Monday, 19 December 2011

Lucy Panton and Lenny Harper.

Not for the first time there are those conspiracy theorists and people wishing to link Jersey's Former Deputy Chief Police Officer and Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper with some kind of improper dealings concerning the (then) Chief Crime Reporter on the News of The World Lucy Panton.

First off we must stress that Mrs. Panton, to the best of our knowledge, has not been charged with any offence. She certainly hasn't been found guilty of any offence so in the eyes of the law she is innocent.

But this does not prevent those who are hell-bent on trashing the name of the first Police Officer in Jersey's history to lead an investigation into widespread and DECADES of Child Abuse in the State run institutions with innuendo and gossip.

Regular readers/viewers will be aware the we (Team Voice) pride ourselves with dealing, as best we can, in "evidence and facts." The "fact" is somebody from the States of Jersey Police was leaking information, during the live Child Abuse investigation to at least one "journalist." The "evidence" points us in the direction of the officer who took over from Mr. Harper and that is Mick Gradwell.

Mick Gradwell has been named by a number of witnesses (under oath) as the officer leaking this information. He has also been named by Jersey's Home Affairs Minister as the leak. The Home Affairs Minister has also told the SCRUTINY REVIEW that if Mr. Gradwell had not been seconded and was a States of Jersey Police Officer then he would very likely be facing serious disciplinary action. Yet still Jersey's State Media don't think any of this is newsworthy or of public interest? But what Lenny Harper "might" have done is?

The first time it was inferred that Mr. Harper "might" have had improper relations with the NOTW Chief Crime Reporter "Lucy Panton" was back in July this year when Former Senator's Perchard and Shenton with current Deputy Sean Power took their concerns to Jersey's Attorney General.

We at Team Voice put the accusations to Mr. Harper as part of an exclusive and in-depth interview we did with him and here is what he told us.

Every move Mr. Harper has made and every penny he spent during the Child Abuse Enquiry has been meticulously scrutinised by all and sundry including the State Media. Should our (or their) attention now be turned towards Mick Gradwell................And why hasn't it been??


  1. Lucy is a mother with two young children. How frightening it must have been for them to have the police hammering on their door first thing in the morning.

    This is the same aggressive tactic as was used on Stuart Syvret. It is also the same tactic that was used by the Nazis who persecuted, rounded up and murdered the Jews.

    Like I said before, the paedophiles have declared war on the police. Lucy Panton's husband is a police officer.

    They have arrogantly bitten off more than they can chew. All police officers should read The Appalling Vista by Brian Rothery, because they need to be fully aware of how cunning these people are. That book is a two fingered boast of how they got away with covering up child abuse.

  2. This is not about Gradwell. This is about Harper's involvement with a journalist who has been arrested for paying police for information. If the boot had been on the other foot, and another journalist with links to the Gradwell / Warcup side of the investigation had been arrested, you would be all over it shouting conspiracy, regardless of any denials by those concerned.

    And I'm surprised to read that only those who have been charged with a crime are worthy of opprobrium, given your vocal support of an individual who has slandered and threatened another person who has not been charged with a crime that he chose to accuse him of.

    Very biased, and very selective as usual.

    Highlighting Gradwell's supposed misdemeanour doesn't excuse Harper's involvement with what it looks like is a corrupt journalist, despite your best efforts to divert attention.

  3. "This is not about Gradwell." Oh yes it is! Furthermore if Gradwell and Warcup were accused of wrong doing (which they have been) you wouldn't see them for dust (which we haven't) let alone agree to be interviewed on the accusations as Mr. Harper did.

    As for Gradwell's "supposed misdemeanour" Allegedly leaking confidential information during a major Police Investigation on Child Abuse to a journalist with a history of supporting convicted paedophiles and you think this is no more than a misdemeanour?

    OK let's take your own advice and put the shoe on the other foot. What if it had been Lenny Harper or Graham Power that had been accused of leaking this stuff? Lenny Harper goes to a restaurant and it's headline (state) news!

