Friday, 23 June 2017

Compare and Contrast.

Senator Philip Bailhache

In our PREVIOUS POSTING we warned readers/politicians to be "careful what (who) you wish for" concerning the Vote of No Confidence against Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst. A vote that he comfortably survived.

Our concerns, as Anti Child Abuse Campaigners, were that if Senator Gorst (who is a supporter of the Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry) was ousted then we could almost certainly end up with Senator Bailhache as Chief Minister. As pointed out in our previous posting (above link) Senator Bailhache is NOT a supporter of this Inquiry and has attempted to thwart it at any given opportunity. We believe that if he had become Chief Minister the COI report would not have seen the light of day. (It still might not)

At this point it should be of interest to readers to note that during the Vote of No Confidence debate Senator Bailhache did NOT speak. He had nothing to say, either in support of his Chief Minister, or otherwise. Could it be that he didn't want to show his hand and reveal that he was after the top job?

The very next day after Senator Gorst was voted to remain as Chief Minister and Senator Bailhache realised that he's not getting the top job just yet. During "arrangement of public business" he (Senator Bailhache) proposed that the in-committee debate to discuss the findings of the Child Abuse Inquiry's report should be deferred. It is due to be debated on the sixth, and if needs be, the seventh of July. He wanted it deferred until the tenth of July. His reasons, apparently, is to give members time to read and digest the report because three days aren't long enough.

We reproduce below the video of Senator Bailhache's short speech making the proposition to have the debate deferred. We ask readers, in spite of the revelations in our previous posting, where we reported that the Senator, while in his role as Bailiff, delivered a now "infamous" speech at a Liberation Day ceremony where he said words to the effect: "Child Abuse is a scandal but the real scandal is the denigration of Jersey and its people by the outside media." When asked by Council to the Inquiry if he had considered the effect this might have on Abuse Victims/Survivors he replied in the negative.

We ask readers (after watching the video below) has Senator Bailhache learnt anything since then? How much compassion for Victims/Survivors does he demonstrate in his reasoning for deferring the debate?

But here is one of the more curious aspects of his proposition. He wanted the debate deferred until the tenth of July. But as Senator Gorst pointed out in his speech (below) during the debate, and indeed another States Member pointed out in their speech, Senator Bailhache is due to be off-island on the tenth of July on what sounds like official States Business (Jersey-London Day). Despite being reminded of this by two States Members during the debate, the Senator did NOT acknowledge it in his summing up speech.

It could be that he completely forgot that he would be off-island on the tenth, and he completely forgot to acknowledge this despite being reminded by two States Members during the debate and did NOT address the issue in his summing up speech. In his defence we must say that the Senator's evidence to the Committee of Inquiry did demonstrate he has a woefully inadequate memory. Under questioning from Council to the Inquiry he could barely remember a thing and was unable to answer many questions.

It could also mean that he fears he is (rightly) going to be heavily criticised in the Inquiry's report and doesn't want to be around when it is being debated?

Readers should compare and contrast the speech of Chief Minister Gorst against that of Senator Bailhache and ask who considers the interests of the Victims and Survivors and who doesn't?


  1. VFC, in the main post you say: "....while in his role as Bailiff, delivered a now "infamous" speech at a Liberation Day ceremony where he said words to the effect: "Child Abuse is a scandal but the real scandal is the denigration of Jersey and its people by the outside media." When asked by Council to the Inquiry if he had considered the effect this might have on Abuse Victims/Survivors he replied in the negative."

    It was worse than "in the negative"
    What *Sir* Philip Bailhache actually said to the CoI was: "I don't think I can say to you that I specifically identified the alleged [!!?] victims as a group of people to be considered"

    I don't buy Philip's storyline about his failing memory. There is no way that he can't remember that there are scores of *proven" victims.

    Is Sir Philip an "alleged" good and honest man?
    If so by whom and on what evidence?

    1. The victims of Bailhache's failures and non prosecutions are not to be  considered !!

      He may look like a fat child's teddy bear, but isn't he maybe actually a dangerous psychopath?

