Friday, 28 September 2012

Deputy Trevor Pitman Blog TV Recording.

In our second broadcast since its relaunch Deputy Trevor Pitman was our live guest on last night's programme. AS PREVIOUSLY REPORTED the Deputy spoke on a number of issues concerning our island community, some controversial, some not so controversial.

Once more the live and interactive broadcast proved popular with plenty of interaction between viewers, guest and host, which made for a lively, constructive and informative debate to which we thank all participants.

Still a number of questions remain, will "alleged" Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, bring a robust, fit for purpose, TOR's for the Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry, or face a vote of no confidence for not doing so? Who is the real Chief Minister and does he rule through respect or fear? Is Deputy Pitman, or anybody who questions our government and its media, an "enemy of Jersey" or do they love the island and want to protect it from the current Regime? Will the JEP take Rico Sorda up on his CHALLENGE? Will the State Media start telling the people of Jersey the truth so Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) don't have to? Will you PLEASE sign THIS PETITION so a U.S. author and investigative journalist can research and publish the TRUTH?

Deputy Trevor Pitman (1)- Broadcast your self LIVE

Deputy Trevor Pitman (2)- Broadcast your self LIVE


  1. Brilliant stuff Voice your best live blog yet. Trevor Pitman tells it the way most politicians haven't got the balls to do. Agree with every word.

  2. Philip Bayleaf's Butler28 September 2012 at 19:59

    Hiya VFC

    Good stuff.

    Rico looked much more relaxed with the 'Big Trev' alongside him and kept things moving along well.

    Look forward to next time.

  3. I cant understand why Ghandi is always held to be the voice of reason and humanity!

    Do you realise what he unleashed upon millions and millions of inocent you know or even care about the Millions who died because of him and his followers?

    You may as well have put a photo of Adolph Hitler up, because both are equally resposible for the deaths of millions!!

  4. Hi VFC,
    There seem to be some who've identified a shift in BBC Jersey's style of broadcasting and content over recent days. Your presence on 2 recent occassions, following endeless requests for months of not allowing you on, provide an example of this 'new listen' BBC.

    I'd be pleased if you'd clarify this question. (Sorry - I put it to you before but 'invite' got overlooked)-

    Has BBC Jersey at any stage during the last couple of weeks or so, contacted you and 'invited' you to speak on air?

    I ask as there's a difference between being 'invited' to speak on air and 'allowing' you back on after umpteen requests.
    'Invited' suggests the BBC deliberately seeks your appearance, whereas 'allowing' suggests they will tolerate you. It is a subtle but important difference.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Yes the BBC did “invite” me on air the other day. Originally they asked Rico Sorda on but he was unavailable at the time they asked him to go on. He suggested they asked me. I was then contacted by a BBC reporter who asked if I would go on air.

    I told the reporter in no uncertain terms that as far as I was concerned the BBC could “go forth and multiply” because of their disgraceful reporting/non reporting of the Child Abuse atrocities and keeping vital evidence buried/hidden from the public. As well as blacklisting me for almost a year.

    However, I said, one must think of the bigger picture and that was getting the truth out for the Abuse Survivors and hopefully cleaning up the rot in Jersey’s administration, so I should put my thoughts of the BBC to one side for the greater good. I told the reporter that I would think about it and get back to them later that night (the night before I went on).

    Before I could get back to the reporter, they had asked Deputy Pitman to go on, to which he agreed, and I was told that although I was not booked on there would be nothing stopping me phoning up.

    As you will know I did phone up and was given adequate air-time, not prematurely cut off, and allowed to make my points.

    So in answer to your question “yes” I was “invited” on.

  6. For those who missed both Deputy Pitman's and my own contribution they can be listened to on TJW Blogsite.

    Deputy Pitman HERE


  7. I spoke to other States Members about Deputy Pitman's possible vote of confidence in the CM and they all said he is wasting time. Deputy Pitman would never get any support for such a motion.

  8. Reply to comment at 21:51

    Whether Deputy Pitman gets support or not the voting will be on the record.