Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Interview with Reform Jersey's Senator-Elect Sam Mezec.

Senator-Elect Sam Mezec

Now that the dust has somewhat settled around the recent Jersey elections. VFC asked Senator-Elect Sam Mezec for his first, exclusive, in-depth, video recorded interview and kindly he agreed.

We wanted to ask Sam about his/Reform Jersey's campaign and how the negative,organised and funded smear campaign against his party had affected him and the party. What was the truth behind the nomination papers which saw two of Reform Jersey's Candidates being taken to court? What role did the "accredited" media play and what role did Social Media play during the election campaign and subsequently? Were the court cases accurately reported by the "accredited" media? The court cases deserve a Blog Posting of their very own and something we might return to.........If the MSM won't.

According to Senator-Elect Mezec at one stage the Solicitor General changed the whole case against them/their candidate overnight. Now where/when have we seen this happen before? Perhaps former Health Minister and whistleblower Stuart Syvret might have an idea? It sounds like the whole court business was a complete shambles but that's not how I recall the MSM reporting it. Indeed "shambles" is how it's described by Sam and something that could/should have been sorted out with a phone-call rather than the expense and intimidation of candidates.

We asked the question(s) that hasn't/haven't been asked by the MSM. Including; "is it really conceivable to believe that out of somewhere in the region of ninety six candidates only two (who just happen to be Reform Jersey candidates) of them made a mistake on the nomination papers? Did any other (establishment) candidate make any mistakes and get the phone-call from the parish to sort it out rather than a court summons?" I mean what are the chances/odds of that happening?

Further discussed in the interview below are subjects such as the Independent Election Observers who were overseeing our election process, fake news, MSM campaign against the threat (to the MSM) of Social Media, BBC bias and much more.............


  1. This is a very useful interview because I believed some of the nonsense published by the media and it's good to see responsible reporting by social media after the irresponsible reporting of the so called professional media. Sam Mezec is challenging the status quo and is not afraid of the establishment and that's why the media has turned against him. We've got plenty of examples where the media turn against those who try and hold power to account. Simply think of Syvret, Power, Harper, Pitman and the knives are out for Higgins. Keep up the good work Senator Mezec and don't let them bully you into silence.

    1. Jerry Gosselin1 June 2018 at 01:05

      What a load of nonsense you speak, Anonymous at 15.13 (or is it Sam?) - "challenging the status quo" and "the media has turned against him".

      He hasn't challenged anything of relevance to ordinary people. As for the media, they were copied in to correspondence I sent to Southern on 3rd April (carbon copies sent to 7 other States Members as well as ITV Channel TV) asking serious questions about why Southern (Deputy Chair of the Scrutiny Panel that examines Social Security) has said absolutely nothing for the past 3 years about Social Security unlawfully preventing sanctioned benefit claimants from getting their claims reopened at the earliest time that the law allowed them. I haven't received one response from any of those 8 States Members to that e-mail of 3rd April and Channel have ignored it. Why has a group of apparent Labour Party supporters like Mezec, Southern and Tadier sat silent for 3 years about very senior Social Security Department officers knowingly ignoring their own Regulations and then refusing to admit they did anything wrong in spite of a Royal Court judgment which conceded exactly that?

      Far from turning against Mezec, the media are helping him to cover up a very inconvenient scandal which proves how Jersey lawmakers have connived with their civil servant friends to cover up unlawful policies aimed at the very poorest.

      Now watch him and his cover-up goons vote Gorst back into government next week and lose whatever shred of credibility they might still have...

    2. I guess his credibility is still very much intact then Jerry.

    3. Is Jerry done with bitching about Syvret yet?

      Unlawful behaviour by the authorities should always be highlighted but methinks Jerry should check his priorities.

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  2. I don't doubt what Senator Mezec said in the interview however I do find it difficult to comprehend the fact that he only found out he was due in court from the JEP. If this is the case then we need our own Leveson Enquiry over here. Journalists being told about a court case before the accused are notified is a very worrying revelation.

    1. Well, I don't "find it difficult to comprehend the fact that he only found out he was due in court from the JEP."

      It is an evidenced and known fact to so many people in Jersey and beyond that what passes for a "judicial" system in Jersey is merely a criminal enterprise - in-and-of-itself.

      And several profound examples of, let's call it "a two-way-dependency" between Jersey's gangster "judiciary" and Jersey's gangster "media" - can be cited - by multiple witnesses - before any respectable court-of-law.

      And that train is a-coming.

      As it was always going to.

      Stuart Syvret

    2. Not that Stuart needs me to back him up, but didn't Le Marquand say publicly that he wanted the JEP to have a scoop before announcing something in the House?

      The Beano is not The Rag

    3. You have a good memory Beano! Indeed ILM did promise a scoop to the JEP rather than give the evidence to Scrutiny first. It was published HERE. Mentioned by former Deputy Trevor Pitman in the short interview.

    4. Which reminds me. I am attempting to secure a Guest Posting from former Deputy Trevor Pitman. Hope to hear/have something soon.

    5. That would be great. Looking forward to it!

  3. Well done VFC and Sam Mezec for a very open and honest interview which clarifies everything I felt about bias from the MSM towards Reform during the election campaign. Recollections of Trevor and Shona Pitman's treatment, and if I remember correctly reporters at the Five Oaks offices would not even speak to Trevor if he called up there. Clear bias indeed and we would have hoped that the MSM would have learnt lessons by now, but clearly not. On the basis of this I will now be saving myself £4.50 a week and also look forward to Sam's interaction on social media.

  4. Comment from yesterday reproduced off Póló's Jersey blog:

    "At 20:38, 23 May a comment asks the following, 'Does anyone know if Syvret reported nurse m to the Jersey police before he whistle blew on the case?'

    The answer is 'yes' Syvret did report the case to the Jersey police before whistleblowing on it. I have seen an email Syvret wrote in late 2007 addressed to Police Chief Power, Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper, and Officer Alison Fossey. In it Syvret explicitly explained the nurs m case and asked that it be reopened as soon as resources permitted given the high demand which was on the Police at that time dealing with the decaders of child abuse coverup. According to the email Syvret also attached some pretty heavy evidence.

    Given the gravity of the pre existing nurse m coverup Syvret was reporting to the Police, having the case reinvestigated and re opened would have raised the most serious questions about the ability of Jersey's traditional ruling authorities to govern safely. It therefore seems a certainty that preventing the reopening of the nurse m case and the 1999 coverup thereof would have been one of the main motives of your junta in illegally suspending Police Chief Graham Power. "

  5. Main stream media vs Social media, especially blogs like VFC where we are provided with in depth honest journalism. I do not recall you ever being brought to task for promoting 'fake news' VFC which is a distinct comparison to all the local media outlets going back quite some time, and still continuing to do so.

    Says an awful lot really when you can quality in depth journalism on line, and nothing comparable from other sources. Keep up the good work VFC - this Island needs you.

  6. It's rediculous the JEP can't even get a correction correct. But as the JEP reflects the establishment agenda, it's not surprising. Well spoken Sam and well done for surviving the barrage of assaults thrown at Reform over the past 3 months... since it's inception really but especially in the run up to the election. I also want to say how gutted I am about Marilyn Carre standing down as Constable for St. Brelade following the intimidation of the court. She has excellent credentials and she would have been an excellent States Member as well as Constable. The fact that the Parish confirmed her nomination application as 'in order' makes the Parish of St. Brelade culpable in my view. I do hope the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association gave her a private interview to follow this up.

  7. Oh lets not forget!
    All the people who asked Reform Jersey candidates questions about their Manifesto only to be abused, ridiculed about their intelligence or blocked.
    When asked about tax rates on empty properties and higher social security contributions they did not have any answers. Reform Jersey were a useless disorganised ill informed political party but don't let that get in the way of another biased blog story.

  8. Well, I’m flabbergasted. I’ve just come from the royal court for the swearing in of the recently elected politicians, and, unbelievably the bailiff, who was presiding over these proceedings, gave a speech in which he offered guidance that was unashamedly political in nature to the politicians whom he had just sworn in about the forthcoming referendum to decide whether the bailiff, ie himself, should continue as speaker of the house as opposed to having an elected speaker. It was surreal. I nearly fell off my seat!

    1. A close second was watching the reform jersey candidates, under the direction of the bailiff, swearing to serve her majesty the queen! Now that was funny!

    2. The Chief Minister should, when elected, bring a proposition to remove the Bailiff from the States’ Chamber without reference to a referendum; the Bailiff, as the head of the judiciary, is wholly conflicted in the role and, in any event, is unsuitable give his overall attitude towards the administration of justice in Jersey. The sooner the Island gets rid of the Bailache - Birt - Bailache - Le Cocq legacy, the sooner it can begin operating as a modern, fair democracy rather than one based on a feudal model.

  9. Interesting that the JEP is now allowing truly racisist comments to stand , this was on the article about multicultural festivals two days ago.It should be remembered that under the Discrimination ( Jersey) Law 2016 that nationality includes being of Jersey origin ( art 16).

    Boy 2018
    If we have to decend in to this multicultural Jersey, there should be a stand representing Jersey people.

    Mariusz Le Feuvre Oh Boy 2018
    a day ago
    yep cant agree will be the one full of paedophiles ;)

  10. It has been clear that the Jersey Establishment have had an agenda to 'spike the guns' of Reform Jersey and as Sam pointed out in the interview this was done astonishingly in full view of the independent Commission - we await this report with interest and how it will be reported when published!! The court case saga, sadly aided by the MSM reporting cost Reform Jersey votes it must be said 'big time' which is why they did what they did, certainly cost Reform several seats and almost Sam and Montys.

    Something that appears to have been missed is the Chief Minister role currently contested by Gorst and Le Fondre. As I see it the Jersey Establishment have not forgiven Gorst for bringing the proposition last year to remove the Bailiff from the States and as such they (again with the assistance of the MSM) have tried to 'spike his guns' (remember the JEP brought ex editor Chris Bright out of retirement to do a one page 'demolition job' on him at the time!) to ensure he does not retain his position. Their worry being Gorst will move to remove the Bailiff and then move on the AG splitting his current farcical dual role - remember the COI report? Le Fondre on the other hand voted to retain the Bailiff and can be relied on not to 'rock the Establishment boat' for the next four years - this is who they want to take the top job. Gorst can then be shunted off out of the way to sort out the Brexit issue for the Island!!

    1. It has been said before but where Reform really fell down was in not having any recognisable faces to run alongside the three sitting members. This is a point that ties in nicely with your mention of a possible guest post (why not an interview?) with former Establishment bogey man, former Deputy Trevor Pitman. I would love to know why he has been so quiet. I would also like him to know that judging by my own circle thousands would like him back in Jersey politics.

  11. Today’s breaking news, Ian Gorst has the numbers to be elected tomorrow as Chief Minister, several members who had previously said they would support John Le Fondré have jumped ship, worried about his intention to appoint Constable Chris Taylor as Treasury Minister. So with the votes of the 5 Reform Jersey members promised to Gorst he will win by about 26 to 23. You read it here first before the MSM got the story!

    1. May I politely ask as to what is 'wrong' with Chris Taylor?

      The Beano is not the Rag

    2. I hope you did not wager any money on that one.

    3. Being first isn't as important as being correct. Less haste, more accuracy next time Mystic Meg.

  12. Watching documentary on Panorama last night re Jeremy Thorpe cover up reminds me of the cover ups we have here & like the Thorpe one how far up the ladder the conspirators are.

  13. Trev PItman was brilliant. A huge loss to local democracy. Be great to hear from the great man.

    1. The above would have been precisely what is needed at Home Affairs. Or better still as a new Justice Minister.

      He would likely have had the balls to get the Power and Syvret cases looked in to independently.

      Can't believe Le Fondre has given the incompetent witch Pinel Treasury.

  14. Deputy Mike Higgins asked a straight question yesterday about any deals with the potential CM and he was lied to.
    So I've lost faith in the new CM already.

    1. Yes, l totally agree. In answering the question, Le Fondré failed to mention the written deal he had made with reform Jersey. This was a blatant attempt to mislead by omission. Had people known that by voting for Le Fondré that they were signing up to a deal with reform Jersey they may well have voted the other way. So much for “openness” and “transparency”. I am really disappointed. What is wrong with just being honest?

    2. Agreed.
      Le Fondre should have come clean when Deputy Higgins asked him.
      What a poor start by a CM who says he wants better communications, only shows you cannot trust any of them.

  15. Interesting line up for nominated Ministers.

    External Relations - Senator Ian Gorst.

