthused about.

      I don't think you understood the points I was trying to make; so if I may elaborate:

      The local mafia were never going to take the CoI lying down so the appointment was indeed "a poison chalice" of an intensity she may never have experienced before and any decent person would be mortified by the prospect of being "required to play ball with Jersey's hubris ridden hicks"
      I wondered if the STRESS caused by the moral dissonance and contradictory pressures could have been a contributory factor in her stroke. The pressures that Jersey's mafia is able to bring to bear, either directly or through the City of London is probably beyond the ken of you or I.

      None of us are purer than the driven snow and I suspect that most people would not get far in the legal profession if they were.

      I am so sorry to hear that she died, especially if she was as good a human being as you say.

      Deepest sympathy to her family and everyone who knew her.

      IMO the reputations of those in charge of the present CoI are rapidly going down the pan and outside of Jersey the world is changing and the stink of yet more investigative failure and cover up will never wash off this island or those involved in a failed CoI.

      =======MEANWHILE IN THE REAL WORLD ======
      & The Independent on Sunday:

      Victim To Sue Over Human Rights Breach And The Case For Jersey’s Inclusion In Inquiry.

      Campaigners also want Jersey, a Crown dependency, to be part of the investigation. The Channel Island has been the subject of many allegations over children in care at the Haut de la Garenne home, and in 2008 it emerged that at least five children were illegally placed in care in Jersey by Birmingham social services. “Given that children were trafficked from the Midlands to Jersey for sex abuse, you would think it was a bit odd to omit Jersey from the inquiry,” Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming said yesterday.

      Dr Liz Davies, a campaigner on child abuse, agreed. “Nicholas Rabet, former deputy superintendent of Islington’s home at Grosvenor Avenue, was charged in Thailand in 2006 with abusing 30 local boys, and we know that he had links with Jersey,” [that's an understatement] she said. “I have seen evidence from a child who was sent to Jersey in the summer holidays from the Grosvenor Avenue home. I have also spoken to survivors from Jersey who went to an Islington children’s home for a holiday. In Jersey they were abused on yachts, in the big mansions there and in the opera house. The opera house is where British celebrities came. They mentioned Jimmy Savile and Wilfrid Brambell. It would be absurd not to include Jersey.”

      A proper CoI must be run locally or this will drag out for years.

    3. Better to receive Kama in this world than in the next ?3 November 2014 at 11:18

      To be clear, my ending statement "A proper CoI must be run locally or this will drag out for years" is not intended to imply that the UK overarching Inquiry should not cover the multiple links to Jersey. Surely it must to cover and combat the nature of paedophilia, networking and trafficking.
      All stubbornly insular Inquiries are doomed to be weak and incomplete as the UK is finding out to it's cost.

      My point is that the local Inquiry must be fit for purpose and effectively and completely Inquire, and not be steered or hobbled by the complicit establishment or failed individuals who are "assisting" it.

      The current Jersey CoI is looking like it will pan out to be not so much a whitewash but more akin to washing in pig slurry.

      That smell will linger internationally for decades in a rapidly changing world.

  14. Anon @ 20:54.
    Don't kid, or comfort yourself.

  15. Anon @ 20:54: Don't comfort, or kid yourself for the sake of it.

  16. Its been on the news that the UK will use the findings of the current Jersey Inquiry and not launch a bran new one.

    1. Which news? Link please 20:16

      It's also been on the news that Baroness Butler-Sloss was going to stay as head of the "overarching" probe into child sex abuse.

      TOAST !

      It's been on the news that Fiona Woolf was going to stay as head of the "overarching" probe into child sex abuse.

      Is "full confidence of the Prime Minister" a code for ALREADY TOAST ?

      An "overarching inquiry" is either overarching, or it is not !

      Every day the failing heritage media looses ground because the alternative media comes up with the goods and and is ultimately effecting change for the better.

      Watch and learn.

    2. Good, £6 Million is enough tax payers money spent.

    3. @ 06:53 Please don't be so cringingly transparent, it's pathetic !

      There is a risk that international readers might judge the island by your declared morals and priorities which were a causal factor in the decades of bestial abuse and cover up.

      Any realistic analysis of the failing CoI would realise that the £6 Million is not being spent, IT IS BEING WASTED

      Sadly another case where Health Minister Syvret is being proved right:

      Anyone who thinks that paedophile and abuse rings spontaneously dissapear and are not still active on our fair isle is deluding themself.

  17. So far today an Estate Agent has been elected to Treasury Minister instead of a qualified accountant.

    An army man has been elected to Health Minister instead of a qualified Doctor.

    A feudalist has been elected to External Relations Minister instead of a democrat.

    1. Trumpton Backwater6 November 2014 at 18:50

      Please tell us what really happened VFC and stop doing your comedy script for Toytown

    2. Alan Maclean won the vote to Treasury Minister against John Le Fondre.

      Andrew Green won the vote to Health Minster against Zoe Cameron.

      Philip Bailhache won the vote to External Relations Minister against Montfort Tadier.