    2. :-/
      to avoid any doubt, I was suggesting that the teddy bear was fat
      not the child.



    3. "but isn't he maybe actually a dangerous psychopath?"

      a dangerous psychopath who's actions have left a trail of suicides and broken lives

      The BBC Panorama episode embedded in that post is working again.

    4. Whow! .... the tension between bailhache and gorst is palpable ... just watch bailhache as gorst is speaking ... finger stroking chin ... he is normally like stone ... and his inadvertent almost tongue in cheek twitch when gorst says ' I cannot be party to it (i.e. the Bailhache proposition)' This is a bare knuckle fight ... bailhache landing the first punch when admonishing gorst ( in parliamentary language) for not having consulted with the com about this debate ... and gorst landing the knock out blow which caused the tongue twitch and manifested itself in the vote.
      People have criticised gorst for his leadership but I for one have never underestimated the immensely difficult task of trying to keep the powerful bailhache power base in check, starving it of its historic undiluted states-assembly life blood. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... I am actually surprised that gorst has managed not only to survive this long but also to have wrested so much power away from the iron grip of the bailhache enterprise. I also am beginning to believe that bailhache quietly orchestrated the ultimatum to gorst from the gang of five that led to the sacking of ozouf. This is out and out warfare and gorst is actually winning the war. Would you believe it!

  2. PB is an absolute disgrace, watching his face whilst Senator Gorst responded painted a thousand words!! He was defeated and he knew it!! The only reason he wanted the delay I suspect is because a team of legal advisors and possibly that awful QC they bought in towards the end of the inquiry will be waiting in the wings to pounce of the report to find anything and everything to stop the report being published, injunctions will be flying out the windows!! Watch the SOJ legal fees rise out of control whilst this marathon exercise is carried out!! Well done to Gorst for sticking to his guns, he has shown true compassion towards the Survivors whilst PB has shown nothing but contempt and should be hung!!!

  3. In a strange way I get what the old dinosaur Bailhace is saying what he doesn't understand is what Senator Gorst explains so eloquently..

    Bailhace just needs his meteroite

    1. Don't start becoming a fan of Gorst.
      Should have been sacked this week.

  4. We already know what will be in the report because its all been Public.
    The Interviews and submissions barring confidentiality and DP issues are findable online.
    So what rabbits are expected apart from suggestions for improvements in the future and £14 Million in Lawyers fees, thank you very much.

    1. Don't want to sound negative but Gorst is acting like a Drama Queen.
      No amount of apologies will ever heal things that went on and what about apologies from the bloody abusers? They are trying to make this Report sound like an impending Earthquake but it can't be because we already know the information that's gone in it.
      Expect a lot of acting in the coming weeks for States Members. All too late though.

    2. Actually we don't really know what will be in the report. What we do know and have access to through the public hearings is a significant part of the evidence that has been presented and looked at by the the COI. What we don't have is any real in depth knowledge of the legal challenges, DP challenges, and thought processes of the COI in looking at that body of evidence and the weight and seriousness that they apply to individual aspects of it. We also don't have access to un-redacted statements and documents that may show connections, patterns, information, and prompt trains of thought and analysis from the COI. So IMHO there is plenty of scope for the COI to turn up some surprises and make recommendations that we the arm chair experts were not expecting. I shall read it with an open and mind and with interest on that basis.


    3. Believe a lot of material that was redacted was done so because it was either unsubstantiated accusation or it identified possible victims or abusers.
      So that will remain classified.
      I would imagine if the COI had received evidence that had not been used in prosecutions already it would have given it to the Police.

    4. It was redacted, shredded, burnt and then buried.
      Ahhh, we don't want to hear that, ahhh, quick, use Data Protection to take it off the Website, phew that was close.

  5. Well done Gorst. A lousy uncaring politician without doubt but at leas he has done the right thing on this. The saddest aspect for me is that even with this in committee debate how many will stand up and say what really needs to be said for the victims? Probably about three. Imagine the difference if Trevor, Bob, Daniel Wimberley and even old never happy Stuart were in there. This could have been the Jersey establishment's Armageddon moment.