    Treasury and Resources - Deputy Susie Pinel

    Education - Senator Tracey Vallois

    Health & SS - Senator Sarah Ferguson

    Social Security - Deputy Judy Martin

    Infrastructure - Deputy Kevin Lewis

    Economic Development - Senator Lyndon Farnham

    Environment - Deputy John Young

    Housing - Senator Sam Mezec

    Home Affairs - Constable Len Norman

  16. Interesting. 5 of them voted for Sen Gorst as CM. Sen Farnham must have been brilliant at Economic Development - he's the only minister to have retained a portfolio! Politically aware observers might spot that in general the spending departments have been assigned to long standing critics. The financially important (as some would see it) ministries - treasury, external affairs and EDD all the hands of old guard, Gorst supporters. If I were a CM wanting to keep tight control of the finances it is exactly what I would do. Strangle the spending departments financially whilst setting up the more progressive ministers to carry the can for being unable to deliver changes.

  17. Sorry Mark have to disagree,

    If Sarah Ferguson, Sam Mezec, Tracy Vallois and John Young all become ministers and as you say are progressive and some may notice have been critics of the departments they may now head ? Then good changes and management stand a far better chance of seeing the light of day due to changes at the top having these new Ministers installed.

    This is obviously supported by a new Chief Minister who has a wide experience of corporate scrutiny meaning accountability.

    Further more, with the head of the civil administration Charlie Parker being on record, stating that departments will follow and enact Government policy efficiently, let us all see which policies and changes come forward with this new look Government before we condemn them.

    Granted the last Government must be one of the worst on record.


  18. 'Granted the last Government must be one of the worst on record.


    How can you say that when the economy is one of the strongest in decades, or do you prefer FW and TLS back at the helm like it was a decade ago?


  19. Anonymous at 1.14.

    You have not done your homework. The economy is one of the strongest in decades you say.

    Please explain the £250 million borrowing plus up to £275 million States outside loan provision towards the projected new hospital. Jersey has never borrowed before in this generations memory and will soon be half a billion in debt ? Even the £110 million incinerator was purchased without borrowing. As was St Martins school and all other capital expensive projects in recent years.

    Ex Treasury Alan Maclean warned of much needed tax increases and Senator Sarah Ferguson recently asked in the states why with all the new people ( no immigration policy ) coming to Jersey the tax department has 10,000 - less - residents paying tax ?

    Parking and other charges, plus the cost of food are steadily rising so most lower and middle income families have less disposable income but the good news is that employment is not difficult to find on Jersey.

    Your turn to tell us how the economy is so strong using facts please.


    1. Think you should be sending all these questions directly to States Members unless States Members are on here in disguise...

    2. "unless States Members are on here in disguise..."

      Well someone must be coming up with soundbites like "the economy is one of the strongest in decades"

  20. Replies
    1. The Jersey Way in action. None of the media asking about the South Yorkshire Police Report which investigated Mr. Bonjour.

    2. Investigated for what?

    3. The information you seek (including the South Yorkshire Police report) is contained in the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry REPORT.

  21. Never a truer word was spoken. Indeed VFC, a prime example of the Jersey Way.

  22. To get back to the post topic. I am glad Sam scraped in. So what if it was in eighth place. What disappoints me is to see that even now for all the good aspects of him and Reform you never once hear him, or them speak out about the staggering corruption here. When has Sam spoken out about what was done to Graham Power? When has he spoken out about the legal abuse perptuated on the Pitmans? He is a Senator now he needs to step up and fulfil his potential.

    1. I would say that Sam Mezec lacks the experience he would need to tackle corruption in Jersey without being burned by the Establishment, acting in concert, to smear and criminalise. Reform is also somewhat compromised by the presence of Geoff Sourthern in its ranks. I would say that very few politicians would be willing to place their careers and reputations at risk by commenting on the degree of corruption that exists in Jersey’s public services: it is easier to turn a blind eye and pursue “positive politics” acting, much like the MSM do, to encourage the majority of the populus to maintain confidence in the individuals and institutions that purport to serve them.

      I think it is only when one of them truly get to suffer at the hands of the corrupt civil service and judiciary that the problem will become sufficiently apparent to them that they might wish to do something about it, by which time, they will have been bankrupted or smeared in the States’ Chamber for pursuing their own interests rather than those of their constituents.

      It is also noteworthy that the one individual that does appear to be pursuing the corruption line in the States’ Chamber also seems to be being quite selective in the cases he is prepared to refer to. There is plentiful irrefutable evidence of collusion between the civil service, the judiciary, the police, the police complaints authority, the financial services commission and the Attorney General to avoid publicity inquiries into systematic and persistent corruption. The MSM also overlook this as well, treading carefully not to offend their friends in government to ensure that advertising revenue, sources of news and their well-being are not unduly compromised.

    2. The States would have you believe that they spend a small fortune on advertising and communicating with their electorate but the local MSM see very little of this. The real money is in providing services like PR or Recruiting off island and consultancy etc. If you boiled it all down to local only media spend you would find it insufficient to pay for a good night out, never mind enough to turn a blind eye.

    3. Members of the States assembly are only Legislators and have no authority to interfere in Court Cases.

      So who keeps on suggesting this?

      Besides it looks even worse when suggested the States should break protocol and look into the cases involving ex States Members.

    4. Anonymous @ 11:53 your statement, above, concerning the limits of States’ Members’ powers shows why they are in fact largely irrelevant to the governance of the Island. The rule of law is routinely disapplied by the courts of Jersey if there is a prior interest that ought to be preferred. It is one of the reasons why the Bailiff does not want to be excluded from the States’ Chamber as he uses the position to disallow certain open discussions from taking place under cover of Parliamentary privilege.

  23. Sam Mezec, Stuart Syvret and Trevor Pitman are all intelligent and tallented politicians the difference between them is Sam seems to of learned by Stuarts and Trevors mistakes, which is to turn a blind eye to the corruption. More so now that he just scraped in this time. Give him time to find his feet as Senator. You never know he might even venture into the bad Jersey Way.

  24. Well done to The Bailiwick Express for reporting this. One step ahead of the rag as usual

    1. I have mixed feelings about The Bailiwick Express: on the one hand, it does appear to want to challenge the establishment in the news it publishes. However, it also publishes articles based on Royal Court judgements assuming that the true facts are being reported, and points of law have been properly considered. This is not always the case: judges are apt to manipulate both facts and law to reach their intended outcome, as we know.

    2. erm,the JEP also carried this both in print and online yesterday so not sure Bailiwick were ahead or just reacting to the same PR spin from the States as released to all media outlets in order to keep their massive communications unit busy (30 plus staff at last count). looks like Charlie Parker could be Jerseys biggest media business if he has his way?

    3. erm, Bailiwick were ahead, therefore the JEP obligated to follow.

  25. What is wrong with JERSEY and it's choice of heads of childrens services as another failure is flown in by Charlie Parker ?

    Today there is a very good chance that the court ruling may go in favour of family X the abused children sent to the UK who cannot live without being cared for . One has been sectioned. Jersey has officially offered £14 million, the claiments lawyers want over £200 million. Is the ex head of Childrens services Anton Skinner living off a juicy states pension if so why, after creating this mess through incompetence by himself and those that surrounded and protected him.

    Barry Faudemer, who is now head of enforcement at the Jersey Financial Services Commission, told the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry that Anton Skinner's failure to deal properly with allegations of abuse by Alan and Jane Maguire had been a missed opportunity to prevent further abuse.

    Speaking yesterday, Mr Faudemer, who worked for the States police from 1979 until 2007, said that he was 'saddened' by Mr Skinner's failure to deal with the Maguires and was 'deeply troubled by the fact that Mrs Maguire had just been moved sideways'.

    In his witness statement Mr Faudemer described Mr Skinner as 'incompetent', the inquiry heard.

    Ex Deputy Paul Le Claire.

    78. My immediate response was that we needed to call the police to take these children off their parents. The response we got from Mr Anton Skinner was that the police already knew of this case and that the ‘last thing’ the States wished to do was remove the children from their parents. This they said was the last option, when all else had failed.

    79. However it has recently come to light as a direct result of this Inquiry’s hearings that on previous occasions Mr Skinner had decided not to inform the police in relation to child abuse allegations because he believed, the Inquiry were told, that he believed it would cause more harm to the children for them to have to give evidence at trial. With this recent admission by Mr Skinner I urge the Inquiry to ascertain what the police knew about the X Children and the abuses at this time that they were suffering. These children were, I believe, the same children identified the guardian appointed to their care as some of the most seriously abused in the United Kingdom.

  26. All the assistant ministers have been named

  27. I think you will find that these children came under the care of Marnie Baudains for most of their lives

  28. Interesting, accurate but certainly not the full story. Why are executive directors or people like Ms Marnie Baudains Directorate Manager, Social Services (HSS)

    Employed and paid a high wage because they are supposed to be in charge of the good management and quality of service. They sit at the top of the department pyramid overlooking the care of vulnerable children. Anonymous @ 10.12 is correct but there are others involved.

    In any large organisation there are excellent people, and incompetents’ like children’s manager Anton Skinner. It was in 2008 that a report by Ms Thoburn cast doubts about the Jersey Child Protection Committee. On this committee sat individuals in charge of the protection of children and others who were frankly padding. States departments are well known for their love of endless useless meetings.

    The same child social service administration that Stuart Syvret stood up in the States assembly and called not fit for purpose.

    The truth I suspect is closer to the look the other way don’t rock the boat, also known as the “Jersey Way “ which also tarnishes all those at the top of the “ care for children debacle “ most of who are now retired on very high Jersey States pensions.

    The empowered but not effective Jersey Child Protection Committee 2008.

    Children 'failed by the system'


    The review, which is being chaired jointly by Jersey Child Protection Committee chairman Professor June Thoburn


    “Important information was not properly shared, action taken was not considered in the light of this information and any lack of action was not adequately challenged. ( By Managers or Directors, my note )

    From the view of the public, Stuart Syvret is correct and accurate.

    Mario Lundy, Marnie Baudains, Anton Skinner, Mr and Mrs Maguire and others do not come out of this sad episode in Jersey’s history as champions of the vulnerable child.

  29. Mario Lundy is retired and travelling, but at least he willingly attended the Jersey Care Inquiry and allowed himself to be cross examined.

    1. Mario Lundy was NOT “cross-examined.” The Inquiry basically had a non cross examination policy.

      Frances Oldham QC:

      "This is an inquiry: no individual or institution is on trial. This does not mean that the Inquiry will avoid making criticisms, but it does mean that there are no parties and no sides; no scoring of points. Every witness will have a valuable perspective. There will be no cross-examination of witnesses."

      Although the only witness to be officially cross-examined was former DCO/SIO Lenny Harper.

      The commenter could be forgiven for believing there was a cross-examination policy due to the inaccurate and (at best) sloppy “journalism” of (among others) ITV/CTV.

      Further - Mr. Lundy should not be seen as some kind of hero for giving evidence. He did not make a good account of himself and the Care Inquiry report was very critical of him.

      The only heroes to give evidence at the Care Inquiry were/are the Victims and Survivors.

  30. If I recall correctly VFC, the day Lundy gave evidence the public seats were filled with his 'supporters' from the Education Department and others. There were also some of his victims who had been in Les Chenes who rightly expressed outrage between themselves at some of the answers he gave in evidence. At the end of his evidence one man in particular stood up and criticised these victims and said they were 'rude'. I had no choice but to turn around and say 'they are not rude, but very angry, and if you came here expecting not to see angry victims of his, you should not have come at all'. Yes, he mustered his troops together, but that is not the actions of a hero. As you say quite rightly VFC, the heroes were his victims who had no-one there to support them on that day, but turned up to face him.

  31. In 2010 a serious case review was published into the eldest child Child BA, by this time Prof Thoburn had appointed an independent chairperson to head up and reform the child protection committee, Mike Taylor it was to him that Tim Hanson went and requested a SCR. This was the first independent ,professional SCR done in Jersey ,This review did not please the powers that be as the children service were heavily criticized. The report is in the public domain and was submitted to the care inquiry,

  32. sorry the previous posting refers to the excellent posting on Tony's Musings got the wrongg blog sorry

    1. An excellent, but very disturbing, Blog. It can be viewed HERE.

    2. "The Guardian is appointed to protect the interests of the children and the Minister has a duty under Article 19 to give due consideration to the Guardian’s views. The notice of a FEW HOURS given to the Guardian to make written representations was impossibly short and wholly inadequate.

      There seems to be no good reason why the Guardian and his legal adviser should not have been permitted to articulate their views to the Panel as they considered the different available options..."

    3. All good things come to those who wait.

  33. VFC,
    I note your recently reblogged press release on this:

    My, my, Jersey's Paedo-Troll was quick off the mark on that post.

    The current claim by the representatives of just two of Shenton and Perchard's "Family X" children is £238 million. The Health Minister has accepted that damages are appropriate and is currently offering £14.5 million.

    I wonder if the Paedo-Troll still says that nobody is interested in this?

