Thursday, 27 September 2012

Deputy Trevor Pitman Blog TV Guest.

Jersey Politician Deputy Trevor Pitman is the confirmed guest on tonight's live, and interactive, Blog TV broadcast.

The outspoken Deputy will be discussing such topics as the Rule of Law (or not) in Jersey, the Judicial System, policing, Jersey's mainstream media, the "real" Chief Minister, Child Abuse cover up(s), the hijacking of Democracy, Parliamentary Privilege and much, much more.

If you have an opinion or questions on any of these subjects (and others) then come and share them tonight, Thursday 27th Sept at 7pm.

The live, and interactive, show will be broadcast HERE.


  1. Hi VFC.

    Put up audio of VFC on the Radio yesterday. you & your readers can Listen HERE

    Is this a new Era.

  2. VFC,

    Is this the same Mathew Price that left BBC Jersey to make his mark in jouralism in the big wide world?

    Looks as though he didnt make his mark, but listening to his interview with you, looks as though he has leant to, and is aloud to now make impartial interviews for the new look radio Jersey.

  3. When the full history is written about Jersey's BBC complicity in the abuse cover-up, this year should feature prominently. I visualize there having been some sort of a panicked National BBC executive meeting to create a strategy of damage control. There is a truly palpable change in their handling of this. Nothing they've done could be confused with investigative journalism, and the bias is still arguably present, but the mere fact that this Mathew Price interview with you is not an outrageous afrontery to journalistic standards is evidence of a sea change, because as complicit as their BBC Executives have allowed or encouraged Jersey's reporters to be, they must now be even more afraid of National and international outrage than of offending Jersey and the City of London lawyers and politicos.

  4. Is a sea change coming?

    Looking at CTV the other night, even Jess Dunsdon & that prat McQuillan almost sounded balanced in their report!

    The only thing was, they looked like a pair of frightened rabbits in headlights, at having to read the words.

    It's probably dawning on them that they've been backing the wrong horse & that Leah McGrath-Goodman, a real (U.S.)investigative reporter is waiting in the wings to expose their shabby little outfit for the Toadying, cover-up Merchants, they have been...... Historically speaking of course !

  5. I concur with previous observations and detect this change, though it could just be a blip and not the wider attention we should rightly be hearing from the BBC. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing.
    Palpable? I think we need more time to be sure it’s not a staged side show.
    On this specific broadcast with VFC, I suspect Matthew briefly strolled away from his comfortable starboard deckchair. But it’s good to hear him not interrupting Neil in his usual smarmy and know-it-all manner. And I’ve just heard Mike Dunn too using words like 'oligarchy' during prime air time. Maybe there is a new hand guiding he tiller?

  6. The media (most notably the newspapers and commercial TV channels)have always been notoriously fickle when it comes to support for or attacks on political parties/individual politicians. Just recall Murdoch getting the Sun to switch allegiance not so long ago.

    As far as the BBC is concerned, it has always had to be more careful because of its Charter etc. but here in Jersey it appears to me that, until very recently, we have had a media cartel operating. For all the reasons that others have commented on, this cartel is now falling apart and it seems that it's every man for himself.

    It really is time for the BBC, CTV and the JEP to decide which way they will choose in order to survive what will inevitably be rushing towards them. Perhaps they have eventually realised that the light at the end of the tunnel really is an oncoming train.

    Time will tell.

  7. I’ve just read Ben Queree’s piece in today’s JEP. I just could not believe what I was seeing – I had to read it again just to make sure.
    There has been a marked change in recent media reporting of child abuse – especially in the BBC – but the JEP has appeared to fervently hang on to its previous ridiculous reporting policy. However, Ben Queree’s piece is truly remarkable in that I cannot really disagree with anything he writes! What a sea change in approach!
    Perhaps someone could post this piece on the relevant blogs?