Friday, 21 September 2012

Re-Launched. (With A Challenge To Local "News" Editors).

Last night saw the Re-Launch of Team Voice's live and interactive Blog TV broadcast and we are pleased to say it proved fairly popular attracting in excess of 300 viewers, which is a good start for the re-launch but we hope in time the numbers/viewers will grow. Although by the same token we would hope there would be no need for these broadcasts.

Team Voice Member and Blogger RICO SORDA spoke on a number of issues concerning our island, not least, Child Abuse and cover-up, the real Chief Minister, the State Media and their desperation. The refusal of our government to hold Committee of Inquiries, whether they be into Child Abuse or the resignation of the Controller and Auditor General. Rico also went on to throw out a challenge to the editors of Jersey's only "news"paper, which incidentally applies to all island State Media editors.

Come onto LIVE broadcast head to head with Bloggers and let's debate hard evidence and fact. Let's see who has the courage of their convictions and who's "evidence" stacks up. Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, has backed down to a Head to Head will ANY of the State Media have the courage and integrity to go live, as Bloggers do, and answer questions of the readers/viewers? Will they challenge us Bloggers face to face with a live audience?

Due to the lack of any, what we believe to be, independent media on this island, Bloggers are HAVING to report the facts, and when an independent author and investigative Journalist (Leah McGrath Goodman) from outside of the island wants to research the "facts" she is prevented from entering the island. Regular readers will know that Ms. McGrath Goodman WAS on the island researching and everything was fine. But it was when she revealed that she was researching the atrocities of the decades long Child Abuse that she, and many others, believe everything changed and she was/is not welcome on the island any longer.

Jersey politician and Blogger, Deputy TREVOR PITMAN heard of Ms. McGrath Goodman's and has set up an e-petition in the hope enough pressure can be applied in order that the journalists Tier-1 visa can be restored. We ask our readers to sign and share the petition in order that the TRUTH of Jersey's culture can reach a wider audience and Jersey might start to get cleaned up. The petition can be signed HERE

In the recorded, live, broadcast (below) from last night Rico Sorda gives his "opinion" on what is going on in this island and that's all it is an opinion. It is up to readers/viewers to make up their own minds as to what, or who, they believe, the State and its media, or Bloggers.

If we had a fit for purpose and independent media in Jersey would these broadcasts be necessary?

Rico Sorda Re-Launch 1- Broadcast your self LIVE

Rico Sorda Re-Launch 2- Broadcast your self LIVE


  1. Are the JEP saying that the Jurat was not reviewing Graham Powers suspension?

    Could bloggers doorstep the JEP journalist carrying the Sharp report as Alex Thompson CH4 News did to Kelvin Mackenzie?

  2. Bloggers could doorstep the JEP, and the rest of the State Media, with a lot more than the Sharp Report, if we are talking about evidenced documentation published on Blogs.

    Indeed there is talk of something similar to that scenario being discussed now.

    The full Report of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel, chaired by Deputy Trevor Pitman would be another piece of documentation (evidence published by Bloggers) to doorstep the local media with.

    This snippet gives an idea as to how the State Media OPERATE

  3. Hi VFC.

    Good to see your Blog TV up & running again. Bit of a busy week this week for you lot to keep up, but Well done people should not worry about the Trolls & concentrate on what is being said.

    Last night I put up the Audio of Simon Jupp Interviewing Leah McGrath Goodman & Senator Bailhache.

    You & your readers can Listen to them HERE

    I aleftso last night put up the Audio of Mick Gradwell on Nicky Camballs Radio Five Live Show from last Friday, he is some kind of expert on "Your Call" on all things to do with the Police! I think worth a listen. HERE


  4. JEP quote: - "so although she has been refused entry by the UK Border Agency over what seems to have been a visa problem – though some detect yet another conspiracy – our authorities should clearly make every effort to see that she is permitted to visit."

    The JEP had a chance to help push that effort by highlighting and promoting the petition that deputy Trevor Pitman has organised, unless of course... they don't really mean it!

  5. Hey new slogan - Sign the petition for Leah Goodman even the JEP agree that our authorities should clearly make every effort to see that she is permitted to visit.

    For once we both agree!!

  6. Well done VFC and Rico, this came across very well as some excellent points were made.

    A great success me thinks.

  7. Strange that none of the State Media have told the public where the petition is so as they can sign it? Even more strange because the banning of Ms. Goodman could be seen as an assault on free speech and freedom of the Press, and yet none of Jersey’s media want the public to know where to go and support the petition?

  8. She was refused entry for breaching the terms of her visa, and has been invited to re-apply for the correct work visa which would permit her entry. That is not banning.

    Let's not lower ourselves to lies because they fit the agenda.

  9. Rico is spot on.. Courage to do something when many like me should do more..

  10. "She was refused entry for breaching the terms of her visa, and has been invited to re-apply for the correct work visa which would permit her entry. That is not banning."