  6. People should note that Philip Bailhache's stance against this Child Abuse Inquiry and report is not limited to him in the States Chamber. Indeed his views are pretty much in the majority and Ian Gorst's in the minority. Make no mistake Gorst is up against it in there and will be having to fight some very dark and powerful forces if he is to do the right thing by the report and Victims/Survivors.

    1. Think we should wait and see what's in the Report before building it up too much.

    2. Watch out for conflicting news released at the same time to hush it all up.
      Could even be Credit Cards.

  7. Philip Bailhache needs extra time to read the Report to dream up excuses for his ineptitude.

  8. He can read them and spread all the pages out, on the flight out on the following Monday.

    1. LOL! Just hope he doesn't have those same two businessmen sitting behind him.

    2. Why not just pass out copies around the plane and then try and form a position based upon collected feedback. Oh year sorry, he'd just ignore that anyway and do what suited him and his cronies.

  9. Contrary to suggestions made in several places up the thread.

    No, we do NOT know what will be in the report.

    A few points:

    - Huge swathes of the evidence is redacted or just made unfindable on the CoI website.

    - All of the material and files relating to the non prosecution of offenders has been kept from the public sessions and sent to a back office rent-a-verdict silk in London.

    - even if all the Public Inquiry material was in *public*, I fear that it would be a mistake to ignore the ability of Inquiries to flip to the required outcome. Cast you minds back to the obedient surprise when the Chilcot Inquiry exonerated Tony Blair over the lead up to the Iraq War

    I hope for the best but fear the worst:

  10. Andy J.S. Les Vesconte23 June 2017 at 20:29

    I don't know if anyone else has considered this?

    Surely it is absolutely beyond question that the Bailiff William Bailhache, Tim Le Cocq or anyone else from within the Jersey judiciary cannot preside over the Committee of Inquiry debate on July 6th?

    Any such people would be impossibly conflicted as what is passed off as a justice system is central to so many of the failings which led to the abuse and even deaths of young people in the Jersey care system. Not to forget so much skullduggery that has gone on in trying to silence victims and their political champions alike since.

    William Bailhache actually gave evidence did he not. Not sure about his Deputy but still part of an organisation with so many questions hanging over it. So many failings. So many abuses of process/power.

    To me it is clear that the States Greffier must preside as even States members as part of the legislature would be conflicted if they attempted to preside.

    1. This is a very valid point. But my bet is that unless a States Member bangs the drum about it Bailhache will still try to preside anyway to stop too awkward questions about him and his brother or Birt.

    2. What a pair. One brother wanted it to take place while was going to hide away in London. The other one will certainly want to try and hijack it by blocking questions. Time we got rid of these two Dark Age dinosaurs.


    I must have fallen asleep and missed most of the year somehow. I thought it was late June. But then I read that Deputy Kristina Moore was being tipped to run for Senator and Chief Minister. Must be April 1st 2018 already!

  12. Oh no! Our very own Theresa May! Heaven help us - we though Gorst was a joke!

  13. I er can't ....stand......the way.....the way er um, that .......Mr Bailhache,....speaks.

    Does anyone know if he speaks like this in real life or is it a voice and style he puts on when speaking in public?

    1. He has spoken that way since he was sacked from the role of Parker in Thunderbirds for trying to sound too posh. All very sad. And then his strings snapped too. Tragic.

    2. Philip Bailhache has always spoken that way. Ever since when, as a lawyer in private practice it became obvious to him (& frankly those of us who had the burden of working with him) that he was really really terribly thick. Just an utter dope, unable to think at speed, or speak on his feet. He's well known to have take professional advice. They way you disguise your stupidity and sloth, give yourself time to think............and even better give yourself the false appearance of gravitas .............&''s...........every..........................................................single.........................and...............................................immaculately...................enunciated.............word................................ is. (Approbation.)