  4. Once again the Voice blogs are trying to select the news and bend it to promote its own version of events. The News of The World is in deep trouble and Harper's history of dining with a reporter of that newspaper who is being investigated for alleged payments to police officers for stories just stinks.

    If this was Warcup boy would you be making a big deal out of it.

  5. Did you watch the video? We put the accusations to Mr. Harper and he answered them… bucket loads. The “fact” is the media were being leaked information. The “evidence” leads to Mick Gradwell. What part of that don’t you understand? Lenny Harper has answered his critics has Mick Gradwell? Why (if he was) would Mick Gradwell be leaking information, during a live Child Abuse Enquiry, to a “journalist with a history of supporting convicted paedophiles? Why would the Home Affairs Minister, and others, accuse him of this (under oath) if it was not true? Why don’t the State Media find that of any public interest? What were Gradwell’s motives?

  6. VFC

    This is a blog I did on the Lenny Harper Lucy Panton issue;


    VFC, what if there are some still serving members of the force who were sitting round that table and spilled a few beans, could have happened you know.

    Anon said what if the boot was on the other foot.

    Where has this Anon been living? He must be the same Anon that came calling my way.

    Gradwell has been busted & no alleged about

    You wait till 2012 my friens because the Tapp -Gradwell story is going to be very interesting


  7. Harper is bound to deny this, be real.

  8. But what about Gradwell and his alleged leaks? What about the State Media keeping it quiet? What about, according to the Home Affairs Minister, he was likely to have faced serious disciplinary, if not criminal, charges? Isn't that more important "news" than how much a soup of the day costs in a restaurant?

  9. You say: "First off we must stress that Mrs. Panton, to the best of our knowledge, has not been charged with any offence. She certainly hasn't been found guilty of any offence so in the eyes of the law she is innocent."

    So can we expect full-scale apologies and total retractions in the cases of the many individuals you and your fellow bloggers have accused of child-abuse, complicity in child-abuse and covering-up child abuse, but who also have never been charged with any such offence(s) and have never appeared in a court of law, let alone been found guilty of such offences?

    There can only be one standard for all - not one for those you support and another for the rest of the world.

  10. When he comes calling it means he's bored and looking for attention

  11. Harper can do no wrong on here can he and you lot demand proper journalism from everywhere else, don't make me laugh.

  12. "So can we expect full-scale apologies and total retractions in the cases of the many individuals you and your fellow bloggers have accused of child-abuse"

    Who have I actually accused of Child Abuse?


  13. You apologists for State Media on here seem strangely put out. When you have been unchallenged for so long it must be hard to have to see that there might be different viewpoints. Well, tough.

    You have vast amounts of cash, technology and the most sophisticated spin available to you and, if the protagonists in this sorry cover up were not so incompetent, you might even have got away with it.

    Listen, you've got your own havens of hubris, arrogance, mendacity and greed . If you feel the need to engage here it just shows how worried you are.

    And remember, we haven't even started on the corruption stories yet. We just have to get lucky once!

  14. Don't worry Rico! As ILM announced a while back, there are 0ver 150 known dangerouse sicko's in Jersey (non of them on any official register though) I get the feeling tha `Troll' is just another self seeking attention nutter! Oh what a sad, sad individual!

  15. ''a journalist with a history of supporting convicted paedophiles'' what exactly do you mean by this and who are you referring to? It's a very serious alleagtion and yet you throw it around with no attempt at explanation or backing it up.

  16. "But what about Gradwell and his alleged leaks? What about the State Media keeping it quiet? What about, according to the Home Affairs Minister, he was likely to have faced serious disciplinary, if not criminal, charges? "

  17. From what I have been told the UK police are reopening files on the Pindown homes, and they are pretty determined that a few corrupt journalists are not going to get away with discrediting all their hard work this time.

    Most police are decent people who go into law enforcement for good reasons. Many are parents, and don't like paedophiles.

    The Augean stables will be cleaned out properly this time. The filthy stinkers will soon be running for cover.