    Or if he would rather bang on about the price of a prawn cocktail, like his mates at the JEP?

    1. The hidden costs of the Jersey Way just mount and mount

      It is truly frightening to try to add up the total cost.

      £50 million would look like a lower bound figure for the above + the CoI etc +the costs of silencing and even imprisoning opposition politicians.

      To this we can add the personal cost of corrupt courts, the hijack of the police force, generations of raped and beaten children, many, many ruined lives and suicides.

      One way or another these are all ultimately the result of the lack of separation of powers and an unfit political system.

      £26 million on a supposedly independent inquiry and nothing has changed.

      You are screwed for generations to come.

  34. Stuart Syvret has often quoted the old saying that the " train is coming down the track " he also has an uncanny habit of being correct.

    Is this £238 million cost of servicing the needs of family X before the Jersey royal court now the train ? Half the cost of a new hospital that Jersey cannot afford as it is wants to borrow £250 million which will entrap younger generations in payback plus interest.

    How about all the senior excecutive heads and directors of states departments who helped cause this, will they be taking a pension cut to help soften the cost should the royal court find in " Xs " favour. Where will Jersey credibility be when / if the UK papers pick this up ? In another words one giant " Jersey Way " mess which could have been avoided.

    Finally the Child Care Inquiry, should have been a judicial review not a please yourself chat stacked with defending lawyers. If the court does indeed find for family X then there will be no one held responsible as the tax payer again picks up the bill and the high pensions costs of the incompetent states executives and directors who will be laughing al the way to their well funded holiday homes.

    1. Earlier on this thread it was said "The hidden costs of the Jersey Way just mount and mount. It is truly frightening to try to add up the total cost. £50 million would look like a lower bound figure..."

      It is much more difficult to produce an upper bound figure of the hidden cost of the Jersey Way -even say just over the last 10 years.
      When you add it all up, £500 million looks quite possible, and with claims of £238 million for just one family, £500 million looks like it could be quite an underestimate!

      One guesses that this "Family X" foulup cost. will lie somewhere between the £238 million claimed and the £14.5 million offered. The Royal Court is presumably still a captured and politicised entity so I imagine that the award will be closer to the lower figure which reflects the UK care costs and probably no compensation or punitive damages. The judgement will be upsetting but interesting whichever way the Jersey authorities decide to play it.
      Does Family X have a UK legal channel if the Royal Court tries to stick to the Jersey Way?

      The legal costs of fighting the "Family X" foulup must already be well in excess of £1million (the "safe pairs of hands" of Ben Shenton & Jimmy Perchard spent in excess of £600,000)

      I'm guessing that the costs of silencing Syvret were between £1 & 2million

      The Jersey Way prefers it's victims to die young and penniless but times are changing.

      Changing slowly ….the £23million CoI into decades of covered up child abuse FAILED to find any evidence of cover up.

      All the evidenced cover ups look like cover ups to everyone except Eversheds
      ......who were the retained lawyers of Special Branch.

      This is not going to end well.

    2. ^ these costs are indeed frightening for a small island with a population of just 90k or so.

  35. A comment left on 23rd May 2018 says this, "At 20:38, 23 May a comment asks the following, 'Does anyone know if Syvret reported nurse m to the Jersey police before he whistle blew on the case?'

    "The answer is 'yes' Syvret did report the case to the Jersey police before whistleblowing on it. I have seen an email Syvret wrote in late 2007 addressed to Police Chief Power, Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper, and Officer Alison Fossey. In it Syvret explicitly explained the nurs m case and asked that it be reopened as soon as resources permitted given the high demand which was on the Police at that time dealing with the decaders of child abuse coverup. According to the email Syvret also attached some pretty heavy evidence.

    "Given the gravity of the pre existing nurse m coverup Syvret was reporting to the Police, having the case reinvestigated and re opened would have raised the most serious questions about the ability of Jersey's traditional ruling authorities to govern safely. It therefore seems a certainty that preventing the reopening of the nurse m case and the 1999 coverup thereof would have been one of the main motives of your junta in illegally suspending Police Chief Graham Power. "

    It has taken 20 years to expose the most awful cover-up of unlawful killings in Gosport Hospital.

    Take note now, the national fall-out from this scandal is going to be vast.

    The Guardian article says, "The report, led by the former bishop of Liverpool James Jones, who ran the Hillsborough inquiry, said the home secretary, attorney general and Hampshire police should all “recognise the significance” of the review findings. It looked at 1,500 deaths at the hospital and found that 456 followed inappropriate administration of opioid drugs and a possible 200 more patients had their lives shortened."

    There was a phrase used in the 1999 cover-up of Nurse M and the suspicion he had unlawfully killed people in the Jersey Hospital. A police officer who was involved in the 1999 investigation of Nurse M wrote that he may have "brought about the premature deaths (sic) of patients albeit patients who were in any event (sic) terminally ill."

    A comment under this blog offered the following judgment, "Far from being a 'good idea', siding with nurse m and using the case to go after Syvret was possibly the dumbest move in the whole collapse."

    I believe Mr Syvret uses an expression referring to the inevitable and unavoidable when he says 'there's a train coming down the tracks' or words to that effect.


  36. Another saying Mr Syvret has used in the past is: This is only the end of the beginning. Maybe he will soon be saying: This now the beginning of the end?!

  37. That is the realistic way in which 'The-Jersey-Situation' must be viewed: "Jersey's 30 year war".

    That is what we are fighting. A war against an undisguised mafia; a war to secure the real and effective rule-of-law in Jersey.

    The so-called "public-inquiry" into decades of child-abuse on Jersey was, beyond peradventure, the most corrupt public-inquiry in modern British history. It is a further tragedy for the survivors, whistle-blowers and present and future vulnerable children that the Jersey polity and the island's media has fostered zero debate on the many terminal ultra vires facets of the CoI.

    What should have been a fully functioning statutory public-inquiry was instead "captured" - and run as a piece of theatre - designed by spin-doctors - and acted-out in a performance of shop-front fakery by the three terminally conflicted law-firms - Appleby Global, Eversheds, & The Ogier Group.

    Once again, victims have been put-through-the-mill - used, effectively - by an establishment which needed them, so as to appear to be "Doing-Something!" when, in truth, the process was fake from the get-go - with zero chance of delivering the full truth and real justice - and the necessary real changes to "The-Jersey-Way".

    To anyone who doubts that - just take a look at what real, meaningful changes have occurred post-CoI.

    Where have been the mass-sackings? Where have been the legal sequestrations of the pensions and pay-offs of the dozens of starkly and foully culpable civil-servants, with the money being re-directed to survivors? Where have been the many detailed - profoundly serious - States debates on all of the implications and ramifications of the evidence - deliberately limited and restricted though that evidence was - which emerged in the course of the CoI? The Jersey parliament - in response to the greatest crisis and collapse of the Jersey polity in the island's history - have held one - count-em - one full debate. And even that was held at the direction of spin-doctors - ludicrously rushed through in the few days after the publication of the CoI report - before people had a realistic chance to read, assimilate and speak about the material and make representations to their politicians.

    And most significantly - where have been the many, many prosecutions which should now be conducted in light of evidence emerged?

    Prosecutions for child abuse. And dozens and dozens of prosecutions for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, perverting the course of justice, and misconduct in public office?

    There are, frankly, hundreds of stark, prima facie and unambiguous criminal offences apparent in the material generated by the CoI. Not that one would ever know that by reading the report of the CoI. Let me cite only one example: at least one witness recounts how they destroyed evidence - destroyed the records and data of the children who had been victims of Les Chene / Greenfields - on the orders of their senior managers - once it became known that the Health & Social Services Minister (me) was investigating the abuse those children had suffered.

    The people who ordered that destruction of evidence are criminals.

    Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office, and offences against the Children (Jersey) Law 2002.

    Yet, what has changed, as a result of the CoI? Nothing meaningful.

    If the CoI had been in the least little bit effective in cleaning-up The-Jersey-Way - those prosecutions would now be happening, because the Jersey establishment would have been left with no choice other than to prosecute.

    But - those prosecutions are going to happen one day.

    But not until we win the on-going war to secure the real rule-of-law in Jersey.

    A number of survivors are now of the view they’ve been cheated by the whole process. Sadly – they’re right. But they are also strong. The battle for justice - and thus real, reliable, protection for vulnerable children - goes on.

    Stuart Syvret

  38. The beginning of the end?

    1. "The beginning of the end?"
      That would be nice.

      If it is indeed a 30 year war (not including the previous 50+ years of 'war crimes'), then we are barely 1/3 way through so the end of the beginning looks more likely.

      The cranky house of cards is fit to fall and by rights the island should have been cleansed and restructured within a year or two.
      However the protocol used by quasi-democratic cabals in these situations is to deny and delay and prevaricate until the abusers and their enablers have retired, moved on or died -by which time they will have long been referring to it as "historic"

      Keeping the house of cards upright is eye wateringly expensive as the only thing which delays the inevitable is lawyer-goo and spin-doctor-spittle.

      It is a train crash in ultra slow motion

      The Jersey cabal will pay any price and more.
      The cost does not matter because they have used, and will continue to use, *your money*.

      How long before middle jersey wakes up and rediscovers it's conscience and backbone?

    2. This child abuse cancer should have been treated and cut out immediately when it was discovered by the Health Minister and the uncorrupt Police leadership.
      With the sacking and imprisonment of the Health Minister and the hijack of the policing function this is going to be far more painful, damaging and expensive than was necessary.

      Incompetence in child protection leads to massive costs.
      As we have seen in the Family X case, compounding that incompetence leads to the costs exploding out of control.

      Does anyone have confidence in the new states and chief minister?

    3. "It is a train crash in ultra slow motion"

      You can say that again.

  39. Its totally unacceptable the way Stuart Syvret has been bullied, over the last decade. Can Charlie Parker's Gang of Angles not look into this?

  40. I have long thought that the COI funked the main issues and was incompetent to boot - failing to pursue the reason for the sacking of Graham Power and incompetently identifying Person 737 and letting Mick Gradwell off the hook for not booking him.

    The only real benefit of the Inquiry is the evidence it revealed, though it could have revealed more if it had been prepared to give some other people the Lenny Harper treatment.

    Unfortunately the evidence is now just sitting there and will continue to do so until someone takes it up and runs with it.

    I wouldn't be waiting for the JEP or BBC. Anyone else out there?

    1. The Bailiwick Express?

    2. Polo, your comment is too generous.

      The word "incompetent" doesn't even get onto the radar-screen in terms of accurately describing the grotesque failings of the CoI - Jersey's supposed "public-inquiry" into decades of child-abuse and the illegal concealment of that child-abuse.

      The Jersey "public-inquiry" was - and is - a criminal enterprise.

      It was simply a "doubling-down" of the gamble made by the gangster beneficiaries of "The-Jersey-Way". Beneficiaries in Jersey - in London - in the USA.

      What allowed the decades of total polity failure - essentially a collapse in the rule-of-law - which enabled, covered-up, fostered and de facto encouraged generations of child-abuse and all the attendant human suffering?

      The complete failure of institutions - of "public-bodies" - of "public-authorities" - to comply with the law; both criminal law, and civil law.

      And what do we see - when we make close and informed scrutiny of the CoI and those involved with delivering it?

      A stark and frankly undisguised disregard for the rule-of-law; a process which didn't even make a pretence of adhering to its "legislative-purposes" - the instruction of the commissioning Jersey legislature.

      A supposed "public-inquiry" which actively colluded with expressly conflicted parties and "public-bodies" it was meant to be investigating.

      A "public-body" which exhibited utter contempt for the fundamental law of the ECHR.

      An "investigative" process - which failed to subpoena at least a couple of dozen utterly core and vital witnesses - myself amongst them.

      A "public-inquiry" which - itself - actually engaged in witness-tampering.

      The Jersey child-abuse "public-inquiry" was - in-and-of-itself - more of the very failure, corruption, and illegality that enabled and concealed the decades of child-protection failure.

      The CoI has come and gone. And obviously enough - as was always going to be the case - it was merely the latest example of state-criminality that we've added to the charge-sheet.

      If anyone ever says to the child-abuse cover-up victims, "where is your evidence that the Jersey polity and its protectors in London are so so corrupt?! - all the survivors have to do is point to the CoI - Jersey's "public-inquiry".

      It's all there.

      The most profound and plain item of evidence.

      The Jersey establishment - and their protectors in London - guilty.

      Guilty - by their own conduct.

      It is there - sitting in-plain-sight - like the crimes of Jimmy Savile.

      Stuart Syvret.

    3. Well what a complete distortion. And yes the COI was not perfect but it exposed decades of child abuse in state homes and severely criticised state institutions for their failings as a result of which their many good recommendations are now being implemented - thanks to Ian Gorsts determination to do so which you should be supporting because it means that children will be safer and have more of a voice than ever before. You don’t speak for the survivors as a group so don’t imply that you do. A great deal of good has come out of this and things are moving forward albeit slowly.