  14. So back to guessing the gang of five ministers who held Gorst to ransom re Ozouf sacking ... we have as the prime candidates McLean, Farnham, King Bailhache and his psychophantic vassal Steve Luce ... but who could be the fifth ... someone must know ...

  15. A very good point is made at 20.29 June 23rd above about who chairs the COI Report debate. This simply CANNOT be Willliam Bailhache or Tim Le Cocq. Politicians should ensure this is brought up now so that WB doesn't try to slip in to the chair anyway to help out his under pressure big brother.

    1. Dom Les Gresley24 June 2017 at 13:07

      Quite agree with Andy Les Vesconte's observations on how we cannot have anyone from the Bailiff's office chairing the forthcoming abuse inquiry report debate. I hope Gorst will throw his weight behind ensuring this does not happen.

    2. This is a really good point. I will email the Chief Minister and chairman of PPC and make the case for someone else presiding.

    3. Basil the prat24 June 2017 at 20:47

      Well done Deputy.

    4. Andy J.S. Les Vesconte25 June 2017 at 10:23

      Please do do this Deputy. You will certainly have my vote at the next elections and that of my brother Jon too.

    5. I've had it confirmed that the Bailiff will not be presiding over the in-committee debate. Instead the Greffier has been asked to.

      It is clearly much better for the Greffier to preside than the Bailiff, however the Greffier was actually the accounting officer for the Inquiry, and in my opinion it is wrong for him to preside too.

      I'm going to press for someone else to preside.

    6. Thank you very much for your efforts on behalf of justice and democracy, Deputy. Perhaps Deputy Southern could chair the debate? Or Constable Norman. But definitely not Rod Bryans. I couldn't stand even more total bollox about Abraham Lincoln being like Ian Gorts! The Assistant/Deputy Greffier would be best.

    7. Andy J.S. Les Vesconte25 June 2017 at 22:15

      Yeah, great stuff Sam. We can't have these individuals who have so many questions to answer blocking difficult questions.

    8. Sam.

      You make a valid point in that the Greffier is conflicted and should not Chair the sitting. If ever there was a time for our States to be seen as whiter than white and beyond reproach it will be at this sitting. I have no reason to doubt the Greff's ability to chair the sitting or any States sitting. The fact is he has a conflict of interest. The difficulty will be finding somebody who HASN't got a conflict of interest on the island.

      I know the politicised Royal Court ship in Jurats from Guernsey from time to time and wondered what the State of play would be for getting someone off-island to chair the States Sitting? The problem with that is that William Bailhache, or Tim Le Cocq, should have nothing to do with appointing whoever Chairs it wether from on-island or off island.

      Bit of a sticky situation but does expose just how incestuous this island is.

      Thanks for the work you are doing on this. There's only 3 or four of you in there could care less about the Victims/Survivors truth and integrity.

  16. As one of the thousands of taxpayers in this septic isle who have paid the millions for this CoI I feel it is my God given right to have a printed copy of this report, after all I have f.....g well already paid for it. I am in total awe of just how much VFC, Rico and others have been steadfast in thier drive to achieve thier goal. Perhaps more than any other I would like to say my sincere thanks to Stuart Syvret, who will I have no doubt be shown to have been correct in his knowledge of the low life pygmies past and present who have caused this total catastophe and that the victims will get what they rightly deserve from the CoI. Great pity 737 is not in jail.

    1. I too would like to thank Neil, Rico, Stuart, Trevor, Shona, Bob, Mike, Daniel, Monty and even for fronting the proposition the others would all have lost because of who they are, Francis. Most of all Lenny and Graham. All deserve medals while the rest deserve utter contempt. As for the Bailhaches and Birt they are not even worthy of contempt.

  17. I would like to know where the CoI report has been printed? God forbid it has been done here, if so PB will have already had a copy to read on the plane. I simply cannot wait until he and his brother are history. When will the people of this Island wake up and see what is staring them in the face. Constables out of the states, they have been the 'loggjam' and until these dinosaurs are out nothing will change.

  18. If Kristina Moore could hoodwink enough of the population to vote for her as a Senator let alone Chief Minister I'm moving to Guernsey and becoming a donkey.