  18. Am I alone in thinking that certain idiots with an agenda are deliberately overlooking the fact that the NOTW are beifng accused of bribing police officers and paying them for information, whilst LH seems to be getting criticised for the opposite, for actually buying a NOTW journalist dinner from a legitimate hospitality budget? Must be a misunderstanding. No one would ever try to twist facts like that.

  19. That is correct, it is the complete opposite but the more cynical of us might think it gives our State Media the opportunity to link Mr. Harper with a scandal. Still they don't report anything about the alleged leaks by Gradwell why could that be?

  20. Having read the various blogs, I don't see that Lenny has actually been explicitly accused of any wrongdoing anywhere, merely innuendo.

    I think people are just surprised that one of the journalists with whom he had extensive contact has been accused of such inappropriate behaviour.

    Obviously he has strenuously denied any wrongdoing, however I don't think you can deny that the behaviour she is accused of, if true, is very worrying ?

  21. Reading some of the comments on here you would think that the only story Lucy Paton ever covered was in Jersey. Why is there such a blinkered view. Do you lot think you are so special lol bet she cant even remember the place let alone if she might have bunged a copper there.

  22. "however I don't think you can deny that the behaviour she is accused of, if true, is very worrying ?"

    From what has been coming out of the Leveson enquiry, along with the Parliamentary Select Committee's enquiry, the "accredited" media, or parts of it, are a very unsavoury bunch with extremely low morals and ethics. Certainly not the holier than thou bunch that our powers that be claim they are when preventing Bloggers from filming "public" hearings.

  23. "Do you lot think you are so special lol bet she cant even remember the place "

    Well, she'll remember it now all right, and so will her police officer husband and his colleagues.

    They will want to know why this lady was chosen for such special treatment of having the police banging on the door in the early morning, as if she was some sort of gun toting terrorist.

    There's a saying Christians sometimes come out with for this sort of situation - the devil always oversteps his mark.

    You lot have bitten off more than you can chew this time.

  24. Zoompad,

    Can you explain what you mean as it is not at all clear ?

  25. Nonny Mouse,

    Contact me on Zoompads Blog and I will be very happy to.

  26. It stands to reason that Lucy Paton is one of the ones being targeted because of her close to the knuckle good and true reporting....

    And hopefully her day in court will tell us this.

  27. If anyone doubts that the media here has something to answer for (come on, Sir Philip have a glass of milk and wake up!) then just consider how many of the findings in the excellent Scrutiny report have been covered by the JEP or Channel?

    This report is truly an excellent piece of uncovering of facts. Yet do you even remember the said jouralists interviewing the panel Chairman to go over these? I don't. As I recall all we got was that the only thing that apparently came out of the report was that BDO should have interviewed Harper! Stating the blooming obvious or what?

    Where was the mention of Farce favourite Gradwell? What did Le Marquand say about this man and what did Warcup too say for that matter? Please remind us Voice. It was hardly Pitman, Le Herissier and Wimberley dragging him over the coals was it?

    By my reckoning we have about six good politicians left in the House with backbone and a commitment to the truth. Yet how do they get treated by the media and the Gorst/Balhache party? Say no more.

    Happy Xmas to all.

  28. The Review conducted by the Scrutiny Sub Panel produced probably the most defining Report of its era. The media have buried it because this report exposed their, at best, failings and at worst complicity, although the latter is most plausible.

    "What did Le Marquand say about this man (Gradwell) and what did Warcup too say for that matter? Please remind us Voice. "

    Le Marquand said he would/could have been facing disciplinary action for his alleged leaks to the media during a live Child Abuse Enquiry.

    Not sure who (possibly both) Le Marquand and/or Warcup said that they had sought, and obtained from Gradwell, assurances that he would not go on a media frenzy. What Gradwell didn't tell them was that he had already recorded an extensive interview for the "Award Winning" CTV which was later aired.

    The Scrutiny Sub Panel's Report and findings, as previously mentioned, is possibly the defining Report of its (this) era and needs to be read in its ENTIRETY

  29. The poster who says that it is very serious to accuse a journalist of supporting paedophiles "without anything to back it up" and who asks who it is must be living on another planet for most of the time or, hoping that the rest of us are. Idiot. It is David Rose (although I suspect you know that already) and if you want something to back it up, read the books and articles he read with the not lamented late Richard Webster or the evidence he gave on behalf of Beck the Leicester Care Home Rapist or the North Wales abusers, to Parliament.

