Monday, 2 December 2013


Discredited, and disgraced, ITV Channel Television continues to mislead its viewer(s) with what looks to be a carefully orchestrated/rehearsed piece of media spin/opinion management led by Senator Philip Bailhache.

In the video below readers will hear Mark McQuillan, and Senator Bailhache, claim that the Dean of Jersey, Bob Key, has been "exonerated" by the un-finished, and un-published Steel Report.

The interview would have come about as a result of Senator Bailhache publishing, a misleading and inaccurate, Press Release which was shown for what it is on this Blog posted HERE. In that Blog Posting I published an extract from an e-mail I sent to ITV Channel Television pointing out how the Steel Report had NOT exonerated the Dean of Jersey nor had it exonerated the Island's clergy and asked if ITV/CTV was referring to another Report?

After having to be chased up ITV/CTV responded to my e-mail and a subsequent exchange took place between them and I where CTV/ITV explained it was indeed referring to the Steel Report and concluded that what was reported was "Entirely Accurate." Regular Readers will know that ITV/CTV (or CTV as it was then) has a very strange understanding of the phrase "Entirely Accurate" as has been demonstrated on this Blog HERE and HERE. Yet ITV/CTV has gone one step further this time and, for all intents and purposes, claims the English Dictionary to be wrong while ITV/CTV is "Entirely Accurate."

On Monday 25th Nov 2013 I wrote to CTV/ITV;

"On tonight's edition of your 6pm news programme Senator Philip Bailhache was interviewed by Mark McQuillan concerning the Dame Heather Steel Report. On a number of occasions Mr. McQuillan, and Senator Bailhache, stated that the Report had exonerated the Jersey Dean/Clergy.

Could I ask what Report Mr. McQuillan, and Senator Bailhache, were referring to? It clearly can't be the un-finished Dame Heather Report because that hasn't been published.

Is there another Report which has exonerated the Jersey Dean/Clergy? If so could you tell me where I could find a copy of it please? I'm not aware of any Report that has exonerated the Jersey Dean or Clergy."

After not receiving a reply, or acknowledgement of the e-mail, after a couple of days I sent a reminder e-mail and then got a response where on Wednesday 27th Nov 2013  ITV/CTV wrote;

"Thank you for your email.  I have taken the time to consider your query, reviewing the programme concerned and discussing the matter with the news editor and programme producer of the day.

Our interviewee Sir Philip Bailhache was indeed discussing the Steel report, which, as you correctly point out, has not been published.  However in a press release received by ITV Channel Television from the Bishop of Winchester, it states: "...based on Dame Heather’s findings to date ... I will not be taking disciplinary action against any member of the clergy in relation to the handling of the safeguarding complaint in question or the subsequent review process."

Sir Philip clearly used the word 'exonerate' as an interpretation of that statement. Mark McQuillan repeated the term in a question back to him which we do not believe is unreasonable or would have misled our viewers.  Our coverage of this story was entirely accurate and we have not make any misleading claims as part of the report or subsequent live interview.

I hope that clarifies the matter."

To which I replied on the same date;

"I'm sorry but I do not accept your interpretation of "not taking disciplinary action" as "exonerated" they are two completely different things. Viewers, in my opinion, were given the impression that the Dean, and clergy being "exonerated" would mean they are blameless which clearly isn't the case.

If you will not make clear, to your viewers, the difference between "exonerated" and "no disciplinary action" then I will take up my complaint with OFCOM or whoever it is that are supposed to regulate ITV. Could you send me the contact details of the relevant body who deals with complaints to ITV if you will not accept the difference between "exonerated" and "no disciplinary action"?"

To which ITV/CTV replied;

"I have given you my response to your original complaint.  If you wish to take your complaint further, Ofcom is indeed the correct regulatory body.  The contact details are:

Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

Tel 020 7981 3040

Ofcom's website is:"

I then responded;

"I find it incredible that anybody with the slightest understanding of the English language (let alone a professional Journalist) could interpret "no disciplinary action" as "exonerated."

My complaint is that your viewers would have been misled by Mr. McQuillan/ITV and after reading the dictionary interpretation of "exonerated" (esp. of an official bodyabsolve (someone) from blame for a fault or wrongdoing, esp. after due consideration of the case."  I would ask that you reconsider your response and agree with me that your viewers (according to the dictionary) would have been left with the impression that the Jersey Dean/clergy are blameless.

OFCOM will insist that I have attempted to resolve this matter locally before they will accept my complaint which is why I am once more asking that you reconsider your response (in light of the dictionary definition of "exonerated") and don't expect OFCOM to defend your interpretation of the English language which is contrary to the English dictionary?"

ITV/CTV were having none of it by responding;

"Thank you for your email.  We stand by the response I have already sent you, so I suggest that if you are not satisfied, you contact Ofcom for an independent adjudication."(END)

So there we have it, contrary to the English Language and Dictionary, ITV/CTV claim it has been "Entirely Accurate" in its reporting.