    1. Could be worse. Could be Bailhache butt-kisser Deputy Susie Pinel.

    2. Susie and Krissie. The female Waldorf and Statler of the Jersey Muppet Show. Both horrible, uncaring people and rubbish politicians.

  19. With the CoI report "expected" on 3rd July the Doctor's blog is a must read -

    It covers the inadequacy of the C of E "independent" report commissioned by the Church

    The employer/commissioner of the report generally gets to choose the spin the writer puts on it.

    The Doctor's addendum also highlights how chairs who get to be chosen turn out to have "form" or be owned................

  20. No one really can predict what July 3rd & July 6th, will bring. What will be interesting to find out though is if a Knighthood can be removed from someone who has been nominated for one, but the dirt comes out about them before they meet the Queen to receive it?

    1. Oh yes we can, we can predict what July 3rd & July 6th will bring. And we needn't call upon some ancient thaumaturgy to help us in our divinations. The fact that the Knighthood in question was conferred, only those few days ago, is as sure a sign as any casting of chicken bones or spreading of goats entrails (the customary methods of "governance" in the Big-Money Tax-Laundries that are the liminal realms of the "Crown Dependencies").

      To the Jersey oligarchy: victory.

      To the Jersey powerless: defeat.

      Were that not the case, The Monarch would not have given her further stamp-of-approval on the person she'd already endorsed, and essentially, by doing so for ever more shielded him from the consequences of his crimes, by conferring Her Letters Patent upon him and his evidenced entanglement in child-abuse cover-ups.

      Not for nothing is the 'Bailiff' preceded into meetings of what passes for a 'parliament' in Jersey with a gold mace: ancient, symbolic representation of the British Monarch's Cock.

      It's a reminder of the Droit du Seigneur - the power given by the Monarch - to Him or Her them-self - or to their Bailiffs, Lieutenant Governors, Barons, thanes and vassals - to rape the rest us - the serfs, plebs & peasants.

      And here it is - still in current practice - no mere museum piece - actually - de facto - happening - in Crown-Dependency Jersey - in the 21st century.

      Seriously. The above recitation of the 'constitutional' arrangements we exist under, is the brutal reality.

      If only it weren't.

  21. No one really can predict what July 3rd & July 6th*

    In independent analysis of what happened, what went wrong, what can be done to stop it ever happening again and above all closure.


    1. ".......... and above all closure" *@07:01

      Closure would indeed be the priority of the paedophiles, the abusers and their enablers and apologists, but in your fairyland list you forgot to mention *Justice*

      Even the review of all the Bailhache & co Non-Prosecution decisions has been farmed off by the *Public* Inquiry to an associate in London far away from public view.

      Please explain how a fake CoI that does not even call/subpoena all the essential witnesses to hope to achieve all Anon @07:01 promises?

      We all hope for those results (& *justice*)  but if your list was purely aspirational, then you really should say so.

      Is this CoI instead of justice?

    2. I dare say the commenter never asked for justice in the knowledge that it doesn't exist in Jersey.

    3. What's wrong with closure, the ultimate relief????


    4. "What's wrong with closure"

      Nothing wrong with "closure" my good fiend

      .............. as long as it is the closure of a prison door, the ultimate relief for victims!!!

      What's wrong with justice @20:38 ?

  22. All Bailhache will have in his diary for 3rd July is Wimbledon.

  23. As predictions are to days theme, can I be allowed go sideways and draw VFC and it's readers attention to a figures that everyone including the MSM or scrutiny to my knowledge have not questioned but should. They are to important to ignore.

    We are all aware that borrowing of hundreds of millions of pounds will put Jersey is debt for a hospital. Not only now but for the next generation.

    No problem echo Ozouf and Maclean their preferred option. This will be paid for not by the low and middle earners tax take but by the strategic reserve interest, which is a gamble as earnings on invested monies goes up and down depending on the economic conditions at the time, and we have Brexit on the horizon.

    So all is well and good then ? No there are important questions that have not been asked. The most pressing is can we trust this Government and it's departments not to ….. lie.