  18. The most interesting vote tomorrow will be Deputy Pryke against Deputy Tadier

    1. Tadier will be annihilated.
      He showed his popularity today against Bailhache.

    2. Yes, @20:19 quite so. These things should be decided on 'popularity' amongst the party faithful.

      As with the other wise decisions of yesterday you would not want your representatives to choose on irrelevant criteria
      ......such as qualification, balance, moral backbone or misplaced concern for the inhabitants of this island.

      Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right........

  19. If there is a God Monty should win - pleeeeese!

    Let us have one vote of sanity else we are all doomed.

  20. 'Let us have one vote of sanity else we are all doomed.'

    Yes, a vote for somebody who is standing for the ministerial position on a whim, has no previous ministerial experience, provably enjoys very little support from his elected colleagues, that would be a vote of sanity indeed.

    As you're so confident of Monty's victory Jill, perhaps you'll be willing to publicly announce that there is no God on the slim chance that Monty is defeated ?

    1. Kind of like how Kristina Moore was the best candidate for Home Affairs Minister who has no previous ministerial experience but according to her (on State Radio) she is qualified because when she worked for State Media she interviewed Police Officers…….many years ago?

      As opposed to Deputy Mezec who studied law and has a degree in it.

      Or an Estate Agent who has no financial qualifications to his name becoming Treasury Minister, as opposed to a qualified accountant?

      Nodding dogs are getting the Ministerial posts NOT those who are most qualified.

    2. All true, but I'm not the one insinuating that those people represented the only sane vote ! Why would people be insane not to vote for a candidate that has little experience, and enjoys little support ?

    3. So Jill, Monty suffered another humiliating defeat at the hands of his colleagues.

      Now, what was that you were you saying about God ?

    4. Dear Kristina is a "Olly Dolly", A Bona fide "Baillhache Babe"

      Hubby Dickinson plys the Jersey legal trade and is therefor beholden to Team Bailahache and the Godfathers who run the show.

      His (i.e. her) earnings soar or dwindle at the whim of the Jersey Godfathers

      "Do you fake it" (50%+ do, at least occasionally) is one of the more harmless questions we can look forward to her NOT answering.

      A backbone can be injurious to your wealth & wellbeing:

    5. I'm safe then, as being an agnostic I knew I was onto a safe thing. How many previous Ministers have not been Ministers previously and come in blind? Quite a number I suspect, and for someone like Monty it is a progression, and one which I feel he would have been eminently suitable for. Lest we forget, Anne Pryke as Health Minister has been a disaster and nothing will change for the better I fear in her new tenure. Monty has had an interest in Housing issues and taken up the cudgels on behalf of members of the public, He has intelligence and empathy and would have been ideal.

      As VFC so rightly says Gorst has indeed chosen a team of nodding dogs and sadly nothing, but nothing will change for the foreseeable future.

    6. Yes, nodding dogs and incompetents who do not posses the intellect to delve too deeply into the area they are supposed to be in charge of...

  21. I find it funny how all the people you hate in the Government get the top jobs and run the show.
    There is a moral to this story and one day you may find it.

    1. Do explain @15:53 -What would the high moral idiom be .......?

      .....Nice guys don't come first?

      The scum rises to the top?

      Birds of a feather flock together?

      Thick as thieves?

      Stick together like leeches?

      Stick together like the pages in a (sick) porn magazine?

  22. Jill,

    If Monty was going to progress to a position of responsibility, I would imagine he would have proven himself worthy after 7 years in Government. Part of that responsibility is the ability to work with his colleagues, and whilst he doesn't have that, I think he'll continue to struggle to attract the trust of his colleagues, and will continue to be side lined.

    1. Anyone who is not a right wing conservative and nodding dog is going to be sidelined by the air heads who make up the new CoM.

  23. Its the old school clinging onto the old school for dear life.

    1. Q and A .....the untouchables and the crown. Join the dots....8 November 2014 at 14:35

      Q. How do you separate the men from the boys at "the old school" ?

      A. ......with a crowbar (Boom Boom), is the humorous answer

      But sadly not so in the case of the abuse at Victoria College where Jarvis-D and potentially other career paedophiles were enabled to continue their predation on generation after generation of boys who passed through their hands.
      The few who spoke out were threatened, belittled and smeared in the most disgusting and unprofessional of ways.

      When the lid finally blew off the "teachers perks" saga the individuals responsible still refused to cooperate fully with the police investigation.

      The ministry of cover up at the school were quietly retired but popped up again in various inappropriately responsible positions such as Jurat or states employees having responsibility for the safety of children at sea (you couldn't make it up)

      The Teflon Don's name did not even appear in the (secret) *Sharpe Report* he just skulked silently away from the college chairmanship, apparently without blemish to then be anointed the Queen's baron on the island. Methinks he still steers the ship.

  24. Deputies Tadier & Mezec are history....
    In the making!!

  25. Makes you wonder how the newly appointed left leaning Deputies are feeling after their first eye opening week in Jersey Politics?

  26. Sharrock McTiggywinkle19 November 2014 at 17:59

    This is all a waste of time the Jersey court is run by crooks for crooks. Expect Le Cornu and Risoli to get a big bill for asking awkward questions. Nothing to see here. Jog on.