Moreover, despite being in possession of a document(s) which completely contradicts what Mark McQuillan and Senator Bailhache were peddling, ITV/CTV or Mr. McQuillan ("accredited" "journalist") didn't see fit to tell its viewer(s) of this contradiction. The Dean has apologised for his so-called "mistakes" when he wrote;

“I regret mistakes that I made in the safeguarding processes and I understand that, upon reflection, it would have been more helpful if I had co-operated more fully with the Korris Review. I now add my own apology to that of the Bishop of Winchester and Archbishop of Canterbury to the vulnerable person at the heart of this matter." From HERE

To any objectively minded person ITV/CTV's report (below), its subsequent refusal to acknowledge the English Language, and its total refusal to question Senator Bailhache's misleading and contradictory, Press Statement, one has to come to the conclusion this is nothing more than "OPINION MANAGEMENT"

We must also remember there is an alleged victim here (besides ITV/CTV viewer(s)) who is conveniently (for some) being air-brushed out of history. The lady who should be at the centre of this mis-managed shambles who claims she was abused by the churchwarden, then dragged through Jersey's so-called "JUSTICE SYSTEM" and kicked off the Island and left penniless, and destitute, in mainland England.

The victim, known as "HG" might very well feel she has been kicked in the teeth by ITV/CTV but hopefully will gain a little satisfaction in the knowledge that she is not alone when it comes to CTV kicking Abuse Victims/Survivors in the teeth CTV HAS FORM after accepting an award for cutting and pasting another, evidence lacking, REPORT.

So contrary to the media spin peddled by ITV/CTV and Senator Bailhache, there is no document, I am aware of, in the public domain that exonerates the Jersey Dean, or the Island's clergy, other than Philip Bailhache's Press Release. There are, however, at least two documents that say the Dean, and others, are far from exonerated and have serious questions to answer HERE and HERE. 

For those who have an interest in the facts behind the media spin concerning the whole sorry case of the way "HG" has been treated, and related matters, they can be read on the very informative, and researched, Blog of former Jersey politician and 30 year MET Police veteran Bob Hill B.E.M. HERE.

To quote George Orwell "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printing: everything else is Public Relations."

Good work ITV/CTV you really have Philip Bailhache on the ropes with this grilling. 


  1. Don't you like the Dean VFC?!

    1. My personal feeling towards the Dean have no relevance. What I do "like" is an objective, and challenging, media and not one that misleads its public.

  2. This was an appalling and inexcusable abdication of CTV's duty to report within normal journalistic standards. Their attempt to equate claims of exoneration with lack of disciplinary action won't hold up to clear-eyed professional scrutiny. Ask a hundred people what exoneration means. Then ask them what it means when an person in authority decides not to take disciplinary action against an accused individual. Does CTV feel obligated to clarify and enlighten or to instead mislead and confuse on this issue?

  3. This is absolutely wonderful.

    You could not ask for any more incontrovertible evidence of the behaviour of ITV/CTV in the face of Philip the Puppetmaster.

    He has spoken and these gutless wonders are afraid to contradict him even when he is not only talking palpable rubbish but visibly lying through his teeth.

    What hope has anyone who is even mildly critical of the oligarchy of a fair hearing from this crowd.

    This is really one to keep for the record.

  4. Is failing to co-operate the new exonerated?

    Ian was right all along

  5. It is sad to see Channel TV making a mountain out of a molehill. The interview was not challenging and showed that when a person of perceived importance makes a statement they are not challenged on the assumption that what they are saying is correct.

    I have just heard Senator Bailhache’s brother William whilst chairing the States Sitting this afternoon say that the Dean has been exonerated, it’s a pity that he too did not read what the Bishop actually wrote rather than what they would have liked him to write.

  6. Mr Bailhache. As Stuart Syvret has also failed to co-operate, by taking "offensive" data off his blog, does that mean he is also fully exonerated?

  7. Strange how Philip Bailhache wants the Steel Report published but isn't so keen to have the interim defence case of the former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, (who HAS been exonerated) published? Not so strange that the State Media hasn't acknowledged this.

  8. Based on Dame Heather's "findings to date". Has the final report being published?

    1. The Report has not even been finished/finalised yet let alone been published. Let us not forget either that "HG" (the victim) nor the churchwarden (alleged perpetrator) were interviewed by Philip Bailhache's colleague Dame Heather.

  9. "Exonerated"? A better expression might be "rehabilitated".

    After a circumspect period Bob will undertake missionary work in Upper Bongo-Bongo Land where there are many souls to be saved. The shoe in will be a Jewish friend.

    1. He would not survive on a missionary work. He looks like someone who enjoys good living too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do as I preach not as I do.

  10. I know you mean well, but all this traumatizes me, the Dean is immovable as long as he stays in Jersey where the Diocese have no power, that has always been the case, so he will not be sent on missionary work.
    Who knows if the Dean has been exonorated, Bailhache thinks he has, hence wanting his report published.
    Is the report not finished because the church warden and I have not been interviewed?
    Would anyone like to help me by ensuring that I am interviewed before they force the report against me to be published? HG

    1. HG.

      The Report will not (IMO) be worth the paper it is written as it was conducted by people who have more conflicts than the American Military. As you rightly point out, neither you, nor the churchwarden, have been interviewed and one suspects this is through design rather than accident.