    You see the point is in 2015 the strategic reserve ( Jerseys' rainy day fund ) standing at around £750 million produced just over £20 million in interest. For the sake of argument that equates to an annual interest of roughly 2.5%.

    To support the politicians 2016 case that the strategic fund interest will pay off borrowings to some hedge fund pals, or financial firms, how much has the fund earned in interest during 2016 a mind blowing 13.5% in interest.

    Yet the banks give almost nothing on deposits and the best I have been able to find for long term investment is 6%.

    Therefore are these facts just wishes to prop up the debate to getting Jersey in debt, or doing friends in the city a favour ?

    These figures need to be verified by a trusted authority.

    States Accounts 2016

    The Strategic Reserve saw returns of 13.5% in 2016, taking its balance from £771 million in 2015 to £820 million. The Social Security Funds increased in value by £287 million to £1.751 million, having achieved returns of more than 19%.

  24. Con-servatives ought to be outlawed. It is the politics of theft and deception. Out and out spivery.

    Just consider May's Conservatives and what they are doing to try and buy power with taxpayers' money.

    The deal to have the odious DUP prop the Tories up is likely to cost around £50.000.000 a supported vote. That is even by the estimate of one of their own, Lord Patten.

    Such contempt for struggling parts of the UK mainland it is sickening.

    The UK will see another election within 6 to 9 months in my opinion and a Labour Party restored to proper people first principles will win it.

    I wish I could say the same for getting rid of our own Tory spivs and incompetents.

  25. Trust no-one.

    Even the author of these words: -

    "Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss"

    ..a 'working-class-hero' - Who was exposed for having used the internet to access child-abuse imagery.

    Toxically ironic that I thought of "Wont Get Fooled Again" - when watching the carefully choreographed 'nice-cop-nasty-cop' act of Functional Phil Bailhache and his fellow Mason & City Guild Corporation member Ian - Mr Bean - Gorst.

    Do you remember?

    The last time this theatrical due gave us their nice-cop-nasty-cop act?

    When they pretended to be on opposite sides - so as to bring about some cosmetic 'front' - some spin - some opinion-management?

    I was fooled then.

    I thought Functional Phil was being nasty - and Mr Bean Gorst was being noble. Remember when that was?

    That was when the CoI told us all that the "public-inquiry" was going to have to "end" - in days - its work not complete - unless its budget was pretty much doubled; Unless tax-payers coughed-up another £12 million.

    But what was the truth?

    The truth was - the Jersey oligarchy needed to fork-out another £12 million on lawyers fees for its own departments - and on spin-doctors - all to help cover-up the monstrous and foul and criminal conduct of the States of Jersey - and knowing they'd be greeted with outrage and shot down in flames - if it was the States that asked for that money - so instead they got their tame, plastic, fake, make-believe "public-inquiry" to act as 'front-guys' - and ask for the money - pretending it was necessary to its work - whilst all the time knowing it was to fund the catastrophic costs and expenses the States of Jersey itself had incurred - all through its own, disgusting, decades of child-abuse cover-up.

    That was when we we last saw the bad-guy-good-guy act between Phil & Ian.

    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss.

    In reality - a debate in a matter days - hours even - after the report is published - is - indeed - ludicrous. Nothing more than a - very obvious - and very calculated - strategy cooked-up by the spin-doctors - so the States of Jersey can "Show-The-World-They-Are-Taking-It-Seriously! - SERIOUSLY! do you HEAR!!!"

    Let's grow up eh? A major debate - upon such a seismic subject like this a report which should run into at least many hundreds of pages (hell, my document alone approaches two-thousand pages) - is just as ridiculous in six days - as it is in two days.

    A report of this nature requires months of penance - of dignified - considered - sober reflection.

    Those victims who are no longer with us deserve no-less.

    Let's finally demand something approaching intellectual responsibility on the part of our polity.

    Won't get fooled again.

    Stuart Syvret.