    4. I do not understand why Stuart still writes this stuff.
      The Jersey Care Inquiry is what it is and if it prevent one child being abused within the system then its been a success.
      Time to move on and stop trying to disrupt the work of others who do not share the same pessimistic outlook.

    5. We love the type of comment we see at 13:23.


      Because they show our opponents - the enemies of lawful child-protection - to be idiots.

      More significantly, the many - many - comments over the years which continue to peddle the spin-doctors trope of "time-to-move-on" - "no-one is interested" - "everything-in-the-garden-is now-rosy" - "the-problems-have-been-addressed" – etc, etc - demonstrate to us THE fundamentally disastrous problem the Jersey mafia and their protectors in London face.

      Whenever we read comments to the effect, "this is all over now. It's in the past. Forget about it. Time to move on" - we see the fear - the terror - these criminals live with.

      They are terrified. And they are wise to be.

      They want it all to be "in the past". They are desperate - desperate - desperate - desperate - for it all to "fade-away".

      Never going to happen - boys and girls. Never going to happen.

      The rule-of-law is coming for you. All of you. You know who you are.

      It is the inescapable - literally inescapable - problem for the Jersey mafia and its protectors that when this scandal first erupted as a public matter, in July 2007, we were by then in the age of the internet - of information-technology - of the world-wide-web - and citizens journalism.

      Before this era - it was never any kind of "big-problem" for public authorities, governments, establishments and their pet media - to bury scandals. The public didn't have the information, didn't have a means to share and discover and publish - and archive - evidence. We didn't have the means to fight corruption.

      Back in those days, the strategy adopted by the British establishment was to simply sit on, and repress the truth - mouth vacuous platitudes - and wait. Mainly that. Just "wait".

      Keep as much as possible "on-hold" - and wait - for the scandal to fade-away.

      And that was - idiotically - the strategy the Jersey / London gangsters adopted from July 2007.

      And disastrously for them - it was already - then - an obsolete strategy. As was obvious to anyone not a fool and/or a maniac.

      The cover-ups - the intimidation and suppression of witnesses - the spiralling ultra vires acts & omissions - the overt capture of various "public-authorities" and the turning of those authorities to criminal ends - the cancer of criminality infecting all arms of the polity of Jersey - could never succeed, as they might once have done, in concealing the truth - and protecting criminals from facing justice.

      Instead of the scandal "fading-away" - as the Jersey mafia have always fervently hoped for – their actions mean the scandal grows - and grows - and grows.

      Every lawless and nutty "doubling-down" on the corrupt and criminal concealment of child-abuse we have witnessed during the last twelve years, has been a cancerous growth in the breakdown of the rule-of-law on Jersey - rather than a "fading-away".

      And it is all recognised - studied - evidenced - and archived - by activists around the world.

      No hiding place.

      "The-Jersey-Situation" is worse than Watergate. Worse.

      And the hi-jacking and corruption of the "public-inquiry" is a main feature of the cover-up - of the cover-ups.

      To those who defend the corrupt CoI - know this: - there are horrifying child-abusers - and those who illegally covered-up those child-abusers - walking free - in Jersey - right now.

      Child-abusers - free - protected by the Jersey oligarchy - this very second. As I type.

      So - no. None of this is "fading-away".

      Instead, it grows - and grows.

      To the child-abusers - and their protectors - I say this: feel the fear.

      Every time you try to sleep - remember - that the real rule of law is coming for you - one day.

      None of this is forgotten. None of this can be erased.

      Feel a fear of the kind you inflicted on your victims.

      The real law is coming for you.

      Stuart Syvret

    6. The £23,000,000 CoI can be judged by it's results

      @7:07 "the COI was not perfect but it exposed decades of child abuse in state homes" ……… the decades of child abuse were ALREADY EXPOSED by the police investigation and by Health Minister Syvret before and after he was SACKED for stating that children's services was not fit for purpose.
      The CoI exposed nothing of true significance.

      At best it added (controlled) detail.

      The Police Chief (also constructively dismissed BTW) testified details of the conspiracy to dismiss the Health Minister on the pretext of "bullying hard working staff members"

      Do try to think about that and the CoI's failure to identify this (and many other things) as a cover up.

      Limbo dancer @13:23 says "if it prevent one child being abused within the system then its been a success." …….we are so impressed that you can set the bar that low!!!
      and then go on to say "Time to move on"

      Isn't it funny how these anti-Syvret comments always have the same message but invariably fail to offer any real information or deal with the points they are replying to.

      The CoI may have embezzled and flushed £23,000,000 of your money but it can be judged by it's results.

      In all those decades of child abuse they failed to find any cover up.

      The only rational reaction is "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!", but the CoI was a PR game and many people are PR victims.

      Being a PR victim is easier than dealing with the reality.
      The reality is truly disturbing as Mr Syvret states in his slightly jargonised way.

      Deal with it or wish future generations of children the best of luck.
      To any right thinking person the conduct of the CoI is evidence that nothing has changed.

    7. Knowing several States members, people in the Media, Coppers, Survivors and others who show a passive interest on Facebook I do not believe many people share Stuart Syvret's vision.

      It always ends up going back to 'he never gave evidence so of course he will slate it'

      Like the famous quote goes -

      'You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. - Abraham Lincoln'

    8. You are right @10:21 with your Abraham Lincoln' quote "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." But when you have around £30million to spend you can fool the averagely gullible for years and the profoundly gullible for decades.

      That so many are reading and commenting on this child protection blog makes it clear that a significant proportion of people are not so easy to fool.

      How many people think that the CoI was fit for purpose, well run and value for money?
      A vanishing few I suspect.

    9. Surely that quote that you attribute to Abraham Lincoln must really have been said by Abraham Gorst

      In addition to his famous quote confirming that in fact you can fool some of the people all of the time
      -didn't he also say that this CoI is the Rolls-Royce of Trabants and that it will keep us going round the same block for years?

      How did we let this great leader go?

  41. Poster at 7.07 Anonymous why dont you have the courage to post your name as Ex Senator Syvret does?

    1. Because there are some nasty people who comment on social media sites such as these who make personal attacks on you for making very reasonable comments that they don’t like, as you have just done Mr Anonymous. So Instead of attacking me why don’t you give a reasoned argument that counters what I have said.

    2. Says Anonymous.....

    3. @17:38, the commenter @12:46 (Mr Tony Nightingale) merely why don't you have the courage to post your name as Ex Senator Syvret does.

      There was nothing "nasty" in the 12:46 comment. This blogsite is dedicated to the generations of waifs and orphans in Jersey who were variously battered, abused and raped and sodomised in the care of the Jersey Government.
      Many driven to suicide and early death.

      Your implicit definition of "nasty" does indicate a lack of personal courage in that context.
      Some might say that in the landscape of the above stated brutalisation of children, your complaint, worse still ......indicates a lack of moral courage.

      Further you say: "So Instead of attacking me why don’t you give a reasoned argument that counters what I have said"
      Help me out here .....Does that not indicate a lack of intellectual courage and capacity?

      What you claim are "reasonable comments" at 7:07 have already been answered a thousand times.

      The 7:07 coment has already been answered on this thread not only by me but also rather comprehensively by Ex Health Minister Syvret at 18:48 and before

      If you cant be bothered to read above, The Q and my A to what you seek was:
      @7:07 "the COI was not perfect but it exposed decades of child abuse in state homes"
      A ……… the decades of child abuse were ALREADY EXPOSED by the police investigation and by Health Minister Syvret before and after he was SACKED for stating that children's services was not fit for purpose.
      The CoI exposed nothing of true significance.

      So basically you paid £23,000,000 for reams of *low value hand wringing* and an apparent assurance that there was no cover up.

      And you think the CoI is the solution and not just a further manifestation of the problem well described by the Health Minister who was dismissed for blowing the whistle on this covered up catastrophe?

      Even though the obvious may be staring you in the face, to then think the unthinkable does take moral courage.
      and BTW, I don't actually care who you are
      -there is always background noise generated by spin machines and snowflakes who would melt if exposed to even lukewarm reality.

  42. Anonymous 7.07 I have now given my name so will expect the same in return.
    As to "reasoned argument" all I can say is I have followed these discussions for a long time now & read pretty much everything,knowing some of the people involved such a the "famous" four plus others I believe Stuart Syvret version & agree with him about the long game as is being proven elsewhere in the world with historic criminal proceeding against priests & people of power worldwide which is why I like the expression the "train is coming". He has suffered considerably for his actions when he did not need to so that causes me to believe him over others. Hope that is "reasoned" enough for you Mr ANonymous 7.07. My name is Tony Nightingale

    1. No, I’m afraid that it isn’t reasoned enough for the simple reason that it fails to address the central point that so much good has come out of the coi and in particular that in implementing its recommendations children in care will have a voice and be far safer than they have ever been in what has passed for a care system in the past.

    2. I hope that Mr Nightingale will indulge you by providing further "reasoned argument" (as if the answers you allegedly seek are not provided in abundance nearby on the thread!)

      For my part I thank you again for demonstrating just how low you are prepared to set the bar on child protection and just how happy you are to rebroadcast thus far empty and aspirational assurances.

      We were assured back in 2008 that all was well and that the then Health Minister (Syvret) was grandstanding and bullying staff with his allegations of serious maltreatment and dysfunction in the care system. Frank Walker even commissioned an expensive our chap report to sate that Syvret had been putting unwarranted stress and pressure on the good senior civil servants and that all was well in Jersey Children's Services.
      Syvret demonstrated at the time that this report was hogwash and an expensive smoke screen and we later discover that this report was at the very time that the Children's Services failures to "Family X" were turning truly chronic.
      If you could be bothered to read, and take on board the comments already made on this thread you would know that those utterly avoidable "Family X" failures are currently resulting in a £238 million claim against the island.

      Complacency and credulity are that dangerous and expensive. Were you one of the ones banging on about the cost of a prawn cocktail when the complicit authorities were spending literally millions (BDO report etc) attempting to trash (& for folks like you succeeding) the Police investigation into child abuse, Operation Rectangle?

      Please feel free to explain how you are not setting the bar incredibly low on:

      - child protection
      - accepting the current gamut of assurances relating thereto
      - The conduct of the CoI
      - It's failure to register dozens of critical witnesses
      - It's failure to provide unconditional legal representation
      - It's failure to subpoena witnesses
      - The authorities failure to charge dozens of abusers
      - The authorities failure to charge or even reprimand the enablers of those abusers and those who covered up for them
      - etc.
      - etc.
      - the value for money and return you require from £23m
      (just for starters)

      Please try to avoid the "Syvret never this…… Syvret never that......" narrative
      we really have heard it all before and this attitude would appear to be costing the island tens …..if not hundreds of £Millions.

  43. Tony, all Stuart Syvret has ever done is write threats and insults online.
    He has never once shown proper evidence on this subject to an outside Media source, but instead he has forever made excuses not to show any evidence to either the States, Media, the Police or the COI.

    This Train a-coming also goes back years so when do you draw the line Tony?

    1. Ha Ha Ha Ha....
      9:19 says: "....He has never once shown proper evidence on this subject to an outside Media source, but instead he has forever made excuses not to show any evidence to either the States, Media, the Police ……."

      It is inconceivable that 9:19 does not know his statements to be utterly untrue.

  44. As the results of "historic" prosecutions around the world going back many many years in some cases so yes where do you draw the line as Stuart suggests when the line is drawn the alleged persons would then rest easy thinking they have "got away" with their alleged crimes, so therefore no line should be drawn at all.Still awaiting your name 7.07!! TN

  45. Tony don't waste your time thrilling that annonymous person at 7:07,13:23 18:43 and 9:19. It's not worth it.

    1. Why?
      I cannot find any official source that confirms Stuart Syvret has handed real evidence into any Authority.
      When I mean real evidence I mean evidence that can back-up his claims in a Court of Law.
      So who is wasting time?

    2. I think we can make an educated guess as to the mindset and perhaps even the identity of 7:07,13:23 18:43, 9:19 and 10:21.

      Ultimately it matters little. He could be any Jon, Dick or Hillary endlessly churning over the same debunked comments attacking the health minister who was Jersey's pivotal child abuse whistlelower and defending a criminally expensive and even more criminally incomplete CoI.

      While you may wonder at the motivations of Jon, Dick & Hillary, they do perhaps serve some purpose in motivating more credible commenters to post actual facts, information and links in order to rebut their complacent (or worse!) narrative.

      One has to feel a bit sorry for Hillary because he can't help himself ;-)

  46. JEP killer syringe pumps re Gosport used in Jersey would these have been used in the "M" era?

    1. Yes, I think those syringe pumps were used in Jersey during the "M" era.

      However I do not think it is relevant to "M" because according to the suppressed police investigation report "M" liked to impress other staff members with his uncanny ability to predict the time of death of patients.