    Whose version is that then? You obviously are not privy to what's gone on in the background. If it was as simple as that, there surely was was no need for Leah Goodman to be treated like this:-

    Ms. Goodman successfully conducted her research until 11 September 2011, when the UK Border Agency detained her at the request of the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service. Absent any charges, Ms. Goodman was fingerprinted, photographed and stripped of her passport, phone, wallet and possessions and held in the basement of Heathrow Airport for more than 12 hours – past the legal limit – without access to a lawyer or the U.S. consulate. This was in violation of her human rights. She was then sent home and banned from the UK for two years (reduced to one year with the help of Member of Parliament John Hemming). She has been denied a new visa and right of appeal.

    In order for Ms. Goodman to finish her research safely, she must receive pre-entry clearance from the UK – clearance it has so far declined to give her.

  11. Well done, VFC, in all this. Your steady presentation of factual information is having an effect.

    Thank you to the commenter at 17:25 for the definitive explanation of Ms. Goodman's banning and current situation. The perfect rebuttal for all those who do not know to look beyond the State Media for their reality.

  12. I want to echo the importance of the links to Ms. Goodman's recent BBC interview, provided by The Jersey Way Blog.

    She explains the "mythological" "Visa Application For Writers" Jersey insists she must fill out but which Jersey cannot seem to find or provide. In a fairly suspicious move, she was instead sent an "Application for Persons of UK Ancestry" - which is not at all the same application they told her they require for her entry. That incorrect type of visa application they sent her leads this listener to suspect they tried to set her up for another excuse to ban her again, this time by claiming she did not qualify for that Persons of UK Ancestry Visa they sent her the application paperwork for.

    An assault on the principles of journalistic free speech? Jersey and the UK may well regret tangling with someone that well-connected journalistically, who has no fear of speaking out internationally.

  13. Leah could, and will run rings around any of the RAG's, RAG put togetheres....

    That is why they are only pretending to support her!?

  14. Nice piece in the Daily Mail today under the Comment (pg14), section Freedom to offend, last paragraph:

    "Yes, the trolls are loathsome. But if we prosecute them, it could be the start of a slippery slope towards persecuting people who hold legitimate views which the authorities do not necessarily agree with"

    They forgot to add, like Jersey have just done!

  15. Re: comment at 21:23

    The problem in Jersey is more sinister than that cautionary scenario described in the Daily Mail commentary. Jersey trolls have more prosecutorial power than truthful bloggers who publish facts in the public interest.


  16. Just wondering what visas/work permits/ permission MR Willaimson needs to come to Jersey to write up a report on the TORs' for COi. It work and he shouldn't be doing it unless he has the right paperwork, surely?


  17. 23:15

    The point I was making was related to this part " it could be the start of a slippery slope towards persecuting people who hold legitimate views which the authorities do not necessarily agree with"

    They forgot to add, like Jersey have just done! (with an super injunction)

  18. vfc in ricos interview he said that if any of the 4 mentioned contacted him and refuted the super injunction he would put it on a blog posting. Could rico let us know if that has happened because it would show that hemming was wrong.

  19. Rico also went on to throw out a challenge to the editors of Jersey's only "news"paper, which incidentally applies to all island State Media editors.

    Confident or Stupid? What can't be dismissed is the fact that the man is prepared to do this. Having looked at the links on the other site I can see why he has offered the challenge.

  20. Rico has not been contacted by anybody. Including ANY editors of the local State Media to come on our LIVE broadcast to discuss evidence and facts or back up any of their unsubstantiated claims and attack on Bloggers (Jersey’s ONLY independent media)……………..Speaks volumes.

  21. I can confirm that no one has contacted me to say the super-injunction isn't fact.

    Good enough for me.

    Its real and happening


  22. Let us not forget the nurse that has been struck out recently for failing to give the right medicine to a child in Jersey in 2009.
    In their article BBC Jersey quote..

    A hospital spokesperson said: "Health and Social Services recognise that incidents such as this can be of great concern, but they are extremely rare, and are always dealt with urgently.

    It strikes me that the authorities actions in respect to the nurse suspected of killing Jersey patients and found with an array of guns, stolen drugs and other dangerous items did not receive the same degree of and urgency.

  23. Jersey Record Broken!!!

    Only seven months to get a complaint filed against BRIDGET SHAW alleged magistrate.

  24. Rico throws out a challenge to local media. Where are they hiding. JEP BBCCI Channelonline Channel 103?

    Is it that they are talking heads?

  25. VFC.

    Please check this out and confirm.

    When going though the procedure of getting people to sign Leah's partition, cannot get to the sign on more than one occasion. And only three signatures in the last 24 hours.

  26. Not altogether sure what you mean, could you explain?

  27. Scroll down and it only goes as far as post code scroll, down to signature disappears.

    Only me or what?

  28. Something similar, if not the same, has happened to a number of people. Not sure what the problem could be but might be the browser being used. If using windows, could be worth trying in Firefox for example?

    For those not signed yet please do HERE