    1. Stuart, what do you expect this Report to say about you next week?

    2. Stuart Syvret‏ @StuartSyvret · 18h

      Only days until #JerseyCI #CSAinquiry @JerseyInquiry reports. No matter what's in it, It Is A Criminal Enterprise. And will be held as such.

      Who is going to hold it as such, you on your own?

    3. +1 for what Stuart Syvret says. This report will require months of dignified, considered, sober reflection.

      But let's not fool ourselves. This is the States of Jersey we are dealing with. European Cover Up Champions, 1945-2107.

  26. Please, let's reserve judgement until the Report is out.
    These negative attacks aren't fair on the people who partook or those States Members who pushed for the Inquiry to go ahead. We already know Stuart's views.

    1. 'Please, let's reserve judgement until the Report is out.'

      Why plead? The Report will be treat by each Survivor under it's own merit. Some maybe happy, some maybe angry, some may not even read it.
      Why Stuart still finds it necessary to try and trash the Inquiry when he should have done what Rico said and walk away, says more about him than Sir Philip Bleeding Bailhache.

    2. Rico may have done some great work in the past, but why the Ex Health Minister should do as he says [or said on one occasion] is a mystery to me.

      If you play their game -you will lose!
      Rico should know better, and now probably does.

      The £23million report will come with a fanfare and a sugar coating, but when that is stripped off there is prediction above:

      To the Jersey oligarchy: victory.

      To the Jersey powerless: defeat.

      A proper CoI would have cost a fraction of that amount.

    3. The Ex HHS Minister is completely outnumbered.

    4. Yes. We do already know Stuart's views. And the sad thing is whether he is proven right or wrong they are still now irrelevant. All because he would not give his evidence to the inquiry.

      Had he done so and the report ends up being a white wash where what he said was ignored he would have truly had the higher ground to sound off about it all being a farce.

      He has instead left himself high and dry looking (rightly or wrongly) like someone who couldn't deliver. Even worse as the boy who dried wolf.

    5. It astonishes me that so many people still don't get it.

      Thankfully 15.05 does.

      To the Jersey oligarchy: victory.

      To the Jersey powerless: defeat.

      To Ex-Minister Stuart Syvret: deferred.

      A smart manoeuvre IMO even if it was essentially constructed by the COI.

      Condolences to Jersey's powerless.

    6. Well, those are very silly and unwise pronouncements. Asserting that Stuart Syvret's views are irrelevant, is to assume that the rule of law does not, and never will, work in the British Isles. Can the author of those words see into the future, and somehow guarantee that the culpable Whitehall officials will never be brought to account? That they will never be held up to scrutiny for the cover-ups of Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile? Never be held accountable for their role in what was clearly the illegal suspension of a Police Chief in Jersey?

      I'm an active and influential player in the anti-child-abuse cover-up movement in the UK, and can guarantee the author of those words that Stuart Syvret, far from being irrelevant, is one of our movements star witnesses.

      This is the age of the internet, of public empowerment. You cover-up apologists have been left by the tide of history. It just doesn't work anymore. The constructive-exclusion of Syvret from your public-inquiry, by that public-inquiry's unlawful practices, is more evidence of child-abuse cover-up criminality.

    7. Had Stuart attended he would have been asked to provide evidence to verify his claims and this has always been the problem long before a Public Inquiry was agreed. So cry wolf most definitely.


    8. @17:45 & 20:14 The Ex HHS Minister is completely outnumbered

      and it is all Syvret's fault that this CoI is a £23m crock of shit.

      IMO, anyone who suggests at this stage that the Ex HHS Minister "cried wolf" has got to be a cover up troll

      .....or maybe just someone dim enough to be duped by their incessant guff

      FFS !

    9. Ha Ha
      The thick Jon is still here with the storyline that Health Minister Syvret "cried wolf"

      Turns out that there was far more abuse and cover up than Mr Syvret initially discovered.

      In Troll-World Mr Syvret was wrong to "cry wolf" when there was a whole pack of them


  27. New Posting.

    Statement from former Deputy Chief Police Officer LENNY HARPER.