      The suppression of such police investigations is the real world manifestation of that dry and inaccessible phrase:
      "Jersey does not have the proper rule of Law"

      That is why Syvret and others make such a fuss about it.
      The costs are running into the hundreds of millions and will just keep on racking up until these structural problems are solved.

      We were warned of these things over a decade ago.

  47. VFC, Hope you are keeping your eye on Jounalist Anna Brees?

  48. For those overly concerned with the non-arrival of the "20-14 Syvret Express":

    Former chief superintendent David Duckenfield and four other men are to face charges over Hillsborough

    How many decades did this take?
    And not just a first
    ……..or even a second
    …......but a THIRD Public Inquiry!

    Hillsborough was an accident. Jersey's abuse, cover up and victimisation of whistleblowers was anything but.

    For those in Jersey who should have known better, here is a mantra to help you get to sleep for the next few years:

    "clickity clack, clickity clack, that old train's coming down the track"

    In addition to the abusers, the number of people who could be affected is quite large:
    Tha Bailhache Boys?
    Emma Martins?
    Frank Walker?

    I'm sure others can add to the list which must be over 50 names long

  49. Anonymous 7.07 Duckenfield re Hiilsborough the perfect reason "NO LINE SHOULD BE DRAWN"
    T. N.

  50. What happened to the Trevor Pitman interview or was it a guest post? There is no opposition in the States now Higgins aside. Reform Jersey have become the new Lib-Dems under Housing Minister Mezec.

    1. Couldn't agree more. Coalition kills opposition without party politics.

      Like to hear from Mr P too.

  51. What's left of the Establishment politicians, are now on Scutiny panels/commitees. The so called Opposition are now in control. Interesting times.

    1. "The so called Opposition are now in control" LOL

      Well that's stretching it a bit.
      Dull, Dull, Dull.

      John Le Fondre's father had the airport named after him

      Nothing has changed, it is just a different factional mix.

      The opposition was comprised of Syvret, the Pitmans and Higgins.
      Since the hijack/imprisonment of the other three the opposition is now basically Higgins.

      The old guard were tainted with child abuse and cover up and have mostly now moved on. The majority of the new faces are just the establishment in waiting.

      Am I right, or am I right?

    2. Could be right, could be wrong. As said: Interesting times.

    3. I hope I am wrong. I have hoped to be wrong many times before and have been disappointed.

      It is difficult to see John Le Fondre as anything but the clique in waiting. If I recall correctly John Le Fondre's voting record has been quite dire in terms of draining the Jersey child abuse swamp. With the exception of the damage-control-CoI, has he once not voted for secrecy?
      Has he once voted on the side of good -e.g. in support of the unlawfully suspended Chief of Police who made the 'mistake' of allowing the investigation of state sponsored child abuse?

      Will John Le Fondre now switch sides and for example start the recovery of the Taxpayer's £23million and start prosecuting the guilty and the corrupt?

      As for the others and the new faces the jury is out.
      We have been here before. Here is an analysis form a few years back:

      New faces or new feces? - That shall be judged by their actions.

    4. And not forgetting that baby brother bailhache still directs the orchestra.

      ...….The relevant section from the freespeech link is:

      "Although Jersey is a self-governing jurisdiction, which makes its own laws and sets its own tax rates and so forth – like a mini-nation state, – it is, effectively, a single-party state. 98% of political candidates run for office as so-called 'independents'. [93%now?]

      How this manifests itself in practice is, of course, a de facto [ultra] Conservative Party – operating on a covert basis working to hidden agendas. Moreover – the ‘cultural’ resistance to political parties has been very carefully nurtured and promoted by the island’s media over the decades – particularly the Jersey Evening Post.

      The reason for this is obvious to anyone upon a moment’s reflection.

      With political parties the voting public actually have a clear choice concerning which political philosophy and manifesto of policies they will be governed by. The electorate has power.

      And that is the very last thing that the Jersey oligarchy wants to see.

      Voter power, you might think, is a very foundation stone of functioning democracy. But in Jersey it is viewed as though it were the second coming of Mikhail Bakunin.

      Instead, in Jersey, people like me trawl around the election campaign trail – trying to sell our wares to the voters – usually on the basis of nothing more substantive than “Hey – I’m a nice guy – my great-uncle lived in this parish – and I like your pub - so please vote for me.”

      In my case I like to imagine I offer a little more substance – but the net result of this approach to democracy is a legislature comprised of a disjointed, directionless rabble which possesses no electoral mandate for a particular political direction or programme of policies.

      Such a lack of focus results in a “let’s make it up as we go along” approach to policy formation. Most members of the Jersey legislature, no matter how well intentioned, are just sitting around waiting to be led – waiting to be told what to do.

      And it is into this policy vacuum that the winds of power rush ....."

    5. RE. John Le Fondre
      "Has he once voted on the side of good -e.g. in support of the unlawfully suspended Chief of Police who made the 'mistake' of allowing the investigation of state sponsored child abuse?"

      The Chief of Police who made the 'mistake' of allowing the investigation of state sponsored child abuse AND refusing to take part in the ambush of the then Health Minister who had blown the whistle on the abuse and the corruption of Jersey Children's Services

      Isn't JLF even in favour of keeping the Bayleaf???
      That's the Jersey "opposition" for you.

      JLF is a bit of a sailing man I think. Further to the "new feces" mentioned above and JLF's voting record I think a Nelson Quote is in order:

      "I see no shits"

      Perhaps John will survey the Jersey scene using his good eye in future?

      Otherwise is same old Dull, Dull, Dull.

    6. I guess a decade of the same makes anything dull.
      But 'Dull' is the wrong word.

      Child abuse and the victimisation of their champions -or just the failure to help in their hour of need, is not dull.

      It is Evil, Wicked & Cowardly

  52. It turns out that the Bailiff is protected from FoI requests.
    Who arranged that I wonder?

    A recent Freedom of Information request highlighted something interesting. It was not the fact that the meal worked out at around £57 per head as that was probably reasonable for a two or three course meal with wine and coffee. What was interesting was the fact that the Bailiffs Chambers is outside the remit of the Freedom of Information Law.

    Scheduled public authorities include:

    1 The States Assembly including the States Greffe.
    2 A Minister.
    3 A committee or other body established by resolution of the States or by or in accordance with standing orders of the States Assembly.
    4 A department established on behalf of the States.
    5 The Judicial Greffe.
    6 The Viscount’s department.
    6A Andium Homes Limited, registered on 13th May 2014 under registration number 115713.
    7 The States of Jersey Police Force.
    8 A parish.

    So why not the Bailiff's Chamber?

  53. Is the "justification" for this the Bailiff being the chief judge. If so it is another argument in favour of splitting his States/Judicial function. There is no excuse for exemption from FOI in either case really.

    FOI, certainly in Ireland, does not always mean you have to provide information, but you have to justify any withholding of information/records against strict criteria. The decision is subject to appeal to the Information Commissioner/Ombudsman.

  54. It seems that the accountant jailed today for 6 years was the managing director of BDO at the time that firm looked into the expenditure by Mr. Harper during the child abuse inquiry. Karma or what?

    1. Took 6 years but these people always gets their karma, living by the sword and that.
      Because they are too dumb and blinkered to see that their criminal actions will only land them in the Nick.

    2. Someone should sent him in a prawn cocktail and dock it from his prison wages. Charged at an appropriate rate, of course.

    3. It was disgusting at the time but BDO and the JEPeado's intense focus on the price of a round of prawn cocktails in London now looks like poor financial sense in the light of a dysfunctional/failed CoI costing
      and the claim by "Family X" of

      This is the true cost of their priorities lies and spin!

  55. The Countess of Chester Hospital called in the police to investigate a statistically significant rash of deaths.

    A female nurse has been arrested on suspicion of murdering eight babies and attempting to kill six others at a the Countess of Chester Hospital.

    Officers have been investigating the deaths of 17 newborns at the neonatal unit between March 2015 and July 2016, and additionally 15 "non-fatal collapses".

    In Jersey they use a far more pragmatic approach like the law offices pulling the plug on the investigation.
    Negative publicity is so bad for business, old chaps.

    Readers may recall that Health Minister Syvret did quite a comprehensive survey of "when nurses kill" after his political imprisonment.
    Interestingly I recall that over half of the killer nurses surveyed happened to be male.
    Only saying.

    "clickity clack, clickity clack, that slow train's coming down the track"

  56. THE Island is still failing children in its care, Ofsted investigators have found – one year since the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry made similar findings.

    Senior government officials have admitted that progress on the eight core recommendations made by the inquiry panel has not been delivered quickly or deeply enough.

    A preliminary report from Ofsted – which has not yet been made public – has found that while no children are at risk of immediate harm they are still being failed. A full report and recommendations arising from the Ofsted review is due to be published by the Jersey Care Commission in September.

    Children’s Commissioner Deborah McMillan said that issues surrounding the recruitment and retention of social workers meant the Island was still failing vulnerable children.

    The damning inquiry report uncovered a catalogue of failures in States governance that had left vulnerable children exposed to abuse for decades and also concluded that children could still be at risk.

    A 41-point action plan was drawn up to ensure the full implementation of the inquiry’s recommendation, with 11 of those actions having so far been completed.

    States chief executive Charlie Parker, who was handed responsibility for Children’s Services in February, admitted that the improvements had been ‘too slow’ and that the States was ‘still failing to provide the consistent quality of care, protection and support to children and young people in the Island’.

    Alan Collins, a leading UK solicitor who has represented members of the Jersey Care Leavers Association, has challenged the newly-formed Council of Ministers to make sure the inquiry report is not ‘left on the backburner’.

    He said he was concerned that the new ministerial team could undo the progress made since last year if they did make the inquiry and its recommendations one of its core priorities.

    One of the recommendations that has been fulfilled so far has been the creation of the post of Children’s Commissioner.

    Mrs McMillan, who took up the post earlier this year, said: ‘There has been some tangible nuggets of progress but we cannot be complacent – for our children that progress still isn’t quick enough.

    ‘One of the biggest issues children in care have talked to me about is the turnover of social workers. Some are on their tenth, 11th, 12th social worker and are saying they won’t invest in a relationship with their social worker because they know they are going to go.’

    She added that the eight core recommendations were important but were a ‘building block’ and that the Island needed to be ‘constantly asking, constantly listening and constantly changing’ to ensure that meaningful change was long-lasting.

    More details at

    1. "Some are on their tenth, 11th, 12th social worker"
      This has to be symptomatic of something.

      It is unlikely that Jersey is just unlucky with the quality or tenacity of it's WS staff

      There is a problem. It is possible that the salaries are too low but it is far more likely that the workload is too high &/or there is still a dysfunctional and toxic environment within Children's Services

    2. The JEPeado quote above includes the statement
      "A preliminary report ……...has found that while no children are at risk of immediate harm"

      It is very unlikely that is an entirely accurate quote from the Ofsted report.
      In any case it is far more likely that the visiting inspectors were just not presented with any information that children might be at risk.

      I recall a similar assertion in the Williamson Report soon after the coup against Stuart Syvret as Health Minister ……...all at a time when the children from Family X were still being failed.

      It is yet another glib spin-statement that there is no child abuse in Jersey
      Doh! Of course children din Jersey ARE at risk of immediate harm -we just have to hope that there are few and that the harm is not too serious.

    3. Meaningless waffle begets meaningless waffle.
      The establishment's CoI constructively avoided or ignored all of the really meaningful or problematic issues.

      As per it's recommendations I suspect we now have an establishment Children’s Commissioner who is happy to take their rather generous remuneration, make the right noises and not rock the boat.

      A knowledgeable and competent person who actually prioritised child protection over being a political animal would highlight the deficiencies in the CoI recommendations like the continued lack of a whistleblower protection policy or mandatory reporting.

      What happened to Simon Belwood and Syvret is proof that we need whistleblower protection

      Without mandatory reporting a staff member can know or have reason to believe that a child is being abused but has no legal compunction to report the information to the police.

      It's all window dressing. Nothing has changed.

  57. "Bishop sentenced to year’s detention for child sex abuse cover-up"’s-detention-for-child-sex-abuse-cover-up/ar-AAzvjdv?ocid=spartandhp

    A year is not a lot for what he allowed to happen but the operative point is that it is not just the actual perpetrators, but also people who are guilty of cover up who can (& should) get locked up.

    clickity clack, clickity clack,...….

  58. Even after Anna Brees having briefed Jersey ITV journalists on spin and lies, they still insist on keeping to the coconut story on the local news this evening. How sad is that!?


    1. Please correct me if I am mistaken but I presume that that Court of Appeal judgement overturning the previous judgement by William Bailhache is not directly related to child abuse.