      Drop me an e-mail if you want to do interviews and I will look to put you in touch with "independent" journalists who don't attempt to re-write the English Language/dictionary to suit their own agenda.

  11. Hi Voice, it doesn't matter what the report is worth, who is being listened to? Bailhache, and it is his report, he arranged it, so what does it matter that I am excluded from it? It will still be used to kill me, and it will still be forced by Bailhache who put so much effort into it.
    I am not sure how to email you.
    interview will be difficult but needs to be done. I am not going to go on surviving this damage forever, and the two hour recorded interview recently does not cover everything.

    1. HG.

      Send me your e-mail address on a "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" comment and I'll contact you in the morning.

    2. Hi VFC, I think I need a few days to think about things, I will be in touch soon. I know I found my recent recorded interview quite hard, so I may struggle to speak.

    3. HG.

      No problem, there is no rush.

    4. HG.

      For some reason I am unable to comment from my account but to let you know it was me who replied above.


  12. So with Sir Michael St.John Birt giving notice .the die is cast for the people of Jersey to enjoy a future of unprecedented stability and prosperity under the patronage of the selfless and benign pairing of William and Philip.As Mrs Thatcher said 'Rejoice'.

  13. Heaven's Eye View (The Frocked)3 December 2013 at 09:35

    Hello Jersey Voice,

    Great blog you do, very impressive. I copied some of it and put it on our Guernsey thread

    I have also been following ex met. policeman Bob Hill's well researched blog.

    The Guernsey Press readily accepts information and links from your blogs, but so far I have found that your jersey paper won't. What on earth is gong on?

  14. The Guernsey Press has done some fantastic work in being a VOICE FOR VICTIMS. The Jersey Evening Post is considered by many as being a voice for perpetrators. This Blog strives to be a voice for victims/survivors which might explain why the Guernsey Press will allow links to it and the Jersey Evening Post won't.

  15. Well done VFC. I would imagine Sadam Hussein at the height of his powers had similar interviews from the Iraqi TV. Mark McQuillan should have avoided a beheading or deportation.

    But one of the responses you had from the JEP may be a deliberate sign that they are reporting under censorship. In their first response to your complaint they gratuitously included this quote from the Bishop of Winchester "based on Dame Heather's findings to date.." . That qualification was missing from PB's presentation. As has been commented in this thread before, the Steel report is unfinished. The Bishop has deliberately laid open the possibility that further findings by Dame Heather could lead to disciplinary action against the Dean or other clergy. The matter is still under investigation.

    1. Correction.

      "one of the responses you had from the JEP"

      It was from ITV/CTV not that there is any difference between any of our State Media.

  16. Hi VFC.

    Put up last night, the audio from the States Sitting yesterday. It's all about the Dean, so you and your readers can Listen HERE

  17. @SoniaPoulton on twitter.
    If HG is looking in she can ask Sonia herself for an interview

  18. From CTV/ITV today

    Later today (Fri), the Jersey's recently 'exonerated' Dean, will meet with the Bishops of Dover and Basingstoke.

    The two Bishops are in Jersey to get a better understanding of the complaint procedures.

    The trip was initiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

    Today they will meet with Jersey's Chief Minister, Ian Gorst.

    Both are on a pastoral visit organised by the Bishop of Winchester. The Bishops are staying at the Government House. End

    Looks like 'exonerated' is a little less comfortable for them.


    1. This CTV/ITV clip is so utterly disgusting it's hard to watch, from the man on the street to the reporter and especially the Dean. Have they no idea what a moral conscience is? Have they no shame in regard to the real human being who has been all but destroyed? Not once, not even one time, is the victim's plight highlighted, and the Dean was grinning as he proudly defended the Jersey Way. That is what it's all about to him? Preserving the hierarchy and oligarchy? He could be the grinning poster boy for why most have lost all respect for the church.

  19. You have raised an interesting point, here, in relation to Channel Television's position vis a vis the Office of Communications regulator. In particular, Channel Television may be vulnerable to the UK's anti-bribery anti-corruption laws and the laws of the United Kingdom generally. The same may well apply to both BBC Television and BBC Radio.

  20. I would like to write a screenplay for this, unless one is already being planned.

  21. That video should be on the curriculum as an example of crap reporting. Take up a whole chapter in the text book. Unbelievable sycophantic crap.

  22. The Jersey Dean is well and truly stuck in to The Jersey Way. He can't now run to any English Bishops for future employment. He is stuck with the worst of Jersey....
    Do the majority of the Jersey public agree with him, or even like him?!

    1. Clearly the vast majority of the Jersey church agree with him because not one of them has publicly supported the vulnerable victim HG. I'm not sure that is what Jesus taught but this is Jersey, and "The Jersey Way" we are talking about here.

  23. When Mr Syvret is finally released he will undoubtedly exposed the Averty saga.

    1. If he doesn't some else will.

    2. Which Averty might that be?

    3. I sense impending doom for a certain uncharged suspect. Should NOT have imprisoned Syvret. He warned them.