  30. Webster wrote: "Beck always maintained that he had never sexually abused anyone in his care. Far more importantly, he had convinced two key members of his legal team of his innocence. One of these was Ian Henning, a gifted legal executive (and former policeman) who had taken charge of Beck’s defence. The other was Bernard Greaves, the former policy adviser to the Liberal Party. When Greaves first met Beck, he did not believe his denials. But wherever documentary evidence was available, he found it confirmed what Beck had said – that he could not have committed the offences in question. The more they worked on the case, the more Henning and Greaves became convinced that Beck had become the victim of an unprecedented trawling operation in which police officers, in their anxiety to gain a conviction, had inadvertently suggested allegations to the witness they were interviewing. Largely as a result of the work done by his defence team, Beck was acquitted on half the charges he faced. Henning and Greaves were preparing his appeal when Beck died of a heart attack in prison".[22]

    Webster continued: "To say this is not to endorse the view that Beck was completely innocent. Now that both Beck and Henning are dead, it will probably never be possible to establish the true facts about the case. But there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that the kind of police investigation mounted into Frank Beck was intrinsically unsafe. The alarming thing is the way in which this evidence has been conjured into virtual invisibility by D’Arcy and Gosling".[23]

    Webster was also highly critical of the suggestion by D'Arcy and Gosling that Beck had murdered Simon O'Donnell, an adolescent boy formerly in his care. Webster pointed out that the only evidence D'Arcy and Gosling have for making this claim was that produced by Peter Bastin, himself a convicted rapist and murderer. Moreover, Webster points out that Bastin's evidence was produced during a lucrative compensation hearing. "Twenty-one years after a verdict of suicide was returned on a thirteen-year-old boy who had been in Beck’s care, this man claimed that he had looked out of the window on the night in question and seen Beck and Fiddaman carrying ‘something wrapped in a blanket’, which he now, in 1998, believes was the body of the boy," wrote Webster. "Although it bears many of the marks of being an opportunistic fabrication, D’Arcy and Gosling treat it with respect.... The handling of Bastin’s story should in itself be sufficient to undermine the reader’s faith in the authors’ judgment

  31. Webset would have made excuses for the devil. He's dead now, thank God!

  32. I remember reading a blog comment, probably on this blog, by Lenny Harper, which described the case in which David Rose supported a UK court convicted paedophile.

    The work of Rose in that case was not unlike what Rose has done in a number of cases, where he has ignored the evidence of witnesses, scientists, forensic tests, and documents to create a false narrative. Rose presumably does this in exchange for payment, favors or access to other stories, and its doubtful VFC takes much risk in making those claims against Rose.

    Rose is a legend in the world of journalism and his example in reporting on Iraq's WMD is cited as a caution to J school students the world over. In addition, Rose has publicly apologized for misleading the public with the excuse that he had to support his family. Rose knew he was using untested and questionable information in the run up to the war because he failed to ask any questions or to refer to documented evidence contrary to what he wrote. VFC and Rico use higher standards of proof in their investigative journalism that Rose does.


  33. to all at team voice wishing you all a merry christmas and all the best for new year and a big thank you for all the hard work this year

  34. Thank you for everything you have been doing, all the videos you have made, and I hope you have a happy Christmas xx

  35. Martin/Zoompad.

    Thanks, Merry Christmas.

  36. Happy Xmas and best wishes for the New Year. Also pass my best wishes to Stuart. Does he have a date for his release yet? T.A

  37. T.A.

    Thanks for your best wishes and the same to you. Will pass them onto Stuart and hope to be able to have a release date for him in the next couple of days.

  38. All the best to you VFC. Have a good christmas and thanks for all the work your putting in. This is a brilliantly honest and revealing information outlet. More power to your elbow.

  39. Happy Christmas and keep up the good work in the New Year.

    A very impressive and necessary alternative media site.

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