      One suspects that team-paedo-cover-up bizarrely finding against Sinel was part of the ongoing retribution for Advocate Sinel breaking ranks with Jersey Lawyers and speaking out against child abuse, cover up and corruption:

      and definitely not forgetting:

      The below section numbers testify what a long witness statement Advocate Sinel made to the CoI, but just consider the enormity of their content:

      123.0 In no way do I believe that anything has changed or will change; all of the harm will be perpetrated again one way or another as we as an Island have been abandoned by its monarch and a feudal power structure which favours abusers.

      124.0 (874, 7) Lundy, (737) et al and for that matter both Bailhache brothers remain at large in the community.

      125.0 I confirm that I am willing to give oral evidence to this Inquiry if required to do so, but for my own wellbeing I would rather not.

      Statement of Truth
      I believe the facts stated in this witness statement are true.

      Signed: Philip Sinel.
      Dated 15/12/15

    2. "123.0 In no way do I believe that anything has changed or will change; all of the harm will be perpetrated again one way or another....."

      This is a hell of a thing to say in a submission to the CoI !

      This lawyer view of the run up and conduct of the CoI is that it is basically a fake which "will not change anything"

      Further in 125.0 he states that giving evidence to this Inquiry will be bad for his wellbeing. Advocate Sinel had attempted to (pro bono) advise and represent some of Jersey's abuse victims against the authorities and some of them have ended up dead.

    3. "(874, 7) Lundy, (737) et al and for that matter both Bailhache brothers remain at large in the community"

      Advocate Sinel is listing a number of the most serious alleged Jersey abusers who he believes should not be at large walking the streets.

      Further he is indicating that the Bailhache brothers should be behind bars rather than knighted and running the island.

      How can children (or anyone) be safe if the legal system is run by individuals who should be behind bars?

  60. The suggestion of a memorial to the children who were abused over decades be placed in the Royal Square seems to me to be absolutely perfect. This should IMHO should be very close to the 'members' entrance so that every time they enter it will be a reminder.
    As to the wording regarding an apology on the memorial to these children (past and present) again absolutely right. But perhaps that public apology would also include Senator Stuart Syvret and Chief of Police Graham Power who became victims of the 'Establishment' denial process.
    When Stuart stood in the States and said those fateful words that he felt the system was "Not fit for purpose" the PTB simply erupted with indignation, spitting and snarling at the 'lies' made by Stuart, all of which have been shown to be true.
    Because we now live in the world of 'Data Protection' it is perhaps best I do not name the pathetic individuals concerned who spat poison at Stuart on that fateful day (would not want a certain Data Commissioner to head back from Guernsey to serve me with a super injunction)but they all know who they are, and may they always get a sleepless night for the rest of their miserable lives.
    What is perhaps the most awful and saddest thing of all is that after all that has been revealed some of the key players are still walking around free, but as Stuart has said that train IS coming down the track and that is a fact and if in any doubt look at what has happened over Hillsborough.

  61. What's the point of a memorial when what it stands for still hasn't been acknowledged?

    1. You hit the nail on the head there 23:37

      It is over a decade since Stuart stood in the States and said those fateful words and the States exploded in indignation, spitting and snarling.

      We have been through all the painfully expensive phases of denial, ourchap-reports, hand-wringing, spin-doctor lawyer-fests.
      Literally millions have been directed to those who are part of the problem while most of the damaged or ruined lives have been compensated with barely a year's rent on a Jersey bedsit.

      The usual vacuous apologies were eventually issued, but what has actually been acknowledged?

      The £23m CoI found that there was no cover up in the treatment of Simon Belwood, Stuart Syvret, or the non prosecution and toe curling letter of thanks to the Maguilres etc. etc. etc.

      Recommendation 7 of the CoI dealt with the Jersey Way.
      This was promising at first sight but the devil is in the detail:
      ".....therefore we recommend that open consideration involving the whole community be given to how this negative perception of the “Jersey Way” can be countered on a lasting basis."

      So it is not the Jersey Way that must be countered, but only "the negative perception of the Jersey Way”
      This is what the Bailhaches have been saying for years!

  62. Not all walking around free,Danny !! Bailanches golf mate rides on his bike around St Martins "free"

  63. Exaro News is back from the dead and now under the ownership of a Brit living outside UK jurisdiction.

    David Hencke's blog (of cash for questions fame) :

    "almost the entire archive of Exaro from 2011 to 2016 has been put back on the internet by the new owner"

      “The inquiry has allowed an open-season in terms of attacks on victims and on me. It has also focused on aspects of Operation Rectangle which earlier inquiry statements revealed were not part of the inquiry’s terms of reference.”

      Inconsistent, incompatible & incompetent.

    2. Unfortunately, I cannot trust anything to do with Exaro. It is at best a tarnished brand.

    3. There is plenty of motivation for Team-Paedo to label Exaro a tarnished brand, when in reality 95%+ of their sources are probably good and accurate.

      In calling this news organisation a "tarnished brand" @20:48 there is something of an onus on you to direct us to which news organisation is not a "tarnished brand" covering these subjects.

      The good old BBC perhaps, which aired the programme on Saint Jimmy Savile, while cancelling the programme which revealed him to be a psychopathic paedophile, rapist and abuser.

      Perhaps you would like us to have confidence in the reporting of the JEP or CTV who locally are shareholders in non-reporting abuse, paedophilia and rape?

      Any news organisation is vulnerable to an occasional bad source in areas which are difficult to verify beyond doubt.
      At least Exaro have proven their determination to reveal the past and present, rather than to cover it up.
      To be on the side of good rather than wickedness and amorality.

      This Exaro news archive is back online, it includes a huge amount of information and some of the reports put the lie to the favourite official line of discrediting witnesses:

    4. It will be interesting to see how Exaro develops under it's new ownership.

      In the years after it was set up it was well funded and employed a good number of salaried journalists, many of them multiple award winning and with a track record of breaking big investigative stories which have stood the test of time.

      I am guessing that the new owner does not have the financial clout to employ big name journalists on a full time basis but I would not be surprised if publishes reports from them on an occasional contract basis.

      There is clearly a big shift at Exaro under the new ownership and I suspect that it is even less aligned with the establishment.

      For instance the Exaro home page is currently carrying a video by the controversial Canadian intellectual Stefan Molyneux

      Molyneux is a controversial character and is clearly a sceptic of the wisdom of mass multiculturalism and in the video he alleges that the UK authorities are engineering a situation where Tommy Robinson will be severely intimidated in prison, and quite likely killed due to being transferred to a high Muslim jail.

      I don't know the right and the wrongs of the Tommy Robinson imprisonment.
      Robinson was certainly highlighting a problem. A Labour MP recently stated that probably in excess of one million girls had been raped and tortured by UK rape gangs. It is inconvenient for the authorities that Tommy Robinson was reporting on this years ago while the authorities were still trying to cover it up.

      Robinson was definitely pushing his luck braking UK reporting restrictions but it is telling to compare the speed and intensity of the justice received by TR with the justice and protection received by the raped girls.

      The majority of the alleged one million victims will receive no justice.
      The justice system takes itself far more seriously than it takes the protection of children.

    5. Like him or loath him, it is all too believable that the UK bent their own rules to silence Tommy Robinson.

      Syvret was hit harder, and is squeaky clean compared to Tommy Robinson.
      Probably the only thing they have in common is highlighting widespread child abuse.

      Highlighting child abuse is like touching the third rail.
      Deeply worrying !

  64. Tommy Robinson is a racist thug.

    Don't portray him as some sort of anti-child abuse martyr. It doesn't help the cause this blog was created to champion.

    1. "Tommy Robinson is a racist thug"
      That may be true and it is certainly the way portions of the media like to label anyone who is against mass immigration.

      Unlike Syvret, Tommy Robinson is no angel but the reality is more complex than simply "racist thug".
      Tommy Robinson was invited as a speaker at the Oxford Union. He may not speak posh but he gives a good account of himself on the OU youtube channel, here:
      He tells of how he is where he is.

      Rather than "othering" people, sophistication requires that we recognise that there is both bad and good in all humans and give ourselves the ability to see both their good and bad actions in a realistic spectrum rather than in isolation

      It is actually the desperation to avoid the accusation of being accused of racism which led to the unchecked rape of children on an industrial scale across UK towns and cities.
      The gutless PC crowd found it easier on their morals to label the children variously as slags, whores and drug addicts.
      Who gave the kids drugs?
      ………..children are easier to violate and pass round if you can hook them on heroin.

      Whatever else Tommy Robinson may have done, he is an "anti-child abuse hero" in respect of attempting to highlight the activities of the rape gangs five or ten years before it was widely reported elsewhere.

      The Tommy Robinson issue is clearly relevant to the discussion of the likely future direction of Exaro News
      If VFC felt these observations were too damaging to this blog, he would not publish them.

    2. He's a football hooligan, neo-National Front type. If you believe that aligning with people like that somehow helps vulnerable children, then you're a liability to this cause, not an asset. Stick to the fringes please.

    3. The following quote, taken from a comment above - is complete horseshit: -

      "It is actually the desperation to avoid the accusation of being accused of racism which led to the unchecked rape of children on an industrial scale across UK towns and cities."

      The "unchecked rape of children on an industrial scale..." occurred on Jersey - and in England - and in so many countries around the world - because so many human beings can be obnoxious, foul and corrupt - and too inadequate - and too easily formed by Groupthink - and too greedy - and too cowardly - and too weak - too ignorant - too lazy - to simply do the right thing; say the right thing.

      It's no distinction that can remotely be associated or applied on a racial or cultural basis.

      Sometimes - too often - people are simply no good.

      I raise an eyebrow - at those who seek to now 'big-up' the - somewhat mystifying and concerning - resurrection of "Exaro News". Unlike such anonymous commentators - I know of what I speak - having made a lot of communication with Exaro, back-in-the-day - including actually taking great personal risks to meet with key figures.

      But - just like the MSM - in spite of being furnished with vast quantities - of damning - apocalyptic - documentary - evidence - of the kind that Woodward and Bernstein could only have had wet-dreams over - Exaro did fuck-all.

      I've long been in direct contact with victims of the UK child-abuse cover-up who now think the same.

      And I have to say, VFC - it seems clear to me that you are being trolled - when you have comments submitted which seek to promote the Nazi "Tommy Robinson" - or Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon - to use his real name.

      Any such comments which seek to permit that Nazi and his followers to attempt to liken his efforts to foment demagogic, genocidal hatred against Muslims, to our attempts to secure the effective and human-rights compliant protection of children - are sick and repugnant.

      Some of the comments VFC has published attempt to draw comparisons between the jailing of Robinson & his attempts to foment race-wars - with the corrupt, child-abuse, rape, & clinical-murder-concealing - starkly-evidenced - judicial corruption on Jersey, of which my former constituents and I were - and are - victims.

      I unreservedly condemn the views of "Robinson" - and all and any attempts by the thug & his followers, to associate themselves with the good battle for the real rule-of-law in Jersey.

      My mother was born in the Nazi interment camp of Biberach. I've always fought for human rights, and the real rule of law, the proper protection of children - and against the notions of hate as peddled by fascists.

      Anyone who cares for vulnerable children will repudiate the subtext peddled by Robinson/Yaxley-Lennon.

      If you doubt me, of the importance of doing that - just google the name Oskar Dirlewanger - to see where the paths of race-hate ultimately lead.

      And that destination is no good place for children.

      It's the worst - possible - place for children.

      Stuart Syvret

    4. #1
      Thank you for your comment Stuart @22:34 I am doing my best to assimilate the new information and opinion you provide.

      I did wonder (a,b,c) why Exaro rarely reported on Jersey and why they never took up your case.
      A "troll" might say it is because make allegations but provide no evidence -that was NOT my opinion, but rather:
      a) you never approached them (now refuted)
      b) no one outside of Jersey cares what happens on a tiny island
      c) the UK implications of reporting your allegations and evidence did not suit Exaro's then owner/backer
      (A multi-millionaire tory type, if I recall)

      You have refuted a),
      b) is crap to any real news organisation,
      c) is possible, and would be common to a good deal of mainstream media.

      Have I missed anything? Was Exaro was a shill even?

      I totally agree with your statement:
      "The 'unchecked rape of children on an industrial scale...' occurred on Jersey - and in England - and in so many countries around the world - because so many human beings can be obnoxious, foul and corrupt - and too inadequate - and too easily formed by Groupthink - and too greedy - and too cowardly - and too weak - too ignorant - too lazy - to simply do the right thing; say the right thing."

      Indeed, child abuse occurs across all cultural, political and racial boundaries. However, abuse is multi faceted and you describe as "complete horseshit", my statement:
      "It is actually the desperation to avoid the accusation of being accused [sic] of racism which led to the unchecked rape of children on an industrial scale across UK towns and cities."

      Sorry Stuart but concern to avoid the accusation of racism WAS identified as one of the root causes in the official reports into Rotheram etc.

      To deny that religion and culture have had no baring on the MO or prevalence of abuse is multicultural blindness at it's worst.
      "75 per cent of recorded Type 1 group abusers, [who target victims based on their vulnerability], were Asian. The Office for National Statistics estimates that 7.5 per cent of the UK’s population are Asian."
      Paedophile rings (as opposed to abuse gangs) tend to be white.
      Data is not collected on the ethnicity/culture of lone abusers but I imagine that they would be predominantly white or in proportion to the ethnicity of the population

    5. #2
      Stuart. The following account might further clarify the religious element for you:

      The grooming rape and torture survivor writing that article actually mentions Tommy Robinson (& not in a good light)
      More importantly she (EH) gives her personal account of the religious element and it's parallels with terrorism and religious extremism

      "Fear of being killed, and threats to my parents’ lives, made it impossible for me to escape for about a year. The police didn’t help me."

      “Muslim girls are good and pure because they dress modestly, covering down to their ankles and wrists, and covering their crotch area. They stay virgins until marriage. They are our girls."

      "White girls and non-Muslim girls are bad because you dress like slags. You show the curves of your bodies (showing the gap between your thighs means you’re asking for it) and therefore you’re immoral. White girls sleep with hundreds of men. You are the other girls. You are worthless and you deserve to be gang-raped.”
      (prosecutions have started but EH says that prevention hasn’t really begun)

      While this is far from the only interpretation of Islam it is nonetheless worryingly widespread and has deep parallels in ISIS theology and behaviour:

      "enslaving [& killing] the families of the kuffar and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Sharia's that if one were to deny or mock, he would be denying or mocking the verses of the Quran and the narration of the Prophet ... and thereby apostatizing from Islam."
      (btw. the punishment for Apostasy is execution)
      "Executions take various forms, including stoning to death, crucifixions, beheadings, burning people alive, and throwing people from tall buildings"
      All methods which would probably have excited Oskar Dirlewanger, who you recommended we google

      What would further please Dirlewanger about this Islamic approach is the low age of consent and indeed that there is apparently no age of consent applied to their non Muslim enemies!

      Even by old testament standards the Quran is a violent text. Worse, it is stuck in the 7th centaury. Modernising Islam is probably unachievable because it is "the unchangeable word of god" and discounting any verse would be the crime of Apostasy which is punishable by death.

      Finding a Muslim who is prepared to denounce even the most vile verses is near impossible. The best you get is a fudge about "interpretation"
      A problem for the moderates is that the later verses/revelations supersede the earlier ones, and the later verses tend to be more violent.

      Will we forever be stuck with verses which require the killing of infidels and the rape of survivors as an act to please god. Verses to be used as a tool, a motivation or a justification of medieval behaviour.

  65. "Finding a Muslim who is prepared to denounce even the most vile verses is near impossible."

    In fact, if you ever venture out into the real world, it's actually very easy to. I know because I've done it. It's only impossible if you live in a cave. Which, in fairness, you probably do.

    Let's be clear - Your argument that Islam is inherently violent, coupled with what you are implying that all Muslims secretly believe these literal teachings, is an argument for war against Muslims. You might not be smart enough to realise that is what you are arguing for, but it is the natural conclusion of what you are saying.

    If Islam teaches the killing of infidels, and Muslims all believe in this, then the nation is at risk because we have 3m of these 'enemies within' here who are just waiting for the moment to kill us all. 3m is hugely dangerous, so self-defence is clearly justified.

    Of course, such a position is one just for naive fools and racists.

    Stuart is right to refer to Robinson as a Nazi, because he pedals the exact same hatred against Muslims as was pedaled against the Jews in the 1930s. The Holocaust didn't happen out of nothing. It happened after years of lies and demonisation against Jews to the point where German society was completely conditioned to let it happen without much of a fuss.

    This blog is a place where we come to learn more in our movement against child abuse in all its forms. Your sad anti-Muslim vendetta has no place in this movement. Paedophilia is an evil crime no matter what religion or race the perpetrator is.

    1. #1
      Thank you @21:50
      I voice legitimate concerns and the information to back it up, and I am therefore a "naive fool and racist"


      This knee jerk ideological reaction which overrides the facts of a situation is exactly why UK Police Officers, Council Workers and Social Workers found it necessary to look the other way.
      The social worker who "did a Syvret" and blew the whistle on Asian grooming gangs was dismissed at the next staff reshuffle. (by a Labour Council, I believe)
      She showed the bravery and moral courage which Stuart rightly points out is so regularly lacking in the face of these ongoing tragedies.
      The race card is at the top of the pack just waiting to be played. An accusation that an investigation or action is racially based is career damaging or career ending. Your knee jerk reaction is just what protected these child grooming gangs for two decades.

      Both the Left and the Right can go too far and both have led to tragedy and the death of millions (BTW, many more millions due to the incarnations of Marxism)

      There is an challenging discussion to be had on the point at which L / R have "gone too far" but probably not here/now as I will restrict myself to political correctness

      Demands for political correctness used to be dominated by the Right (particularly the religious right) -now it is predominantly demanded by the Leftists and Marxists.
      Whether it is the Left or the Right making the demands, I suggest that political correctness has gone too far if it prevents the truth being spoken.

      The truth is the truth whoever speaks it.

      I only brought up Tommy Robinson because it was relevant to the discussion on the rebranded and relaunched Exaro News

      I have no problem (9 July 2018 at 16:05) agreeing that Tommy Robinson might be a "racist thug".
      He denies being a racist (but he may by lying, lol... N.B. he does have convictions for dishonesty)
      His haircut is a bit disturbing but if you are going to insist that he is (or even was) a "Nazi", it would genuinely be helpful if you could provide evidence of the fact. People should not be discounted merely on words of denouncement.

      It is a rare comment which could not be not be phrased better but I stand by all my comments. Where my facts or memory is in error please feel free to correct me.

      You ridicule my statement that "Finding a Muslim who is prepared to denounce even the most vile verses is near impossible."

      Okay **** PROVE ME WRONG *****

      Note that they have to *denounce* the verses rather than give … I said ….. "a fudge about interpretation".
      I try to be precise in my language - Perhaps you innocently misunderstand the meaning of "denounce" but you quoted the beginning of my clause without the end is maybe your attempt to misrepresent me?

      You also did not quote "While this is far from the only interpretation of Islam it is nonetheless worryingly widespread …"

    2. #2
      Fortunately (or unfortunately), someone has taken the trouble to try to find out what Muslims think:

      and, yes the results are worrying and ……… do have deep parallels in ISIS theology and behaviour.

      Let's have a few snippets:
      34% would inform the police if they thought somebody they knew was getting involved with people who support terrorism in Syria
      (i.e. 66% would not tell the police!)

      4% sympathise with people who take part in suicide bombings
      (that's about 120,000 BTW)

      52% do not believe that homosexuality should be legal in Britain

      32% refuse to condemn those who take part in violence against those who mock the Prophet

      23% support the introduction of Sharia Law in Britain.

      Jesus! (if I am allowed to blaspheme)
      All very reassuring and not a danger to liberalism, democracy or feminism!!!???

      The survey may not be perfect but one of the main dangers is that illiberal views were under-reported.

      23% of British Muslims support the introduction of a fascist religious law in Britain and the demographics of the survey indicate that none of this is "unlikely to change quickly"

      ...….yeah but, no but

    3. #3
      "Paedophilia is an evil crime no matter what religion or race the perpetrator is"

      Yeah. At least we have some common ground.

    4. Sorry, a double negative slipped in there. The paragraph should read:

      23% of British Muslims support the introduction of a fascist religious law in Britain and the demographics of the survey indicate that all of this is "unlikely to change quickly"

      "fascist religious law" -Do you want to take issue with that?

    5. Take your bigotry elsewhere. This is an anti-child abuse blog. Not a National Front fan page.

    6. "bigotry" & "National Front fan" @18:53

      Still no evidence to back up your previous claims and insults.
      But yes you are right that this is an anti-child abuse blog

      Hence the relevance of:
      "75 per cent of recorded Type 1 group abusers, [who target victims based on their vulnerability], were Asian. The Office for National Statistics estimates that 7.5 per cent of the UK’s population are Asian."
      (900% over representation in proportion to the population)

      Are Channel 4 racist bigots too ?

      They are actually quoting CEOP data.

      Are CEOP racist bigots too ???

      You may have difficulty comprehending, but 900% over representation is about as significant as you can get and this must have an explanation.

      You can link race to this if you want.
      -I don't !

      Race is irrelevant but culture and religion are not.
      I am happy to consider other valid explanations but I somehow doubt that you are able to provide any.

      Fortunately this is not your blog so other people are allowed to have relevant discussions.

    7. Most paedophiles in Britain are white and have a Christian background.

      But you're only interested in the brown ones.

    8. Really?

      I refer you to the first occasion (10 July 2018 at 14:46) where I posted

      In addition to the 75%Asian CEOP statistic I also included:
      "Paedophile rings (as opposed to abuse gangs) tend to be white.
      Data is not collected on the ethnicity/culture of lone abusers but I imagine that they would be predominantly white or in proportion to the ethnicity of the population"

      Which part of "predominantly white" didn't you understand?

      I committed a racist slur on white people.
      I apologise if I tarred white people when CEOP say "Data is not collected"

      You did too.

      Reverse racism is still racism.
      Consistency is required if you are going to play that game.

    9. Tommy Robison was arrested and jailed because he's a law-breaking moron who hates brown-skinned people and Muslims.

      If you support him, then f**k off.

    10. Oh I see. We were talking about child abuse and Islam and Islamic extremism and whether these things can be mentioned in the same sentence without being branded a racist.

      And now you want to talk about Tommy Robinson. Not as good as an apology, but fair enough.

      Fortunately this is not your blog and other people do get the chance to give their opinion.

      Seeing as you ask. No I do not support Tommy Robinson. Unfortunately some of the things he has said about grooming gangs and I fear that he may be right about some other things as well.
      In his Oxford Union address he claims that one of the things which initially motivated him was having a second cousin groomed, beaten and gang raped. There was apparently quite prevalent in his town so this is quite possible and anyone who spoke out against it's cover-up deserves recognition for that.

      It is also possible that he is only vocal on these issues because he "hates brown-skinned people and Muslims" as you allege.

      I am suspicious of his motives but I don't actually know what is in his head. He is clearly no angel and street confrontations with other people who clearly are religious fascists is not going to bring out anyone's best side.

      I have learned that the way people are portrayed in the media is not always accurate and is sometimes deliberately false.

      He has certainly received close police attention since he became a problem for the authorities.
      Blatantly breaking a court order carries with it a risk getting banged up. This happened to Stuart under *very* different circumstances.
      The video on the Exaro site claims that Tommy Robinson's life is deliberately put in danger in prison. If this is true that is unacceptable, irrespective of if he is a racist or even a Nazi as claimed.

      However extreme Tommy Robinson's views are they look pretty benign in comparison to what he is in part opposing.

      Westernised Muslims do exist and they are not the problem:

      I don't know if Maajid Nawaz has gone as far as "denouncing" any verses from the Quran, but let's face it his life would be in danger if he did.

      Interestingly the guy he is interviewing has been branded a Nazi by the far left.

    11. You consider Muslims to be the enemy within, all secretly harbouring an intent to kill us all and rape our children.

      You are a Nazi.

      F**k off.

    12. You are making me laugh now @18:32 and even your potty mouth is getting to be amusing.
      No, I didn't say that. You use the word "all" but perhaps don't know what it means in a sentence.

      I highlighted quite correctly that there is a *proportion* who not only want to do that but actually HAVE done it multiple times.
      .....murderous atrocities in UK and abroad
      ….the largest and most brutal non-familial abuse (drugs, rape & torture) scandal the UK has ever known (maybe dwarfing even Jersey per capita), often aided and abetted by Labour Councils.

      You can deny these facts as long as you want with your childish retort of "racist" or worse.

      Where multiculturalism has been chosen over integration -guess what; host communities now contain ghettoised enclaves of Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and some of the most violent or backward places on the planet - well, surprise, surprise that is what those communities have to contend with.
      The clue is in the name *multiculturalism* -multiple cultures, or to give it another name "ghettoisation".
      It has been a mistake to laud multiculturalism over integration.

      Did you read my earlier link:

      Ella Hill's article is titled
      "As a Rotherham grooming gang survivor, I want people to know about the religious extremism which inspired my abusers"
      Is Ella Hill a racist and Nazi like me?

      I will never have the authority that she does to speak on this subject but I am proud if you put me in the same boat as her.
      Being called a Nazi by a denialist hypocrite like you is actually an honour.

      Ella Hill condemns hateful religious hypocrisy (which effectively includes a vile form of racism) and stresses that all Muslims should not be tarred with the same brush.

      She is at pains to point out that "The problem isn’t the text itself; it’s how it’s fundamentally interpreted". I disagree with her on this because if the book contains satanic verses it is inevitable that a small proportion of people with satanic appetites who will invoke "those unchangeable words of god".

      To a lesser extent other religions contain vile elements. However these are far less widespread and tend to be presented as historical accounts rather than as a guide on how to live your life like the great prophet.

      The widespread abuse and violence shows there plainly is a problem and, like Ella, I am mystified by what the solution is.
      I would suggest that any solution involves Muslims adopting our values rather than the other way round.

      You appear to disagree.
      Whatever, wash out you potty mouth and try not to have another toddler tantrum.

    13. George Bush and Tony Blair are responsible for more deaths than any small fry Muslim terrorist in recent years. Yet you portray Muslims as the danger, rather than those Christian extremists.

      That is why you are a racist and no ally of any anti-child abuse cause.

  66. Different subject, having lunch with a friend and former colleague in the City today. Conversation turned to Jersey and associated matters. He works in a very established Chambers and told me that one or two of the smarter senior people here who hold a stake in the Jersey status quo and have been involved in 'guiding' the attempts to recover the ship over the years are increasingly angry (and not a little afraid) at the total failure of the salvage operation. He recounted to me with some relish how a senior partner of Eversheds had been carpeted by 'one of the 'grand wizards'' and told in no uncertain terms they had 'fucked up'. 'How', it was demanded, 'could they have drawn down £23 million plus, and still have failed to deliver a settlement of the controversy?!'

    Apparently a few of the smarter ones have been reflecting on 'where things stand' after your child abuse public inquiry, and it has begun to dawn upon them that things are seriously, seriously more 'high risk' now than they were before the inquiry! Given it was so obviously corrupt, to the point of excluding witnesses vital to the interests of the victims, and has been 'swallowed' by no one who matters, it is now recognised it itself is the 'smoking gun'. Your public inquiry is the Watergate type cover up of the cover up. According to my source some very senior people have now had the smarts to see how things play out given the failure to even begin delivering a stabilising rapprochement re events in Jersey. He said, 'they're fucking furious, and shitting themselves'.

    1. Each cover-up was a smoking gun in it's way but the CoI's conduct and failure to find any cover-up is a smoking Hilsborough Howitzer moment.
      They played for time and doubled down.

      Readers might want to review the warning that was issued back in 2014:

      It is not over yet. The exposed individuals have nothing more to lose and will again play for time and doubled down.
      It does not matter if it is £50m, they are spending your money not their own.

      A smart government and CM would not let this happen. They would man up and swallow the bitter pill -seek prosecutions and proper closure and recover what they can of the £23m incompetently squandered on the fake CoI.

      Doubling down is not the worst option. When criminals and functional psychopaths have their backs to the wall they can go for the nuclear option and start quietly disposing of witnesses at random intervals. Some of their known associates would approach this task with some relish.

      Who knows, this may already have begun.
      A truly disturbing thought !

      Double or quits. Double or quits ……...

    2. I don't intend to get into the current argument but would just like to reiterate two point I have made before.

      It is very difficult to follow the arguments of the anonymouses when I don't know how many of them there are and, sometimes, which is which. It would help if, instead of choosing "anonymous", they each adopted a different and consistent identifier. It doesn't matter what as long as it's consistent.

      The stakes in this game, abuse and cover-up, are very high so nothing should be ruled out. People have been killed for less.

  67. Front page online Daily Mail.

  68. Front page online Daily Mail.

    1. Assuming the Mail is correct, what's extraordinary about this is that Jersey's current minister in charge of child care is not refuting the basic details of the case, but has pleaded for a lower level of award.

    2. This story makes me angry, a £238 Million claim in compensation for 2 people and what did the Survivors get again, £1.8 Million in total spread to over 100 people?

      Surprised people have not picked up on the hypocrisy of it all.

    3. "hypocrisy of it all" What?
      Rest assured @10:07 a few Jersey Lawyers got five times the total that the 100 survivors got.

      Yes, the lack of equity must have been staggering to all.
      However I don't think it is "hypocrisy" but actually another symptom of a broken legal system.

      The first factor is the cost of ongoing care which will be required due to the state's negligence.

      In other cases the crimes committed by the state may be far grater than their mere neglect of legal duty in this case.
      I think the staggering difference has little to do with justice and equity but is due to power within the legal system.

      The "100 people" who shared a derisory State's compensation sum had little legal power and were probably on quite restricted or legal aid budgets engineered by the SoJ.

      So the second (& far more significant?) factor is that these two children serious legal clout behind them as they are now based in the UK and less subject to SoJ control and gerrymandering.

      The claim is for £238 Million but the settlement will be somewhere between that and the £14.5 million offered, I'm guessing closer to the lower bound figure.

      There will be claims from the other siblings I expect.

      Anger at the claimants is a response of utter irrelevance.
      Jersey residents can begin to appreciate the true cost of States child abuse and negligence. Those with the wit can reflect on the wisdom of accepting the ambush of Health Minister Syvret and the acceptance of the JEPaedo's mantra of "a good, safe pair of hands".

      I witnessed their belated rejection of professional advice -Sickening!

      The government you deserve comes carrying the concealed costs it procures by it's incompetence and malice.

      The CoI was a missed opportunity which will change nothing of real significance.
      The continuing cost of incompetence,malice and widespread credulity.

  69. TDF @00:32
    No that is not what is extraordinary about the situation.

    Health Ministers (with the exception of Syvret who had already been done-over) have "refuted" the basic details and resolution and have been proved to be wrong or lying.

    what's extraordinary about this is that Jersey allowed the situation to occur and continue for so long (stick to a winning formula guys & girls).

    Faced with their failures and confronted with a real legal team, pleading for a lower level of award is all that is left to them

    That and begging for payment by PPO so that the headline figure is lower and the political fallout less.

    1. I accept what you are saying, but if the Mail article is correct, the current Jersey minister seems to be pleading for a lower level of award. That suggests that he is not disputing the basic elements of the case, namely, a damning indictment of failings within Jersey's child care.

    2. @tdf
      But this case IS a damning indictment of failings within Jersey's child care.

      It is the disputing of this basic fact which has exploded the damage and cost of this case out of all proportion.

      Once the bill is finalised it should be broken down and presented to the Perchard and Shenton families.

  70. People should check out the final report from the visiting electoral commission. Amongst other things the denial of our right to vote for people like Trevor and Shona Pitman was not ECHR compliant. What will Le Fondre be doing about it I wonder?

    1. Could not find the report, can someone add a link please.


      Download and save the report at:

  71. The Pitmans should get compensation for this never mind their bent court process. I should have been able to vote for one or both of them and I couldn't. Can I have a few quid too? You try finding someone proven to be worth voting for in St Helier Higgins aside.

  72. Higgins’ recent election manifesto spoke of his intention to open the lid on government and civil service corruption. Although he is indeed the only States Member that has dared to speak of such unspeakable things in the States Assembly, it is still only being discussed in public in vague, nebulous terms. This is disappointing as there is definitely a need, here in Jersey, to expose the multiplicity of government cover-ups.

    1. How does Higgins intend to do this when conflicted chief judge and speaker Baby Bailhache has near total control over what is discussed in the States Chamber?

      Will Reform Jersey ever show their steel on issues that *really* matter like this corruption and child abuse and cover up?

      Or are they just another corporate socialist failure?

      I recall that RJ are funded by one of the Civil Service unions.

      You can't have integrity without first having a backbone.
      The time to act is now.

    2. Higgins is worth the entire RJ team and then some

    3. Dep. Mike Higgins has been asked several times to show everything he has to backup these claims and go public with it, so you need to ask him why he hasn't.

    4. Ha Ha

      Really @11:03

      No, you need to ask why everybody who has confronted the corrupt establishment head on has been destroyed with secret court cases and paedo protecting Jurats

      In spite of the exclusion of candidates having been found to be non compliant by the international election observers

      It is amazing that Higgins has lasted this long.
      He is playing his hand well. There is certainly no chance that he will be showing the likes of you his cards.

    5. "destroyed with secret court cases and paedo protecting Jurats"

      That has nothing to do with letting the cat out of the bag on corruption.
      Nobody has ever been hindered from handing in evidence and anybody licking their wounds surely would be more anxious than ever to 'getting it out there'.
      The MSM would love Dep. Mike Higgins and others to show them all this evidence of corruption but its only ever sound bites on blogs or in the States chamber under PP with no further action.
      So I do not know why people are attacking Reform Jersey because they don't get involved.

    6. Laughable @14:49

      Syvret let the cat out of the bag on institutionalised child abuse and incompetence and was greeted with not just years of denial but hissing and spitting from the usual suspects.

      Shortly after he was sacked as Health minister and then imprisoned on other public interest revelations.

      That was ten years, and maybe as much as £300 million ago

      We even had a fake CoI which refused him unconditional legal representation and failed to subpoena him or other vital witnesses.

      Your narrative that all is well, is comedic in an utterly tragic way.

    7. Mike Higgins interventions are invariably evidence based.
      It is unfortunate that some people on here just can’t discriminate between evidence of corruption and whacky conspiracy theories or, to put it another way, between reality and their own intransigent, tunnel vision view of the world, culminating in the repeated and tiresome use of the most meaningless platitudes as exhibited in some of the above comments. And then when they are pulled up on this they resort to personal attacks often with foul language ... the use of ****’s does not make the words less vulgar ... and the lamenting of bygone days where their fallen heroes are eulogised as some sort of demigods. It’s quite sad really.
      There is so much happening in jersey politics at the moment that is encouraging. For example it is quite likely that the bailiff will be removed as speaker, that electoral boundaries will be redrawn and the automatic right of constables to sit in the states will fall away. For the very first time in jersey politics we have the number of states votes to achieve this ... without the need for those bygone politicians that the conspiracy theorists keep bleating on about. About time us progressives pulled together to support these positive initiatives and distanced ourselves from the inadequate fringe.

    8. Surprised you find the idea of getting evidence into the MSM and proving the critics wrong so hilarious.

      Because the only people laughing are those who can claim there is no evidence to see.

    9. When the MSM are provided with inconvenient evidence they do not publish it but instead attack the complainants.

      I remember how the JEPeado viciously attacked abuse victims during the denial phase.

    10. I don't seem to recall the JEP publishing the damning press release from the Pitmans earlier this year quoting the sworn testimony of the police about the bent Jurat who cost them their seats in the States and home. You are talking poop.


  73. The abuse and the cover ups are facts.

    They remain as real today as they ever were.

    The MSN were part of the cover up
    (and in some cases part of the abuse)

    We can believe that things have changed when we see evidence of it.
    We have over a decade of platitudinous reassurances behind us, all of which have turned to dust.

    The shysters who run the show (and the MSM?) are just going to roll over -Yeah right.

    1. Platitudinous reassurances is what the Jersey Way uses buy time

      Useless reassurances look cheap but they cost millions.

  74. The abuse and cover ups are documented and recorded facts! As Stuart says: That train is comming down the track and slowly picking up speed!

    1. We've had the Jersey Care Inquiry and all the focus is on implementing the recommendations.
      There was no mention of cover ups being documented and recorded facts so you are making that up.

    2. Interesting comment above from Outside of the Jersey bubble on 12 July 2018 at 17:55
      "….. having lunch with a friend and former colleague in the City today. Conversation turned to Jersey and associated matters. He works in a very established Chambers and told me that one or two of the smarter senior people here who hold a stake in the Jersey status quo and have been involved in 'guiding' the attempts to recover the ship over the years are increasingly angry (and not a little afraid) at the total failure of the salvage operation. He recounted to me with some relish how a senior partner of Eversheds had been carpeted by 'one of the 'grand wizards'' and told in no uncertain terms they had 'fucked up'. 'How', it was demanded, 'could they have drawn down £23 million plus, and still have failed to deliver a settlement of the controversy?!'

      Apparently a few of the smarter ones have been reflecting on 'where things stand' after your child abuse public inquiry, and it has begun to dawn upon them that things are seriously, seriously more 'high risk' now than they were before the inquiry! Given it was so obviously corrupt, to the point of excluding witnesses vital to the interests of the victims, and has been 'swallowed' by no one who matters, it is now recognised it itself is the 'smoking gun'. Your public inquiry is the Watergate type cover up of the cover up. According to my source some very senior people have now had the smarts to see how things play out given the failure to even begin delivering a stabilising rapprochement re events in Jersey. He said, 'they're fucking furious, and shitting themselves'."

      The conduct of the CoI is just jaw dropping to off island observers.
      This will take some time to shake out but it is fantasy to think that it is just going to go away.

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